Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am seeing similar sort of things in other areas too. I have seen a Chinese family, who will not accept their daughter’s schizophrenia, as a reason for her to stay at home. They make her take her medication and make her work at a paid job. I have seen also Indian parents of schizophrenics, allow their child to sit at home and do not push him to work… ‘because he has schizophrenia, he can’t work’.
Depression is another major diagnosis I have observed in a variety of people. But while some deny that they are depressed and manage to get through each day by a struggle, others accept the diagnosis & treatment or only the diagnosis and refuse the treatment. Depression is a subjective feeling and you cannot force a person to accept he’s depressed….. if he says, you are mistaken! This is another hugely unrecognized, untreated phenomenon in India. Anxiety, Obsessive compulsive disorders are two other things I see in several people around me, but no one even thinks of it as a problem with a solution. It is accepted as a quirk of his or her personality, and people manage to live with them, without rejecting them too much!
This again reminds me of the proverb, Ignorance is Bliss! If you do not know you are suffering from…for example you are suffering from depression or anxiety or OCN or whatever and DON’T know it, you will simply carry on with your life! Isn’t it better to be depressed and not know you are depressed? When you don’t know, depression is simply an uncomfortable state of mind you have to put up with as you have it…and as you have no other choice. That acceptance of the seemingly inevitable, reduces suffering, I think.
The various implications(financial, pharmaceutical, chemical implications for the environment, etc) of everyone of the billion plus population in India being diagnosed and treated for all their ailments is mindboggling!!!
A famous economist said that if everyone on Earth had access to all his needs, (water, food, petrol)then, Earth would go bankrupt. Anyway, I am freefloating ideas and going away from what I started talking about.

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