Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Alex Dryden-The blind spy-2012
Alan Furst-The Polish officer a novel-2001
Lene Kaaberbol-Death of a nightingale-2013
Garry Douglas Kilworth-The devil's own-1997
Marek Krajewski-The Minotaur's head-2012
Andrey Kurkov -The good angel of death-2009
Andrey Kurkov-Penguin lost-2004, 2011
Andrey Kurkov-The president's love -2008(NOT crime fiction)
Andrei Kurkov-The milkman in the night(more science fiction than crime I think)
Nikolia Lilin-Siberian education:Growing up in a criminal underworld-2011
Adrian Magson-Close Quarters-2015
Bernard Malamud -The fixer-1966(award winning book)
Aleksei Nikitin-Y.T-2016
Aleksei Nikitin-Istemi-2013
Herta Muller-The hunger angel-2012
Ben Pastor -Tin sky-2012
Martin Cruz Smith-Wolves eat dogs-2004

I found these books  in the Toronto Public library  and look forward to reading them. The only book I have read of these books is Wolves eat dogs.
 I was amazed at the number of 'great books' from Ukraine. They are not crime fiction which is what I was searching for but classics which have received rave reviews. I have not listed those books here but look forward to reading those books someday!
 I seek out crime fiction and books from communist countries. Coming from India, a truly corrupt country, there is some part of me which wants to see how life is in other corrupt and 'poor' countries. I believe that life of the common man  in India is similar to life of the common man in communist countries with high levels of suppression and corruption. But, reading crime fiction from India disturbs me as it's too close home. A morbid part of my brain, craves to search and understand life of people in other equally corrupt countries. I suppose that's why I want to read these books.


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