Thursday, July 12, 2018

Last walk at Sunnybrook park by the stables

Last walk because I can't take the mosquitoes. 

I found this tree unusual...

I dont know what these red berries are but they were plentiful and so pretty!

Sandwich(slathered with mint chutney and butter, with cucumber and tomato slices)  followed by 'south-Indian filter' coffee half way through the walk at banks of the West Don

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Anza lake, Berkeley outskirts

Drove from Berkeley University to Lake Anza. It's a drive which takes you on the hills (or mountains?) of Berkeley. The houses on this road are so beautiful and the drive is worth, just to see these houses. The roads are really curvy and we went up and downhill to get to this lake.

Had our picnic lunch by the lake. There were quite a lot of people. But we got parking quickly as someone left as we came in. 
 It is a lake, where fishing is permitted without license I think.  Swimming is allowed(and there's a small fee) in some months of the year. Walking around the lake is nice. Though it's summer, I needed my jacket, when sitting by this lake.
Here are a few photos. 

Photos from Telegraph avenue and nearby, Berkeley, California.

What impressed me most in Berkeley?

1) To discover that their university has 30+ Nobel Prize winners!

2) To discover that they have a dozen used book shops in one square mile in downtown(Telegraph avenue and vicinity)

3)The democrat atmosphere. 

 I think I felt Berkeley was Bohemian...based on my 2 hour stroll around Telegraph avenue and vicinity. And I love Bohemian.

Below are a few photos taken on my 2 hour stroll.

After a 5 minute search on internet, discovered that above is a 14 feet tall, ceramic sculpture by local artist John Toki, called 'S-Hertogenbosch' after a Dutch city.  This is at intersection of Shattuck avenue and Addison street 

 Above is a book shop. If you can read, it says, 5-10-25 cent store!

I wonder if 'we work' is a store?

Below are chalk artwork on ground...

Below are two with glass(bottles?) and shells
The other is made of slabs of ?colored granite.

Below is an artificial flower arrangement in wood...seen in Blue bottle, a coffee shop. The coffee shop's minimalistic decor stretched to the extent that it didn't have the shop's name ANYWHERE in writing. There was however a painting of a blue-color-bottle.

Above is the Mantra of the Karnataka government, seen at Berkeley!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Berkeley University, July 4th 2018

Below are some photos taken at Berkeley University in California.(July 4th 2018)

This is the first time that I saw a department of demography!

Above is the Sather Tower in Berkeley. It's a clock tower in Berkeley. I went up (4$ for adults) and could see a panoramic view...4 sides. Could see San Fransisco downtown, the golden gate bridge, the sea. This tower has bells (enormous and heavy!) and I missed the Carillion concert( 3 daily). I was up there for about five to ten minutes. This is the 3rd largest bell and clock tower in the world.

Above are views from this Campanile. Below are photos of a poster inside the tower.

Below is a stretch of grass just outside the tower. I suppose people sit here to listen to the daily Carillion concerts.

Above is the photo of someone (homeless?) playing a piano or keyboard in the campus. I love the idea that  ANYONE visiting the university can play this keyboard, for as-long-as-they-like, irrespective of whether they know to  play or not! A community which  encourages all irrespective of whether one is poor and gives opportunities like this, a great society!
I saw this tree covered with lovely pink blossoms in the university. It was so charming.

Above is a log placed as a bench with a seat for your butt, carved in.

Above is another clock...but smaller than Sather tower. This too was in the uni campus.

Last walk at Sunnybrook park by the stables

Last walk because I can't take the mosquitoes.  I found this tree unusual... I dont know what these red berries are but th...