Saturday, June 16, 2018

Walk in Sunnybrook park by the west Don river. June 2018

Above and below...roses from my backyard!(June 2018)
Below is a photo taken two days earlier...lesser blooms. At the back is the early morning sunlight

Below is some wild flowers I think....but growing in my backyard!(June 2018)

Below are purple  flowers from front of my home(May-June 2018. By mid June, the flowers have disappeared)

Rain drops on this lovely purple beauty!

Above is a lovely flowering bush from my backyard.(May 2018) By mid June, the bush is bare of flowers...only leaves and brown dead flowers.

Above is a dark colored tulips from to garage(May 2018) By mid June---no more tulips

One evening,  walked on a  path behind my's a woody ravine with wild life and wild flowers.  I spotted this, 'bleeding heart' plant, which seems to have escaped from someone's garden into the wild.  Could not resist taking many photos of this unique flower.


June 15th 2018...walk near west Don River in Toronto. Below are photos I took. 

 Some green patches. Some not green patches why? Water runs down the slope and so not enough water for plants to grow in slope? Water settles at bottom of slope and so more green there? Or not enough sun on slope for plants to grow but enough sunlight at bottom of slope for growth?
 Below: Half green and half not

The snap above is underwhelming ..but it's a pretty tall tree, uprooted by the recent storm and fallen across the Don river ...looking like a-difficult-to-walk-on-bridge. It's  huge roots are  at one end with the rest-of-the-tree spanning the river and the top of the tree at the other bank. This tree was several meters tall.

 Why this need to photograph fenced paths ? I simply can't resist it!

Below...a green prison?

Above...the cutest, tiniest wild flowers growing by the side of the West Don river, in the trail near the stables. I finally figured out how to take photos of small things without getting them blurred.(Reduce the light in the phone camera)

Above...Green light?

crime fiction from Sri Lanka/Ceylon

I heard these books are great but as they are not available in the Toronto Public Library, I am waiting to get them from somewhere to read them!

Harriet Steel (author)

Trouble in Nuala (pub Aug 2016)
Dark clouds in Nuala May 2017
Off stage in Nuala Oct 2017

Friday, June 15, 2018

WHY DESIGN? From exhibition of students of OCAD, Toronto, Canada

I had visited the exhibition of work of the students of OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design) university a few years ago. I fell in love with these inspiring quotes from the students of the university. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Ontario. June 10th 2018 hiking trip

The Petroglyphs are on rocks. The carvings were fading due to natural erosion.
Therefore the rocks are now protected from erosion by this structure  built over them.
We walk round on a balcony and look at the rock carvings. The carvings were apparently deeper but lost their depth due to erosion of the rock. Now they seem like etchings.
Native Canadians are the only ones allowed to clean the rocks once a month, gently with feathers.
Photography not allowed. 
14.50$ per car to enter this day park(day park means we have to get out by 4.30pm). We took about ten minutes to see the petroglyphs. 
So was it worth our petrol(2.5 hours drive one way) to see these is the question.
I saw lots of wild life when hiking through this park.
I saw a garter snake, a tortoise crossing the road, a pheasant(tall and grey...I suppose it was a pheasant). A bald eagle...not inside this park but on the say to this park.
a chipmunk.
White, grey-black, blue dragonflies.
So many many mosquitoes when hiking. The mosquitoes were the only annoyance on this trip!
Below are a few photos from the hike inside this park.
There's a lake, marshland, boardwalks (a bit unsafe as some planks are broken and some are shaky!), wild flowers, lichen on the rocks, and a million mosquitoes! I took off my jacket as it was hot; then the mosquitoes feasted on my sweet sweet blood! My husband had his full sleeve t-shirt on...but they bit through the fabric! I was busy swatting mosquitoes away than taking photos. We did not sit even for a moment during this hike...the moment we stopped, they seemed to bite us more.
We were wrong to have mocked and laughed at a lady we passed by on the way to this park for wearing a net over her face and body!

 Above and below are moss on rock...half alive and half dried I think. some round rocks covered with lichen appeared like Jackfruit from a distance!

Picnic lunch from home:
Mango chitranna at the Burleigh Falls 
And sandwiches(cucumber and tomato slices on bread covered with butter and mint chutney) at the Petroglyphs park. 
Refreshing yelneer (Grace company's 100% pure coconut water) on the hike. 
 Ate Dhood Peda (Mishra Peda from Bangalore!) and Mysore Pak (made in Scarborough)while driving! We don't want to endanger our obesity by eating low calorie food on hikes!

Except for the mosquitoes....a great day. 
Not much arguments with the husband either! 

Walk in Sunnybrook park by the west Don river. June 2018

Above and below...roses from my backyard!(June 2018) Below is a photo taken two days earlier...lesser blooms. At the back is ...