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No place for women by Mohanlakshmi Rajkumar   2016 publisher: Createspace independent publishing platform

Saturday, February 4, 2017


TV shows I enjoyed on Canadian netflex
Back off haters: American comedy(Oct 2016) I love this hilarious and over-the-top comedy!

Better call Saul-American show about a lawyer; it is  a prequel to Breaking bad , though it was made after breaking bad. I loved this show as it's different from typical shows about lawyers. I would give the main actor 5 out of 5. His acting's so amazing!
Black books: BBC show. I saw a bit of one episode. It's a comedy.

Black mirror: BBC show(I think it's BBC). Saw the first episode of season one i.e. National Anthem. It's so bloody dystopian, I did not see the rest of the episodes. I felt so uncomfortable seeing this., was torture! I watch TV to enjoy and to see a show which makes me miserable was like a non-refundable waste of two hours of my life!  
I forgot the title 'Black mirror' completely and when  in October 2016, Black mirror came along I thought it was a new show which I had not seen. I saw  Nosedive, one episode  and loved it though this too is dystopian in my opinion. When chatting with my sister about nosedive, she reminded me that I had disliked National anthem, another episode from the same show.

Blackstone:I saw one episode and not sure if I will see the rest..too depressing for me. But worth seeing to understand or get a glimpse of the native /Americans or native Indians on reserves, whom we never get to see or interact tough living in Canada/Toronto. The other shows where native Americans were I saw on netflex was Red road. I saw that fully but the show got cancelled after two seasons.
Bones: I have seen this on TV too.
Brooklyn 99: Comedy. I like this
Campus:BBC show. I loved this comedy especially the main character Andy Nyman! (August 2016). I recommend you see it!
Chewing gum.BBC. Season one-This is the first all-black-star comedy from UK that I have seen. I enjoyed it! What I really appreciate is that the actors are not all 'beautiful-in-the-conventional-sense'; I wish Indian movies and shows will broaden their concept of 'physical beauty' and give roles to great actors.

Conmen Case files: Documentary. I strongly recommend people see this, to learn to identify conmen and be safe.
Crossing lines: European crime fiction The crime happens across many countries.

Cuckoo: BBC show. 4 out of 5.  I laughed so much when I saw this! I loved the first season and saw all episodes in a couple of days. I started but did not complete watching  the second season as I dint find it as funny. The main character is Andy Samberg (Brooklyn 99) an American TV actor whose energy,  energizes me!(March 2016 when I saw this)
Death in paradise: BBC show set in a fictional Caribbean island, Saint Marie. (shot in Guadeloupe)I love this show. It's on in March 2016. I like the sunny island with the laidback holiday  atmosphere,  I love the looks of the Sara Martin, Everyone's acting is great, I enjoy the humor and the fact that it is different(place, culture, clothes, the simplicity of the police station and the low-key presence  of  technology to solve the crime). I enjoy the music in this show, which is different from the typical American crime shows I watch. I wonder if one of the reasons I am loving this show so much is because I am enduring the chills of the Canadian winter and seeing the blue skies, blue waters of the Caribbean sea makes me happy?

Department Q A conspiracy of faith: A crime TV show from Denmark. I did not like it. It's grim, no humour, , I don't believe such villains exist. (The motive for the crime is unbelievable!) 

Doctor Foster-BBC show// very nice// I saw the entire season in one sitting

Dreamland-Australian comedy. it's excellent! I would give this 5.5 out of 5
Father Brown-BBC crime show. I would give this 3 to 4 out of five. I like this because, it is gentle and such a welcome break from the current day crimes ! In the shows set in olden days, the crimes , even murders don't seem to be terrible and even the criminals don't seem to be as ruthless and bad as the ones in modern day crime! I love the old shows and the shows set in olden times for their gentleness and absence of ruthlessness and the presence of low levels of evil in the villains! I loved Barney Miller TV show too for it's gentleness. Gentleness in human behaviour is the one beautiful thing which is gradually vanishing from all recent TV shows and movies! In today's shows, the jokes to be funny are cruel; the villains cruelty and meanness is pushing the envelope beyond bearable limits. The crimes are so horrific and watching TV is not  enjoyable; I am forced to feel  unpleasant emotions too. Watching Barney Miller is such a feel good experience...I don't feel any of the unpleasant emotions while watching this show.
Fried: BBC comedy TV serial. One season. I enjoyed it!  
This is a bit like the Lunch Monkeys show of BBC.
Grounded for life: US. comedy. I enjoyed this show and saw a few episodes at a time, till I finished. I enjoyed the over-the-top acting of the teen of Lily but I wish Sean's character was a bit more toned down.
Homeland: One of my all time favorite shows which had me on the edge of my seat! Waiting and waiting for the next season.
House of cards: 5 out of 5 I was glued to this and finished all episodes in just a week! It's gripping, it's intelligent and makes you hate ALL politicians . Saw the 4th season in March 2016. Waiting and waiting for the next season.
How to get away with murder-2 out of 5
Inspector Morse:BBC crime.Nice but I wish it was shorter!
Jack Taylor-BBC, cop show. No humour. bleakish

Jessica Jones (Marvel comic heroine)-American crime I am seeing this because I saw Luke Cage, another Marvel comic character. (Oct 2016)
Lava field: Icelandic crime show. I saw it. No humour/bleak. not my type of show. I prefer the American shows as they are more dramatic and I like British shows as their screenplays are great. I dislike the intense reality of the European shows which makes them boring.

Life's too short-BBC show/comedy/I enjoyed this. 4 out of 5
Longmire: Set in Montana type state. cowboy-ish sheriff. old fashioned values and so I did not like it as much as I would have 25 years ago maybe. The lady, Vic ruined this show completely with her whiny acting. She dressed unlike what I expect a police officer should dress like, and I hated that. I hated her character so much, I have never felt this negative about a show de to one character!
Lunch monkeys: BBC comedy. I enjoyed it. This is a bit like the Fried BBC comedy.
Luke Cage: American show/crime/Based on marvel comic character. I like this show: A black character is the chief protagonist which is rare; I liked the script.
Marcella: BBC show/I saw the entire season. Not bad.  crime and main proto--t is a female.

Marseille:French show with English subtitles. One season. I saw it as I was at home sick and nothing better on TV available
Master of none: Saw a few episodes and stopped. I found this show annoying especially Ansari. It's amateurish  and I simply don't have the patience to see-the-show-and-appreciate-the good-and-forget-the bad!
Midsomer murders: One of my all time favorites. I have seen this show a few times! British. Great cast, lovely characters, great dialogue, lovely British villages and houses and cottages.
Misfits:BBC show/science fiction, humor, ?crime. I loved this amazingly creative, 'different', imaginative, interesting show. I have seen none of the actors in any other show; they are so talented. I loved the fantastic science-fiction plot, the humor of the dialogue, the unusual setting, the minimalism of the clothes and the bleakness of the setting.  I would rate this 5 of 5. I am sad that they dint make more seasons of this!
Occupied: A Norwegian political thriller. I am still to finish it; it's different from what I  usually see i.e. American shows. The pace is different, the acting is more realistic and the d├ęcor of the rooms is really lean. There is no humour in this; it is so serious and the characters seem a tiny bit 'boring" with nothing to make me thrilled.  I dont think I am going to finish seeing this. I am not blaming the makers of this's just not my cup of tea. My brain is so 'low brow' I prefer the pulp to classics ! This show is good but I am not good enough to enjoy this show!
Psych-comedy and crime-5 out of 5. I have seen this over and over again.
Red road: The first native American story based show. I liked it a lot  but it got cancelled after two seasons.
Santa Clarita Diet: American comedy.but macabre! I started watching because Timothy Olyphant is in it and I loved this guy from Justified, another wonderful show
Scott and Bailey-BBC female cop show. I enjoyed it. It's different from so many cop shows in many ways.

Skins:BBC.Seen the first episode. Not sure if I will see them all. I feel too old for this new age morality...or lack of!
Spotless: BBC crime show//Black comedy/June 2016 on Canadian netflex/I would rate it 4.5 out of 5. I got hooked to it and saw three to four episodes at a time. ( I saw it again and wondering why I got hooked to it first time and I don't find it  funny this time! Have I given this review because I thought it was something else?)
Still game-BBC comedy, not so funny but I saw all the episodes
Stranger things-Really good..weird and excellent acting by a little girl!
Suits: Lawyers. Nice. I mean, not just nice, It's great!
The code: Australian TV show//crime//I really liked it//sophisticated, yet simple. I would recommend people to see it.
The colony: Crime and science fiction set in Los Angles. But it did not hold my attention at all and I have stopped watching it for now. I think it would be more convincing if it was  in a different country for example one of the iron curtain countries instead of in Los Angles , USA!
The divide: Crime//set in Philadelphia//good//
The job -comedy-I would rate it 5 out of 5 I have seen each episode at least 10 times. It's my comfort show!
The fall (Crime set in Belfast) Not seen it fully
The Moodys:Comedy. Australian. Nice. But did not see all the episodes
The Red road about Lenape Indians of New Jersey. Saw 2 seasons and waiting for them to do more 
The 70s show-comedy. I am loving this!(I have seen this on TV ages ago, but seeing it again now)
Trailer Park boys: The first few seasons are nice but it gets worse and worse. It's Canadian comedy
Trapped :Icelandic. crime. no humour, grim and bleak
Twentyfour: One of the best, edge of the seat, thrilling shows I have had the good luck to enjoy in my life!
Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt-4 out of 5
Vexed-comedy-I would rate it 5 out of 5. I have seen each episode at least five times and I absolutely adore the second episode of second season. This too is my comfort show!(Like comfort food if you know what I mean)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

MOVIES IN ENJOYED ON CANADIAN NETFLIX (and maybe a few from movies form movie theatres and other networks)

Movies I enjoyed on Canadian net flex

A bigger splash. This is an unusual movie. I saw it as it was set in some remote part of Italy and it reminded me of  the granite rich rural parts of Tumkur district.  The story is different from the run of the mill commercial movies.

A walk among the tombstones-I saw this as Liam Neeson is there and I like this actor.

About a boy-I had seen this years ago in theatre and I love this so much I have seen it thrice despite my ADD

Alleycats: British movie. Crime. Not great.

Ambushed : Crime. I don't know why I saw it...maybe because I had nothing better to do.



Bad company-comedy/crime it was okay

Bad neighbours: comedy/American. Okay. not great.

Best laid plans: Not great. I saw because Reese Witherspoon was in it.

Blue jasmine-black comedy, I really liked this(realistic)

Blue streak: Comedy. Liked it though it's not the funniest movie I have ever seen. (Feb 2017)

Before I disappear.(saw on Mar 16 2016) I liked this,,,different type of movie , not the usual commerical type

Broken city: Action. Nice. I saw the full movie as I like both the main characters (Whalberg and Crowe)(April 2016)



Calvary: British(?Irish) movie. Not to be missed. As a therapist, I really found this very thought-provoking and questioning myself and the work I do.
Casino: Good movie; violent but excellent acting and you understand how a Las Vegas casino works. Robert De Nero is great and also Sharon Stone. The direction and screenplay is good despite the violence(Scorsese)

 Clean skin- I saw this as I like the main guy. It's not at all fun for me  for me to see endings like this!
Couple retreat: Comedy. I enjoyed this. I like all the actors in this and though not very very funny, it was pleasant.

Crimson tide-  I think I saw this but not sure!



Dead man down-As I am making this list, I am not sure if I saw it fully or not. But I sort of like this Colin Farrell and so I assume I have seen it.

Department Q: A conspiracy of faith: Danish movie. Crime, Not my cup of tea: no humour, bleak, nothing new, Needlessly gory. By needless, I mean, I cant believe people can commit such crimes for such reasons...not convincing reasons for the crime(wasted my time seeing this in Feb 2017)

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy-Indian movie, set in pre-independence Calcutta. I keep using this phrase, 'it's different' but I mean it every time I use it! This movie to me was different from the usual Bollywood movies. I saw it out of's about an Indian Dhoti-clad PI, in pre-independence India!

Django unchained-This movie's review did not sound great but I loved this!

Down periscope: a comedy. Nice

Drive-action thriller. I fell in love with this actor (Ryan Gosling) and so I loved this movie I think!



Eagle eye-Not great but saw it fully

Extraction:British movie



Fool's gold. I have fantasized about finding treasure my entire life and so I saw this comedy, action. Not so great but I saw it fully.

Footloose- I loved this movie, though it seemed a bit slow for today.

Four brothers-action ..okay. I like to see movies with Walberg and so I saw this.

Four Christmases: comedy. Nice. I love both Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.



Gone baby gone-crime. Okay



Hackers-crime. angelina jolie is young in this. Okay. not great.

Hangover-comedy. I saw it as I had liked the show Bored to death and that actor was in this movie. This is okay.

Harold and Maude- I cant explain why, but I loved this movie!

Hit and run-action comedy. it was okay(I dont like the main actor much though he acted well and all that)

Hollywood homicide-action comedy. I liked it.

Homefront:US movie

Horrible bosses-2.  US movie, funny, I enjoyed it.



I give it a year: British comedy. Nice

Identity thief-comedy, I liked this one

Inherent vice: I enjoyed it especially the ambience, the photography, the people in it. But I cannot say I understood it! I had to read the plot on Wikipedia after I saw the movie to make some sense of it! This is like an Indie movie...If Indie is what I think it means!

Irrational man-different from mainstream movies. Nice



John Wick. Saw this movie. Not great at all. Why did I sit through it?

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park 2 i.e. tTe lost world
Jurassic Park 3
Saw all three of the above movies in January 2017 and loved all three of them





Let's be cops-comedy, juvenile



Marauders: Crime. I saw it because Bruce Willis s in it. Not great.

Meet the Patels: I never see Indian movies if I can help it and I saw this! It's not the usual Bollywood movie, I can promise you!

MI-5: British movie/okay/not my cup of tea/no humour.(June 2016 on netflex)

Misconduct: crime. American.not a great movie. I saw it because of Bruce Willis.

Miss India America: Movie made in USA about Indians in USA. comedy. I saw as it's Indians in America. It's just okay. Not great at all.

Matador -action comedy 3 out of 5

Mud: I enjoyed this movie a lot. I was put off by the photo and din’t see it for ages but I am glad I saw it.



Ninetynine homes: Movie about the housing bubble burst in USA. Everyone in USA who were involved in buying houses at the time should see it

Nonstop:American thriller 

Notting Hill-British romance. really nice!

Now you see me





Paperboy: I liked it .

Paranoia: thriller: 2013. Dint like it much but saw it fully

Precious cargo: Okay

Prime-comedy/romantic 3of 5

Prisoner-action, crime. It's sad and torturous for me. I saw it fully but I prefer it were less sad.



Quills-Not to be missed. a movie about Marquis De Sade in prison.



Rage: I saw half and gave up...meaningless violence!

Red: Action & comedy. Nice. I saw it fully which means, it did hold my attention for the full duration!

Red 2: I enjoyed this one too! I love Bruce Willis and his smile and understated sort of acting!
Redirected: British crime movie set in Lithuania. Not great (but something about it kept me watching it till the end) but I saw it. I need to be psychoanalyzed to check out why I see these movies!

Ride along: I would rate this 2 to 3 out of 5; funny. saw it in April 2016

Rock the Kasbah: American comedy set in Afghanistan. Okay

Romancing the stone. Is a sequel to The jewel of the Nile. Both are romantic comedies.
Run all night- Liam Neeson is the reason I saw this crime movie. Not a great movie.



Salt:Angelina Jolie's. Not great.


sex ed-I can’t imagine why I saw this! I am not sure if I saw the whole thing or stopped halfway

Sex and the city-part 2

Shooter-action, crime. I saw it fully as the chief actor (Whalberg) holds one's attention. But the movie itself, is not great for me

Sleeping with the enemy

Smokey and the bandit: I enjoyed this old fashioned comedy of 1977.

Supertroopers-I saw this comedy, which indicates, there is still a part of me which is juvenile, immature and teenagerish!

Supremecy-everyone should see this movie. 



The art of the steal Comedy/crime

The best exotic marigold hotel-saw it. comedy. I saw it as it has India in it

The big short_everyone who was impacted by the US 2008 crash should see this

The equalizer: Action/crime/American. I enjoyed this...I liked the fact that spoiler alert if you read more (he does so much for a stranger and she has no idea how much he's done for her.)

The interview-comedy. the best parts are shown in the trailer. this is not at all a great movie. I can’t imagine, why so much hype was there about this.

The jewel of the Nile :American movie and the sequel Romancing the stone..romantic comedies with Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner

The holiday-I enjoyed this gentle British movie

The hunt for red October.I saw this 1990 movie in 2015. So I found it a bit too slow. If I had seen it in 1990, I am sure it would have been fast-paced and exciting for me! The movies and sows are becoming so amped up that the old ones don’t hold out attention now....though they were great at the time

The Lincoln lawyer: I enjoyed this movie! It has Mathew Mc...y whose acting  I really like. crime and authored by Michael Connelly whose books I have read and enjoyed. (Feb 2017)


The lobster- Am amazing dystopian movie!

The lookout: French movie/thriller

The November man: crime. action. I enjoyed it.

The numbers station-not great. I dont know why I saw this!

The place beyond the pines-This too has Ryan Gosling and lot of similarities to the movie Drive. There is something so understated about this guy, he simply stole my heart!

The sitter--comedy for teenagers. I saw the whole thing. 

The vanishing: Crime. A waste of my time! The reason I saw it is because of Sandra Bullock and Keifer Sutherland. I am discovering that I dislike these psychological thrillers i.e. where a crackpot commits crimes. I am a psychologist and I simply don't see these kind of twisted, clever, killer-type people. I don't believe such cracks pots exist and I hate that these movies are produced!

The wave: Norwegian movie. It has the most boring script ever. Everything my screenplay writing teacher told me not to there in this script! It was so flat, the dialogue was like something written for grade one kids. Yet, I saw the movie fully which means there must have been other good things in this movie.  Nature provides all the drama in this movie. Definitely not  the script or the people.

The wedding ringer: Comedy. I enjoyed it.
This is where I leave you...comedish...offbeat and nice

Too late -this movie is different..artsy...I liked it

Trailer Park boys-dont legalize it (not seen it fully yet)

Turner and Hooch: I loved this movie! comedy/crime and not stupid comedy like we see in recent times. It's about an obsessive compulsive detective and a massive dog.

Twentyone jump street-action, comedy. a part of me is still juvenile I think, else I would not have finished this movie

Two guns-comedy, Not sure if I saw the whole movie or a part of it



Unfinished business: I enjoyed this movie on a flight; it's on netflex too



Wedding crashers: comedy. I enjoyed it. I saw it only as Vince Vaughn was in it.

What just happened -comedy. really unique and different from most commercial movies. I am so glad I saw this! Robert De Niro is the main character in this one







Zoolander-American comedy. I enjoyed this

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A broken front tooth

Yesterday, the husband passed the laptop over to me, in bed. In the fraction of a second it slipped out of his grasp and smashed into my face, breaking my front tooth! I yelled at him, I don't remember all that I screamed into his terrified face... "What the hell? ...Do you want me to feel sorry for you and do you want me to apologize to you for breaking my tooth?..."
I  ran to the mirror and started laughing at how funny I looked. I suppose the husband silently wondered if I had gone crazy...he continued to look terrified for the next few hours.
The next thing I did was phone my dentist;  the receptionist said the dentist is not free till next month and suggested I go to Dental Emergency Services which is open all days and cares for dental emergencies. I immediately called them and told them I was coming. My scared looking husband drove me immediately to this dentist.  
 Despite the fact that it was my tooth that was broken, despite the fact that the tooth marred my appearance... I found the broken tooth so funny that I was giggling hysterically during the drive. I suppose I would have turned into a raging tiger if the husband had been unwise enough to join me in my laughter!
The dentist, saw me immediately. He gave a slightly annoying,  non-stop running commentary about what he was doing. But I am not complaining. 
 He finished restoring my tooth to it's pre-break appearance in less than half hour(@ 228$. I hope my insurance covers the entire amount.
We drove back home. My husband appeared a bit more relaxed but did not dare make any jokes yet.

I am surprised that I was not as upset as I expected to be with the broken tooth. Have I become less neurotic? Has my worry about appearance diminished with age?  I don't know.  If the tooth hadn't been fixed so fast, I doubt I would be this cool.
I have taken the four advil gel tables the dentist insisted I take at 4 hourly intervals.

Today, i.e.  the day after the tooth-break day, the  husband is doing the chores around the home, un-asked! Yesterday, he brought my dinner to bed...usually it's the other way around. He's still a bit  subdued but not terrified!

I wonder how long the broken tooth will get me dinners in bed? Two more days? Or a week? I don't know.

All is well with the world....except that there is nothing great on Netflix... as the first snow of the season, keeps me tucked in my bed.

Friday, November 4, 2016


Billable hours-I WANT to see this; I have not yet seen it.
Blackstone-Native Canadian drama-I WANT to see this. It's on but I found it too depressing. Should give it a go again.
The border-a realistic/documentary type about Canadian border security forces. I have seen and liked this.
The bridge-I really enjoyed this show. It's set in Toronto, very realistic, and about Toronto police. I would love to see this again.
Comedy Inc:comedy. I enjoyed this.
Corner gas-comedy..I enjoyed this. It's quirky and not like American humor.
Da Vinci's Inquest-I WANT to see this; I have not yet seen it.
Da Vinci's City Hall-I WANT to see this; I have not yet seen it.
Dan for mayor-comedy
Due south-I WANT to see this; not yet seen it
Flashpoint-crime drama. I sort of liked this but I wish it had more drama and I wish that the  people in it were not as well balanced as they are . I want  more dramatic acting like the many American shows. This is one of the shows where 'good acting and balanced characters  is boring' for people like me.
Hatching, Matching and Dispatching-comedy. I don't think I really enjoyed this much
Intelligence-I WANT to see this show.
Just for gags-one of my favorite comedies. Silent movie type
King-want to see this show(police/crime)
Little mosque on the Prairie-comedy. I din't really like this.
Murdoch mysteries-crime and police detection set in early 19th century in Canada/Toronto.
The newsroom-one of my all time favorite Canadian shows
North of 60-About Native Canadians and I WANT to see this(I am an immigrant to Canada; I am curious about the original inhabitants of Canada and I rarely get a chance to see them or interact with them. The only way for me to get a sense of their life and culture is through these shows)
Northern Exposure-US(NOT Canadian) comedy which inspired North of 60. I would like to see this too.
Primeval-new world-I WANT to see this. it's a spin-off of the UK Primeval.-science fiction. I loved the UK Primeval
The Republic of Doyle-One of my all time favorite Canadian shows-crime/set in NewFoundLand
The Rez-show about Native Canadians -I WANT to see this too.
Rideau Hall-comedy. I WANT to see this.
Rick Mercer Report-I like this but I ...
Restaurant makeover- reality show. I saw a couple of episodes.
Royal Canadian Airfarce-comedy
Street legal-I would like to see this.
Sue Thomas F B Eye_I seen this and liked it for the novelty of it.
Trailer Park Boys-one of my all time favorite Canadian shows...the first few seasons at least.
This hour has 22 minutes-comedy/news
This is wonderland--I loved this unique show and I wish it had more seasons. I work in the mental health field with characters from poor economic backgrounds and I can really empathize with this!
Three chords from the truth-It's a comedy and I would like to see this.
Tiny plastic men-I would like to see this comedy
Tom Stone-crime which is like Rockford files (I love Rockford files). I would like to see this.
The tournament (2005-2006)-comedy . I would like to see this(about juniors sports)
Traders (1996)-most popular at a time. I would like to see this.
Train 48-I am curious to see this.
Tropical heat-hit in Serbia. comedy. I am curious to see this.
Trouble with Tracy-Not sure if I want to see this one. comedy
Twitch city-humour-I would like to see this.
Urban angel-crime drama from Montreal
Wild card-Zoe Buisik Wild card-I saw this. I did not guess it was a Canadian show when I saw it.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I want to save the world.
My boss wants to save me and herself.
My boss's boss wants to save her own ass.
My boss's boss's boss wants to save his ass and will throw anyone under the bus to save his skin, his ass, his skinny little ass. said someone I know !

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is it OK to consider stealing & addiction as 'disabilities' and give the thief and the addict Disability Pension?

I have cut and pasted this article here to highlight The ridiculous rules people are forced to follow...which leads to  inability to fire bad workers.
If you don't have time to read the whole article, scroll down and read the highlighted paragraph to know what I am saying.

From The Globe and Mail Newspaper, dated 27th October 2016, Toronto edition

Tip from addiction clinic led to murder charges against former nurse

TORONTO and WOODSTOCK, ONT. and TORONTO — The Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016 1:14PM EDT

Last updated Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 10:19AM EDT

The tip that led to the arrest of a former Ontario nurse on eight first-degree murder charges came from a Toronto clinic that had been treating the accused for addiction, according to a source – the latest development in a case that has captured the nation’s attention and could prompt a review of nursing-home oversight.

The information provided to police on Sept. 29 explains how an investigation into a spate of alleged homicides, which spanned nearly a decade and straddled two jurisdictions, could culminate in an arrest within just one month. Elizabeth Wettlaufer, 49, was charged Tuesday.

The source said Ms. Wettlaufer made comments that caught the attention of staff at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, who alerted the Toronto Police Service. “She said things that caused concerns,” the source said. Toronto authorities then contacted their counterparts in Woodstock, Ont., where seven Caressant Care nursing-home residents were allegedly killed between 2007 and 2014. The eighth death took place in 2014 at Meadow Park nursing home in nearby London, Ont.

As Woodstock residents digested the news that a serialkiller may have been in their midst, working with some of society’s most vulnerable, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne told the legislature that a review of government oversight of nursing homes may be launched “at some point” if deemed necessary.

Ms. Wettlaufer’s family, friends and co-workers were perplexed at her arrest, saying the allegations do not jibe with the woman they knew to be kind and good to her clients. On Wednesday, new details emerged about Ms. Wettaufer’s life that suggest she was struggling with addiction and mental-health issues, and, at least recently, seems to have had bouts of short-term employment.

While Ms. Wettlaufer worked at Caressant Care from 2007 to 2014, she appears to have bounced from one nursing job to the next in the years since. Since 2014, she worked at Meadow Park nursing home, then with Lifeguard Homecare and, most recently, with Saint Elizabeth Home Health Care. The latter two employers offer in-home care.

The Globe has made numerous attempts to obtain comment from Lifeguard Homecare, both by phone and in person. A representative from the company confirmed to the CBC that Ms. Wettlaufer had been employed part-time for just over a year, and had not worked with Lifeguard Homecare since the summer.

Saint Elizabeth’s head of public relations, Madonna Gallo, said Ms. Wettlaufer worked with the company out of its Oxford office, not far from Woodstock, for six weeks in July and August. Citing the continuing police investigation, Ms. Gallo declined to comment on whether Saint Elizabeth knew about Ms. Wettlaufer’s employment history or whether she was involved in any professional incidents while with the company.

On Oct. 6, Ms. Wettlaufer agreed to the terms of a peace bond, a protective order sought by law enforcement when there are reasonable grounds to believe a person appears likely to commit a serious crime. Among the conditions was that she continue any mental-health treatment with her family doctor or any other doctor to whom she was referred, including by CAMH.

“To protect the personal health information of our patients, CAMH does not disclose the names of its clients,” the centre said Wednesday in a statement. “Nor does CAMH comment on any ongoing police investigations.”

Health-care professionals are generally bound by patient confidentiality requirements; however, there are exceptions. Ontario law, for example, says doctors must contact authorities if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that a resident of a nursing or retirement home has suffered harm or is at risk of harm due to “improper or incompetent treatment or care, unlawful conduct, abuse or neglect.”

Wade Messenger, who lives next door to Ms. Wettlaufer in an apartment building, said his neighbour was an erratic opioid addict who told him last month that she had been fired from two nursing jobs – one for stealing medication, and another, he said, for giving a patient the wrong medication while she was under the influence. Mr. Messenger was struck by his neighbour’s tone, saying “she was very nonchalant about it – like it was nothing.”

He said the conversation came after Ms. Wettlaufer apologized for a years-long campaign of harassment toward him, which he said, included rubbing banana peel on his door and cutting the beard off a Christmas elf decoration hanging from his door. “It has been a nightmare,” he said. “Everyone perceives her as being this sweet, innocent, tiny little lady. But they haven’t lived next to her.”

Mr. Messenger, who said he was interviewed by police as part of the investigation, said he was surprised that Ms. Wettlaufer had been able to continue working in home after home. “Where did the system fail?” he said.

Medications, especially narcotics, are supposed to be strictly controlled inside nursing homes, but there are people who will find ways to obtain drugs if they want them badly enough, said Miranda Ferrier, the president of the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association, which represents more than 22,000 PSWs.

Ms. Ferrier said the association has received an “astounding” number of reports about personal support workers being under the influence while on duty. She described a case, from about a year-and-a-half ago, in which a worker at a long-term care home was found to have been removing fentanyl patches from patients’ arms and putting them on herself. She said her understanding is that the woman had an addiction.

In one recent case in which a nurse was dismissed from a Toronto hospital for stealing drugs, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the woman suffered a disability in the form of addiction and, therefore, could not be discriminated against because of that disability. The tribunal ordered that the employer rehire the woman.

Ms. Ferrier said her association plans to approach the province about instituting mandatory drug testing for personal support workers upon hiring, as well as periodically after that. “[Clients] have every right to have a safe home environment with … accountable employees,” Ms. Ferrier said. “That’s what they deserve. It’s common sense.”

With a report from Rick Cash in Toronto, and The Canadian Press
A very close friend of mine was a manager in a mental health organization in Ontario and he could not fire an employee who was stealing psychiatric drugs meant for patients. This thieving employee was suspended . A few months later, she applied for disability and was given disability i.e. she gets her pay while enjoying her stay at home. Apparently 'stealing' is a disability!!!(Actually this case is exactly like the case highlighted above...she clamed she was addicted to the drugs and that her addiction was a disability and ehr employer could not fire her...she went on disability leave and is now receiving 75% of her salary while sitting at home...paid holiday from work, thanks to her theft at the's like being rewarded for stealing!)
This woman steals drugs meant for patients and then she's rewarded instead of punished by  getting to stay at home and getting a monthly  'disability pension'.