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Yda Addis, Nancy Neito & Sterling St.James 

The knotted rope  short story  Kindle 2013(pub Parhelion house)

Corban Addison
A walk across the sun(Quercus, Sept 2013)

Aravid Adiga 

The white tiger 2008

Last man in tower 2011


The caretaker A Ranjit Singh novel 2013

The last taxi ride(this novel may not be set in India but Indians in it) 2014

Omair Ahmed
Jimmy the terrorist 2010 (not crime fiction exactly)

Pulkit Ahuja 
Googled by God 2015


Tariq Ali
The assasination. Who killed Indira G? 2008 Seagull pub, New York

As the day darkens
A meeting on the Andheri overbridge

Rukmani Anandani
A mysterious death at Sainik farms rupa publications

Anu Kumar

It takes a murder 2012

Ramesh S Arunachalam

Where angels prey   2015

Karishma Attari
Don't look down (Penguin)



Rahul Badami

Operation deep strike-an India-Pakistan Covert Ops spy thriller  Oct 2017. Kindle

 Meenal Baghel

Death in Mumbai 2011

Anirudh Bahal 
Bunker13 2004 Paperback 

Prachi Bahumik & Debra Freeman Thorpe(ed) Kate BirchTarunik (ed) 
Art of leaving-a graphic illustrated novella inspired by the brutal Delhi bus rape case 2014 Kindle  Publisher: Prachi Bhaumik

Three girls and a crime-the beachhouse affair (kindle) 2015

Shakuntala Banaji
Truth lake 2015 kindle

Saradindu Bandyopadhyaya 

The Menagerie and other Byomkesh Bakshi mysteries (the first story appeared in 1932; the stories have been collected and published recently) Bakshi is possibly the first fictional Indian detective!

Sures Chandra Banerji
Crime and sex in ancient India 1980 (not fiction) Naya Prakosh publications

Ashok K Banker (some of his books are available only as e-books; some or one was published as an online serial)

The iron bra 1992

Ten dead admen 1993

Murder and champagne 1993

4 books in Kali rising series i.e.
Blood red sari  2012
Burnt saffron sky 2012(ebook only)
Rust black heart 2013 (ebook only)
Silver acid rain 2013(ebook only)

Abheek Barua
City of death (the digital version is called 'The beheading')

Kunal Basu
The opium clerk 2002 ( I personally consider this as crime fiction as it has to do with opium) this book is set in British India.

Somnath Batabyal

The price you pay  2013

Yellow lights of death(Penguin 2015)

Moitrayee Bhaduri 

The sinister silence 2015

Juggi Bhasin
The terrorist 2012
The avenger 2013
Blood song 2014
Bollywood deception 2016

Sudhakar Bhat
Holier than thou 1978 Sterling publication, 216 pages(I got this book from an online list of crime fiction. I am not sure if it's crime fiction)

Madhumita Bhattacharya

The masala murder 2012

Dead in a Mumbai minute 2014

Goa undercover 2016

Shouvik Bhattacharya
Murder in a minute Dec 2017, Paperback, Bloombury India

Mario Bolduc (author)Nigel Spencer (translator)

The Kashmir trap-A Max O'Brien mystery 2016 paperback and Kindle

Ruskin Bond(born in 1934 and writing since 1951, his stories have captured the charm of a new young independent India to the India of more recent times...below are not 'typical' crime fiction

1 The Rupa book of great crime stories

2 Great escape stories and great crime stories

3 The Rupa book of true tales of mystery and adventure PB

4 The Rupa book of great suspense stories and snappy surprises

5 Shikar stories and great animal stories

6 Tigers for dinner:Tall tales by Jim Corbett's Khansama

7 Season of ghosts

8.Death under the Deodars. The adventures of Miss Ripley Bean (Penguin paperback)

9.Whispers in the dark-a book of spooks. (Penguin publication)

Guy Newell Boothby (1867-1905 an Australian writer who lived and died in England)
A prince of swindlers 1897! (six short crime stories set in India and London) Two stories set in India are 'A criminal in disguise' and 'The den of iniquity'. This book has been recently reissued by Penguin

Patrick Bryson
The sad demise of Manpreet Singh 2014, Kindle and paperback(good reviews)

Robert Brightwell
Flashwell and the cobra Adventures of Thomas Flashman-book 2 2013 (This is set in British India and the book's protagonist had been created by another author i.e. George Macdonald Fraser)

Aravid Bugga 
Murder in New Delhi-a tale of business rivalry, advertising & love 2015 Notion press

Ahmed Bunglowala
Shorty Gomes-three vintage crime stories featuring Shorty Gomes, Bombay's ace private eye  Pub: Goa 1556, ISBN: 978-93-80739-94-6



Novoneel Chakraborty

Marry me stranger 2014

All yours stranger 2015

Forget me not stranger(2016 to be released in April)

Ex-a twisted love story 2013

Black suits you

Rajoshri Chakraborti
Shadow play-a mystery 2010
Mumbai rollercoaster 2012

Vikram Chandra

The Srinagar conspiracy 2000

The sacred games 2006

Suresh Chandrashekaran, Radha Sawana & Kartik L (3 authors of one book)
Sirens spell danger  2013 Kindle edition

Pooja Changoiwala
Front page murders

Rima B Chatterjee
 Black light 2010 paperback

Suparna Chatterjee 
The all Bengal crime detectives. 2011, Rupa publications

Bhaskar Chattopadhyay
Here falls the shadow 2017, Hachette pub

Nilanjan P Choudhury

The case of the secretive sister 2014 (set in Bangalore, my home town! Very few books are set in Bangalore and I hope there will be more Bangalore crime novels coming in the future) Its to fun read!

 Barbara Cleverly 

The last Kashmiri rose 2001

Ragtime in Simla 2002

The Damascened blade 2003

The palace tiger 2004 

Hy Conrad
Dearly departed (Jan 26, 2016, pub: Kensington) 

Leigh Copeland(Australian writer)

Where Gods dwell (Jonathan Prosper stories book 1)

The body in the Bokhara (Jonathan Prosper stories book 2) Pub: Feb 26th 2016/Kindle only/ASIN BO1C9QQ8Q2

Kiss miss Book 3

Sir.Edmund Charles Cox
Police and crime in India (not fiction) 1911

John Creasey
The baron goes east -1953(republished by house of Stratus in 2014) (I remember reading a book by this writer which had a character called Dawlish)

John Court Curry
The Indian police 1932(not fiction)



Veena Das
Life and words:Violence and the descent into the ordinary 2007 (Not fiction) University of California press, Berkeley

Ankita Verma Datta
Trust me not.  Jaico publication, October 2017

Nandini Deka
Unhappily married -An Indian story 2011 kindle

Rahul Deokar

Quest for Kriya 2014...not crime fiction exactly but some crime/thrills are present and it's a highly rated and award winning book

Kishwar Desai

Witness the night 2009
Origins of love 2013
The sea of innocence 2013


The body in the back seat  2011
Murder on a side street  2012
The murder of Sonia Raikkonen An inspector Saralkar mystery 2015
Killing Asish Karve 2015

Mukul Deva

1Tanzeem 2011

2 Assassins A Ravinder Gill novel 2015

3 Weapon of vengeance a novel 2015

4 RIP 2013

5 The dust will never settle 2012

6 Salim must die 2009

7 Blowback 2010

8 Lashkar 2008

9 The Garud strikes 2014

10 And death came calling 2014

Vish Dhamija

1 Bhendi Bazaar 2014

2 Nothing lasts forever -no secret can stay2010

3 Doosra -the other one 2016

4 Deja Karma 2015

5 Unlawful Justice 2017

Leema Dhar
The committed sin 2016 Kindle and paperback

Mainak Dhar
Line of control 2010
Zombiestan 2012 (set in Afghanistan and a bit in India...mix of horror and crime)

Maloy Krishna Dhar 

Operation Triple X-a real spy story 2007

Upendra Dharmadhikari  & Changali Anand
The princess in black :An unheard story of the Mughals2014

Farrukh Dhondy

The bikini murder 2012

Girvani Dhyani 

Stalked 2014

Christopher C Doyle

The Mahabharatha quest-The Alexander secret-2014

Arthur Conon doyle
The sign of four (set in India)

 Neil D'Silva
Maya's new husband 2015(only in kindle)

Ranjeev C Dubey

Legal confidential-adventures of an Indian lawyer(non-fiction crime)2015

Bullshit quotient-decoding India’s corporate, social and legal fineprint(non-fiction crime)2012

Manish Dubey
A murder in Gurgaon


Nargish Engineer and Kaiomarz Engineer

Mango orchard: Demon lurking in the undergrowth. Pub: Nov 10th 2014/Kindle/ASIN B00PGKA8EW

Stephen Meredyth Edwardes

Crime in India :a brief review of the more important offences included in the annual criminal returns with chapters on prostitution and miscellaneous matters 1924 Humphrey Milford publication, London (Not fiction)


Shamini Flint 
Inspector Singh investigates.a curious Indian cadaver 2012 (I enjoyed this book a's got humour. She has written other books of Inspector Singh set in various other east Asian countries such as Inspector Singh investigates a deadly Cambodian crime spree, Inspector Singh investigates the Singapore school of villainy, Inspector Singh investigates a Bali conspiracy most foul, Inspector Singh investigates a most peculiar Malaysian murder, Inspector Singh investigates a frightfully English execution)

Karim Fossum
The Indian bride (not a book by Indian writer really and it's not a crime set in India but about one single Indian in a foreign country)

Leslie Forbes
Bombay ice  2001
Fish, blood and bones 2001

George Macdonald Fraser
The (Harry Paget Flashman)Flashman series by this author are more funny adventures than crime fiction and there are 12 books in this highly acclaimed series.
The ones set in pre-independent India are
The Flashman papers book one 1969
The Flashman series book 4 Flashman and the mountain of light 1990
The Flashman papers-book 8 Flashman in the great game 1975

Another author Robert Brightwell continued writing about a similar character Thomas Flashman



Reethi Gadekar 

Families at home 2008

Arjun Raj Gaind
A very pukka murder A Maharaja Mystery 2016
Death at the Durbar-2018

Vinod Gairola
Con Kabir 1916. Frog books, 

Hugh and Colleen Gantzer( a couple who wrote under the alias Shyam Dave)
The Guru docket Orient publication ?1978
The Issac docket Orient publication ?1978
The stark docket Orient publication ?1978
All 3 had a hero Jawaharlal Atim Zadu (JAZ) akin to James Bond!

Saurabh Garg

The Nidhi Kapoor story 2014

Prem Gandhi

A thorny ride 2013

Sumanta Ganguly 

Fighting shadows 2001

Sonali Garg
The half murder mystery(economic murder mysteries aka  COD mysteries book -1) 2015 kindle

Amitav Ghosh

The Calcutta chromosome-a novel of fever, delirium and discovery 2009

Aruna Gill
The Indus intercept 2012

Aisha K Gill, Carolyn Strange & Karl Roberts(ed)
Honour killings and violence:Theory, policy and practice 2014 Palgrave Macmillan pub(Not fiction)

Anil Goel  

Release 2.0 The Bangalore imperative 2007
Exit point 2014

Hema Gollamudi

The Offsite Pub date:Aug 15th, 2011; pub: create space independent publishing platform  Paperback in English

Harihara Kumar Gopalan 

Two accidents  November 10th,2014 (Kindle format)

Sundip Gorai
Hickory Dickory Shock The tale of techies 2010

Seema Goswami 
Racecourse road   2018 Kindle and hardcover

Kanta Grover
Burning flesh (Not fiction I think) 1990

Aashish Gupta
Demons in my mind Notion Press, March 2017

Githa Hariharan Anandswarup Gupta
Fugitive histories 2009(Not 'entertaining' crime fiction exactly but depicts the ugly side of India)

Anandswarup Gupta
Police and crime in India upto 1861 , Sahitya Bhawan publications 1974

Ruby Gupta
A degree in death 2012 (paper back)

Sarang Gupta

The trial of 2091-2015

Aayush Gyupta
Toppers by any means necessary (Penguin books)



Tarquin Hall (British author, in India until 2016 and fled to UK due to Delhi's pollution)!

The case of the missing servant 2008

The case of the man who died laughing 2010

The case of the deadly butter chicken 2012

The case of the love commandos 2013

Hemant Kumar
Prey by the Ganges 2011 paperback

Patrick Hoenig & Navsharan Singh(editors)
Landscapes of fear-understanding impunity in India Zubaan books.(not fiction)



Kartik Iyengar

Predator Horn OK please 2014

Mahendra Jakhar

The butcher of Benares 2014

The swastika killer 2017 Westland pub

Piush Jha

Raakshas 2016

Mumbaistan 2012

Antisocial network 2014

Compass box killer 2013

Abhimanyu Jha

Mumbai 2008-a love story(A Dilli-Mumbai love story)when love won over terror 2011, Kindle and paperback

Alok Jha and Sapna Jha

The first trillionaire 2017 Kindle (authorsupfront pub) April 2017

Mita Jain
Dead man's alibi -2015 (kindle; sold by amazon digital)

Smitha Jain
Kkrishnaa's konfessions 2008 paperback
Piggies on the railway a Kasturi Kumar mystery2010

Hrishikesh Joshi

Checkmate 2015

Karen Jonson

Sex, lies and 2 Hindu Gurus (author’s not Indian, crime is not set in India, but it's added to this list) 2014

Sheeja Jose  (lady writer)

Goodbye girl 2014 Whitewall publishers Kindle and paperback

Manoj Joshi
Combating terrorism in Punjab:Indian democracy in a crisis 1993 Pub:Research Institute for the study of conflict and terrorism, London.(not fiction)



Kalyan C Kankanala

Pirates of Bollywood 2015

The great Indian fire 2011 paperback

Pratima Kapur
Borrowed plumes

Siddarth Kara
Sex trafficking:Inside the business of modern slavery 2009 (not fiction) Columbia University press, New York

Swathi Kaushal

All that glitters 2014

Drop dead-A Niki Marwah mystery 2012

Lethal spice 2014(for teens?)

HRF Keating:This author's books are based in India but he visited India only after having written many of his books!

The Perfect Murder 1964

Inspector Ghote's crusade 1966

Inspector Ghote caught in meshes 1967

Inspector Ghote hunts the peacocks 1968

Inspector Ghote plays a joker 1969

Inspector Ghote breaks an eggo 1970

Inspector Ghote goes by train 1971

Inspector Ghote trusts the heart 1972

Bats fly up for Inspector Ghote 1974

Filmi, Filmi Inspector Ghote  1976

Inspector Ghote draws a line 1979

The murder of the Maharajh 1980

Go west, Inspector Ghote 1981

The Sheriff of Bombay 1984

Under a monsoon cloud 1986

The body in the billiard room 1987

Dead on time 1988

The Iciest sin 1990

Inspector Ghote , his life and crimes (1989) short story collection

Cheating death 1992

Doing wrong 1993

Asking questions 1996

Bribery, corruption also 1999

Breaking and entering 2000

Inspector Ghote's first case 2008

Kamala Kempadoo, Bandana Pattanaik & Jothi Sanghera(eds)
Trafficking and prostitution reconsidered:new perspectives on migration, sex work and human rights 2nd ed 2012 Paradigm publishers London

Vaseem Khan  

The unexpected inheritance of Inspector Chopra. 2015

The perplexing theft of the jewel in the crown(Baby Ganesha Agency Investigation) Aug 2016

The strange disappearance of a Bollywood star (Baby Ganesha Agency Investigation) July 18, 2017

Inspector Chopra and the million dollar motor car(A baby Ganesha agency short story) February 2018

Murder at the Grand Raj Palace(Baby Ganesha Agency Investigation) June 12, 2018

Sami Ahmed Khan
Red Jihad The battle for South Asia

Tabish Khair

How to fight Islamist terror from the missionary position (? crime/?novel) 2015.

The thing about thugs 2010(may not be crime fiction..?philosophy?)

Sami Ahmad Khan
Red Jihad-Battle for south Asia 2012, Paperback

Shadaab Amjad Khan(this author is son of famous actor Amjad Khan, the notorious Gabbar Singh of movie Sholay)

Murder in Bollywood 2015

Sunny King
The adventure of the Bengal Tyger (educreation pub) I don't think this book is really published...I saw it online and it said 'sample copies, not for distribution)

Rudyard Kipling
Kim 1901-set in British India (I love this book!)
The drums of the fore and aft(not sure if this would classify as crime fiction)
The man who would be king (not sure if this would classify as crime fiction)

Ruchi Kokcha
Obsessed May 2018.Harper Collins

Sharath Kommarraju . 

Murder in Amaravati  2012

The crows of Agra 2015
Loyalty net 2016 Kindle edition
The tree bears witness  Nov 2017  Westland pub

The Steradian trail-book # 0 of the infinity trail 2013


That frequent visitor Every face has a darker side 2015, Srishti publishers and distributors

Neeraj Kumar

Dial D for Don(non-fiction crime?) 2015

Michael Kurland
The empress of India 2007, Macmillan pub



Richa Lakhera
Item girl

Ranjit Lal 

The secret of Falcon Heights 2014 (for teens?)

Alun Lewis(1915-1944)
 In  the green tree: the letters and stories of Alun Lewis: some stories are crime fiction set in British India/rated highly by readers. Pub: Parthian Books/Pub date: Oct 2006

Madhulika Liddle
The Englishman's cameo (Muzaffar Jang mysteries)2011
The eighth gang and other Muzaffar Jang mysteries 2011
Engraved in stone -a Muzaffar Jang mystery 2012
My lawfully wedded husband and other stories 2013
Crimson city 2015

Sujatha Massey
A murder on Malabar Hill Feb 2018, India Penguin and Kindle
Sujatha's earlier books were crime fiction in USA & Japan which I had read.

Sahil Loomba
The faceless Saldirgan


Chetan Mahajan
The bad boys of Bokaro jail

Saikat Majumdar

Silverfish   2015

Manohar Malgonkar
The garland keepers 2013 Rupa publications(But first print would be many years earlier)
Spy in amber Rupa publications 2013(But first print would be many years earlier)
Cactus country 2010
Bandicoot run 1982
Open season 1978

Chander Malhotra 
Video pirates movie-adventures of two Bollywood heros- seeking the pirate 2016(only in Kindle...I think)

 Sukhdeepak Malwai
The Indian resurrection 2016

Kiran Manral 
Reluctant detective 2011 

Sujatha Massey
The widows of Malabar Hill

John Masters
The deceivers 1966(set in British India)
Bhowani junction 1954
The lotus and the wind 1953

Kathleen McCaul
Murder in the ashram-welcome to the dark side of Delhi. 2012, book format

Cortright McMeel
Noir Nation:International Crime Fiction No 3 (Paperback, Oct 1st 2013). Short stories of crime, Many authors

Aswathi Menon
Scarred for life healed forever 2015 Kindle

Ameresh Misra
The minister's wife 2002

Jaishree Mishra

A love story for  my sister 2015

A scandulous secret 2011

Secrets and sins 2010

Secrets and lies 2009

The little book of romance

Accidents like love and marriage 2001

Suneeta Misra
Rani of Rampur 2012, Kindle & paperback

Monabi Mitra

FIR 2012

The dead don't confess 2013

The final report 2014

Peggy Mohan
The youngest suspect ?2012(more about the ugliness of India than 'entertaining' crime fiction)

Saurav Mohapatra
Mumbai Confidential:Good cop bad cop 2013


The sinister silence 2015

Steve Morris
Mario's   Aug 3rd 2011, Kindle

Abir Mukherjee
A rising man  2016 (This book is set in British India) This book has received high praise! I read this book//nice//first in the series
Necessary Evil 2017 this is second in the series.

Sourabh Mukherjee

In the shadows of death:A detective Agni Mitra thriller 2015

George Munroe (AKA Charles Munroe)
Alec Cowie & the Delhi assignment- 2012, paperback pub:Xlibris

His night begins 2014 book & kindle

Timeri N Murari
The oblivion tapes 1978,  Berkley Pub Corp, 1978
The imperial agent 1989 (the main character is  the adult Kim, created by Kipling!)
The shooter 1984 The story does NOT take place in  India and the characters are NOT INDIAN...only the author is!

Sweta Mustare & Chaitanya Gubbala & Hirday 

1987 The year it all began -2016

Ram Muthiah
Tell my dad -Kindle 2015(also paperback) This is by Indian writer but NOT set in India as far as I can guess



Nag Mani (This is a male author; his name sounds like it's a lady!)

The green room 2015 Kindle and paperback

Anita Nair

Cut like wound. 2014 ( I am a Gowda from Bangalore and thrilled about a Gowda detective who has put Bangalore on the world crime fiction map!)

Chain of custody second in the Gowda series 2016

Laxmi Natraj

Incubating in the deep (book & Kindle version) Pub date: March 17th 2006/Patridge publishing, India

Shatrujeeth Nath

The Karachi deception 2013

Satyarth Nayak
The emperor's riddles 2014

Arvind Nayar
Operation Karakoram 2005

Jamyang Norbu
The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes Jan 2003, Bloomsbury pub(not indian exactly)

Badrinath Nuggeh
Clear line of fire 2012



Veena Talwar Oldenberg
Dowry murder:the imperial origins of a cultural crime 2002, Oxford university press, New York(not fiction)

Susan Oleksiw
Under the eye of Kali 2010(foreign writer...set in Kovalam, Kerala)
The wrath of Shiva 2012
For the love of Parvati 2014
When Krishna calls August 2016
All 4 of Susan's books have a female protoganist and set in Kerala.

Zac O'Yeah(Swedish writer writing crime fiction set in Bangalore!)

Mr. Majestic the tout of Bengaluru-2012
Hari a hero for hire 2015
Tropical detective :A Hari Majestic Mystery 2017

I read the first and second of Yeah's books...they are hilarious and a must read!



Deepanjali Pal
Hush a bye baby, the cradle will fall (Juggernaut)

Amitabh Pandey
Himalayan White Vol 1 of the Himalayan series 2016, book and kindle , Pub Harper Collins, India

Neeraj Pandey
Ghalib Danger

Sorab Pant
Under Delhi

Gaurav Parab
Rustom the last story teller of Almore 2015(not 100% sure if it's crime)

Surender Mohan Pathak
Daylight robbery English translation and pub:2010; translator:Sudarshan Purohit; Blaft publication)

Surender Mohan Pathak Gaurav

The Colaba conspiracy 2015

The last goal 2012 (I think it's in English)

Surender Mohan Pathak and  Sudarshan Purohit                   The  65 lakh heist. 2010 paperback

Peggy Payne
Sister India (2002)

Ellis Peters
Mourning raga 2015
Death to the landlords 2015

M.Naresh Pi

The Goddess daughter 2015 Kindle edition

Ravi Pai
Bold and vulnerable in Delhi 2013 Kindle ASIN:B00CQ7BUEK

Maxwell Pereira
The Tandoor murders  2018 Context publisher (written by police officer of a real case)

Jerry Pinto
A murder in Mahim

Rajai Pitroda

Startstruck 2011

Joygopal Podder (has written a record breaking number of crime novels in the shortest time!)

Mumbai dreams 2012 Kindle
Beware of the night 2012 paperback
A million seconds too late 2012 paperback
Merchant of dreams 2012
Vanished 2013
Goddess -2013(may not be crime)
Superstar -glorious destinies founded on dark secrets 2011
Millenium city-death comes uninvited 2011
Deceivers -2010 pub:Pustak mahal
The inheritance 2010 pub: Peacock books
The landlord's secrets and other stories 2011 Atlantic publishers
High alert 2011
Truth is greater than fiction 2011
My friend's unsuitable fiancée 2014
My husband, my lover, my husband's lover 2014
3 mixed up men 2014
Dynasty 2014
Chief minister's mistress 2015

Manjiri Prabhu
The Cavansite conspiracy 2011

Gyan Prakash
Mumbai fables 2010

Clark Prasad
Baramulla Bomber 2012




Hilda Raj
Trail of evil 1978, Vikas publications

Vithal Rajan
Holmes of the Raj 2006, Pub: Writers workshop, Calcutta

Shreyas Rajgopal/Shrey 

Saltwater 2014

Vinay Ramakrishna

Bangalore chronicles: A kidnap.  Paperback/Pub: Notion press Pub date: Sept 8th 2015  (set in Bangalore, my home town)

Aroon Raman
The shadow throne

Yudhi Raman

The Tantulous redemption 2014

Senani(Ramakrishna SR)(Tr.Krupakar)

Birds, beasts and bandits-14 days with Veerappan 2011

Aroon Raman
The shadow throne 2012
The treasure of Kafur 2013


Fraudster 2014

Rani Ramakrishnan
Twice blessed. Kindle September 2017

Sujatha Rangarajan
Anitha A trophy wife  Kindle and paperback. June 2017. Westland publication

Subba Rao
No murder tonight . April 2017. Kindle  Notion press

Suryadevara Rama Mohan Rao

The dictator of the dark Kindle 2014

Vivek Rao
Shot down

Himanshu Rasam

Operation chaos 2015

Sheela Raval 

Godfathers of crime-face to face with India’s most wanted (non-fiction crime) 2015

Arnab Ray

The mine 2012
The Mahabharatha murders Aug 2017, Paperback
Sultan of Delhi Ascension November 2016 Hachette India

Sathyajit Ray's (for those who don't know, Sathyajit Ray is a world famous movie director from Calcutta; he had multiple talents including writing)

Feluda series
1 Danger in Darjeeling 1965-66 

The emperor's ring 1966-67

3 Kailash Chowdhury's jewel 1967

4 The Anubis mystery 1967

5 Trouble in Gangtok 1970

6 The golden fortress 1971

7 Incident on the Kalka mail 1972

8 A killer in Kailash 1973

9 The key 1973

10 The royal Bengal mystery 1974

11 The locked chest 1975

12 The mystery of the Elephant god 1975

13 The bandits of Bombay 1976

14 The mystery of the walking dead 1976

15 The secret of the cemetery 1977

16 The curse of the goddess 1978

17 The house of death1979

18 The mysterious tenant 1980

19 The criminals of Kathmandu 1980

20 Napolean's letter 1981

21 Tintoretto's Jesus 1982

22 The disappearence of Amber Sen 1983

23 The gold coins of Jehangir 1983

24 Crime in Kedarnath 1984

25 The acharya murder case 1985

26 Murder in the mountains 1986

27 The case of the apsara theatre 1987

28 Peril in paradise 1987

29 Shakuntala's necklace 1988

30 Feluda in London 1989

31 The mystery of the pink pearl 1989

32 Dr.Munshi's diary 1990

33 The mystery of Nayan 1990

34 Robertson's ruby 1992

35 The magical mystery 1995-96



Elana Sabharwal
The Delhi deception 2013,  book and kindle format;  Pub: Create space, independent Publishing platform

Anand Sachidanandan

Book of destruction 2012

Nayantara Sahgal
Mistaken identity 1989

Plans for departure (mystery and romance)2015

Lesser breeds (?crime and history)2003

Ibn-e-Safi (1928-1980)is considered the greatest crime fiction writer in Urdu and the greatest crime fiction writer of Pakistan, even today. He wrote between 1940-1980; he was born in a village in Uttar Pradesh India and moved to Pakistan and so I claim him to be  at least part-Indian!  A few of his crime novels  have been recently translated from Urdu to English.  He has written 250 novels of which 125+ are crime fiction and he's possibly the most prolific crime writer from Pakistan! It is sad that only 6 of his books seem to have been translated from Urdu to English! Translating any books from Urdu to English is a challenging task. Conveying meaning along with the nuances... without losing the poetry of Urdu is daunting even to the most gifted Urdu-English bilingual!  The more I read about this author, the more intriguing I find him!

Smoke water 1957
The dangerous man 1952
Poisoned arrow 1957
The laughing corpse 1957
The house of fear
Doctor dread 1957
This link below gives the full list of his books unde Jassosi Duniya
I bought 4 of the books listed above and was quite disappointed after reading one and will not be reading the rest. Maybe, I-Ben-Safi books lose their beauty when translated or the books are not for readers of this century. 

Ankush Saikia

The girl from Nongrim hills (2013)

Red river hills 2015
Dead meat ?2015
Remember death ?2016

Fahad Samar

Flashpoint 2014

Preeta Samarasan

Evening is the whole day(crime fiction set in Malaysia of Indian family) 2011

Aswin Sambamurthy

Infinite lives series-book 1(Kindle format) crime novella/set in Bangalore Pub: April 9th 2016; publisher:self-published

Sat Parkash Sangar
Crime and punishment in Mughal India 1967, Delhi Sterling publishers (not fiction)

Ashwini Sanghi

The Krishna key 2012

The Rozabal line 2012

The Sialkot Saga April 2016

 Keepers of the Kalachakra 2018

Ashwini Sanghi and James Patterson
Private India 2014

Private Delhi 2017

Manasi Sapre

Pune murder chronicles 2014

Anish Sarkar
Benaami -2010(dont worry. this is in English!)

Sathyajit Sarna
A permanent position (Harper 21)   2013, Kindle

Uday Satpathy

Brutal 2015

Hirsh Sawney(editor)

Delhi Noir 2009

Sapan Saxena 

Finders keepers 2014

Avirook Sen

Aarushi 2015

Priya Sethi  
My wedding without a Paithani-short story   2015 Kindle

Pratik Shah
Operation Jai Mata Di 2015 (paperback)

Abhisar Sharma
The edge of the machette

Sanghamitra Sharma
Cast a long shadow 2017

Vedashree Khambate-Sharma
Swear you won't tell (March 16, 2018, ebook and paperback Harper-Collins, India)

Vishesh Sharma
The lost temple (Ebook and paperback)

Arjun Shekar

A flawed God 2011 paperback

Sharmishtha Shenoy and Manoj Vijayan

Vikram Rana investigates-tales of murder and deception in Hyderabad 2016 Kindle and paperback

Shiv Kumar

Operation India one 2015

Bilal Siddique

The bard of blood  2015 Penguin

Harinder Sikka

Calling Sehmat .  May 2018 Paperback India Penguin publication

Indra Sinha 

The death of Mr.Love  2003 paperback

Braham Singh
Bombay Swastika Sept 2017 Om Book International pub

Brijesh Singh

Quantum siege 2015

Krishna Partap Singh 
Young Turks(Raisina Trilogy) 2010
Delhi Durbar 2010
The war ministry 2012

Ruchi Singh
The bodyguard . March 2018 Kindle
Boomerang 2015 Kindle (crime fiction but short stories)

Vibha Singh
A convenient culprit 2013(penguin)

Radhika Singha 
A despotism of law:crime and justice in early colonial India 1998 Oxford university press, New York, Delhi. (Not fiction)

Gauri Sinh
The miss India murders 2018 Harper Collins

The orphan 2015 Kindle

The whistleblowers:when landsharks baited death. Kindle & Paperback May 2014

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar 
The  Taj conspiracy 2012
The hunt for the Kohinoor book two 2013

Captain Sourabh
Boom baby (kindle) 2015


Kalyug  2014

Raghu Srinivasan
The Avatari 2014

Anuraag Srivastava
Twenty twenty: A  race against time 2017

Ravi Subramanian
Devil in pinstripes Dec 2009
The incredible banker 2011
The bankster  Sept 2012, Rupa pub
Bankerupt Jan 2014
God is a gamer Sept 2014
If God was a banker Nov 2014
In the name of God 2017 Penguin

Adithya Sudarshan
A nice quiet holiday 2009

Geetha Sundar
The Premier murder league 2011

Hadal (2016-based on real events)

Praveen Swami
Gold flake

Kalpana Swaminathan

 The page three murders 2006

The secret gardener 2013
Murder in seven acts (Speaking tiger)
A gardener's song
Cryptic death
I never knew it was you
Monochrome Madonna

Rasleen Syal

Happily murdered 2014

Varun Sehgal

Shunya -the myth 2014

Avirook Sen 

Aarushi 2015

Shakuntala Devi (She has no last name)
Perfect murder Kindle/Orient publishing /ASIN:B00C9VFUYY

Abhisar Sharma

The edge of the machete 2012 (set in Pakistan/Afganistan but has an Indian in it!)

Bulbul Sharma

The tailor of Giripul 2013

Pran Kumar Sharma
Daboo comic strips which appeared in Indian magazines of the 70s

Prashant Sharma

If I pretend I am sorry, will you pretend and forgive me 2011

Vishesh Sharma

The lost temple 2015(self-published)Kindle and paperback

Krishna Shastri Devulapalli
Jump cut 2013

Bilal Siddiqi
The bard of blood The secret war in Balochistan is about to explode 2015

Brijesh Singh
Quantum siege 2014

Preethi Singh
Flirting with fate 2012

Ruchi Singh
Boomerang 2015 Kindle (short story)

 Kalyug 2014

Agni Sreedhar
My days in the underworld-rise of the Bangalore mafia-2013(this book is translated from Kannada and the English version is apparently an abridged one)

Niraj Srivastava

A ship of many oars-a collection of short stories 2015

Mike Stocks

White man falling(? It’s not crime fiction, not Indian writer but set in India)2008

Brian Stoddart

The Madras Miasma 2014
The Pallampur predicament. 2015
A straits settlement (will be released May 2016)
These three books are set in the India before independence and British India...but written in 2014,15 & 16!

I am waiting to get my hands on these three books!

Ravi Subramanian
Devil in pinstripes 2009
The incredible banker 2011
The bankster 2012
Bankerupt 2013
God is a gamer 2014
The bestseller she wrote 2015

 Aditya Sudarshan 
A nice quiet holiday 2009

Zainab Sulaiman
Simply Nanju May 2016, Duckbill pub, (Whodonit for children)

Amrita Suresh
When a lawyer walks down the aisle 2015 Kindle

Aabid Surti
Shooja comic strips which appeared in Indian magazines  of the 70s (It was in Kannada language in a magazine called Sudha, available in Karnataka in the 70s I think)
Bahadur comics of the 80s published by Indrajal comics

A man to die for 2015, Kindle
To Hi Tu 2013 Kindle

Vikas Swarup

Six suspects 2008
The accidental apprentice 2014


Praveen Swami
The little book of poisons

Kalpana Swaminathan
Cryptic death and other stories 1997
The page three murders-2006
Bougainvilla house 2006(crime?)
The gardener's song-2007
The monochrome madonna-2012
I never knew it was you-2012
The secret gardener 2013


Varun T . ( I am assuming Varun is his first name and his last name begins with T)
Psycon 2017

Rajesh Talkwar
How to kill a billionaire

Ismita Tandon
Jacob Hills 2013  
Love kills 2014

Adi Tantimedh
Her nightly embrace The Ravi PI series Nov 2016
Her beautiful monster Book 2 of the Ravi PI series. Dec 2017

Phillips Meadow Taylor
Confessions of a thug .  2001 Rupa paperback (more a social science but it's crime too) This was first published in 1840

Tarun J Tejpal 
The story of my assasins 2012(high priase)

Anand Teltumbde
The persistence of caste :the Khairlanji murders and India's hidden apartheid 2010, Zed books, London(Not fiction)

Anil Thakraney

An invitation to death-vol one 2015

Sudhir Thapliyal

Mansuri Macbare 2012 Kindle and paperback

Jeet Thayil

Narcopolis 2011

Paul Theroux
A dead hand a crime in Calcutta 2011

Michaela Thompson
Fault tree (2013, Kindle)

Siddhartha Thorat

Operation fox-hunt 2014

Sarvesh Tiwari

The last curse 2016

Ira Trivedi

Gumrah:11 short teen crime stories 2016

Altaf Tyrewala

Mumbai noir 2012

Ministry of hurt sentiments 2015(genre bending/Dystopian it crime fiction?) 



Imran Usman

A yellow winged stranger-2015


Ganga Bharani Vasudevan

A minute to death 2015, ebook, Pub:Half baked beans

Anup Verma 

A thread of life 2007(?crime fiction/?novel)

Dominique Verma
After the deluge (Rupa pub) about Roreich the artist whose paintings are in Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore!

Mona Verma

God is a river -a story of faith 2014

Ram Vignesh

Delhi at dark 2014 Book & kindle Leadstart publishing pvt ltd

Veerappan Chasing the brigand 2017



Shashi Warrier
Sniper 2008
Night of the Krait 2008
The homecoming 2008
Noordin's gift 2014
The girl who dint give up 2015


 Is there any Indian writer whose last name starts with X... I doubt it!



Kulpreet Yadav
Catching the departed 2014

The girl who loved a pirate 2015



Hussain Zaidi
Mafia queens of Mumbai Mafia queens from the ganglands 2011 (Non fiction)
Dongri to Dubai. six decades of the Mumbai mafia-2012(non fiction)
Headley and I 2012 (non fiction)
My name is Abu Salim 2014(non fiction)
Byculla to Bangkok 2014 (non fiction)
Black Friday the true story of the Bombay bomb blasts 2014(non fiction)
Mumbai Avengers 2015. I believe this is fiction



The following is an excerpt from the internet which is pdf from 3rd chapter of the book The history of detective fiction from India and abroad. 
Shovan Tarafdar said that Aryan literature written between 1500Bc and 550 BC predates European literature.
Ranojit Chattopadhyay and Siddartha Ghosh found a parable about Sarama , a dog which helps the Gods track down the Poni-group of cattle snatching dacoits in the 10th Mandala of the Rig Veda. According to these authors, this is the first detective story in the world.

  • Some books and some authors don't show up on Google.
  •  Sometimes I found a book when I Googled but I had trouble finding it again for the second time on the internet.
  • Names issues: I have listed by author's last names but some authors don't have last names or I am unsure if it's a last name. Example in the name Arun Kumar, Kumar looks like a last name but in south India, Arun Kumar is simply a first name with two names in it; Kumar is not a last name. Some authors have only one name on the published book. Some authors have three names and I am not sure which is the last name
  • Sources to compile this list:, Google, Penguin India, Harper Collins India, I will be searching online for Indian publishers  such as Rupa publications to add books to this list.
  • The year of publication given above may not be the year it was 'first' published. It's difficult to get that information for many of the books.
  • Some authors are self-published;
  • Some books are available only as e-books;
  • Some books are not accessible for buying as they are sold out and ?unlikely to be reprinted.
  • Some books are not available outside India(even for online buyers)
  •  There's a lot of  crime fiction in Indian languages, not yet translated to English. This list has only English novels.
  • The number of Indian crime fiction published post 2000 is a lot more than pre 2000. (2000 is an arbitrary year chosen by me!)
  • I am trying to get the date of the first edition but it's not always possible. Date of first publication gives  context to the crime. In India, change has been rapid, especially post 1980 and so too have the nature of the crimes.
  • Type of authors: Authors have various professional backgrounds including Journalism, Literature, Defence personnel, Medicine, Law, Teaching, Finance, diplomacy, etc.
  • Most authors in this list are Indians from India; but a few are NRIs from other countries and some like Brian Stoddart, Zac O Yeah & Tarquin Hall are foreigners writing about crime in India. 
  • Most books in the list are fiction but quite a few are non-fiction, based on real-life events in India. 
  • My biggest issue: I am torn between adding or not adding non-fiction crime books to my list. There are so many books covering what is crime in 'my' opinion i.e. corrupt practices in the government, courts, banks, the army, etc.  If I don't add those books, I feel I am omitting very important books of high calibre; But if I do add these books, then the list becomes huge . Also  these books are 'not entertaining' but more serious like research  and serious reading is not my aim.
  • I am confused whether to add/not add to this list:(1) genre defying books such as horror-crime;(2) mythology-crime mix; (3)science fiction-crime; (4)crimes with Indians in foreign countries;(5) crimes novels written by non-Indians but set in India or Indian characters in it;(6) crime fiction for non adults like kids and teens; crime graphic novels. These books have been added or omitted from this list, depending on which way I leaned when I found the book online!
  • In India, many crimes are not even considered as crimes...dowry, wife battering, bribes, discrimination and abuse based on caste, abuse of women by families and at workplace, and so on. The majority of people in power are corrupt. There is corruption in the politicians ruling the country and also in the opposition parties. The police and judiciary are corrupt. Hell! There is  corruption in 'holy' temples too!
  • With this sort of all pervasive corruption, a typical crime fiction story about a hero who solves a crime using his ingenuity simply does not cut it for the Indian reader! All Indians know who the criminals are in real life...Crimes in India don't need lots of brains to solve them. The police need will-power, honesty, incorruptibility, non-interference from their bosses and politicians  to solve crimes and do justice.
  •  But the criminals often get away as they have  'connections' &  power and criminals bribe their way out . Some are not even  arrested! For example the murder of an honest and upright IAS officer in Karnataka recently was written off as a suicide by the police. People were outraged but the case was closed! Everyone is aware of which ministers were involved in the murder!

In recent years,  Indian crime fiction in English is increasing by leaps and bounds and it's  impossible to keep track of the new books being published ! I will try for a while anyway  to keep the above list updated.
I am thrilled that finally

 (a) crime fiction in English is being written in India by Indians,
(b) the authors are being paid well enough to keep writing without starving(but not as well as the authors in the west who are not only well paid but are translated into so many European languages, get paid for movie rights and so on)
 and more importantly (c)Indians can afford to buy and read crime fiction;
(d)there is an increasing interest in Indian crime fiction abroad.

In the 80s, before the IT boom in India, few English-speaking Bangaloreans could afford to buy and read books. Now thanks to the monied, English speaking and more importantly 'spending-instead-of-saving' middle and upper classes of India, the book business is booming for authors, publishers and readers. Yippee!!! 

Analyzing my feelings when I read  a handful of Indian crime fiction, I discovered that my  experience is totally different from when I read crime fiction of other countries. It's not pleasant and exciting. The more realistic the Indian crime fiction, the more shaken, depressed, angry, frustrated and  cringing as I feel. As an Indian, Indian crime is really too close home for comfort for me! Unless I develop detachment, I will not be able to enjoy Indian crime fiction!

I have to write about Indian crime magazines next...!

I visited Bangalore in May 2016. I discovered 2 new developments in Bangalore, related to books
(a)One cannot find magazines related to crime in any looks like the government has banned their production and sales. I am not sure if this is only in Bangalore or all over India...if the 'respectable' shops I checked out dint have. But quite possibly the disreputable magazine shops (such as the ones selling smut on K.G.Road outside Kempegowda talkies, decades ago!) do have them hidden and sold only to known customers???
(b) The decimation of famous bookstores of Bangalore. For example, Gangarams is a skeleton of it's former glorious self; Higgins Bothams is an even bonier skeleton at least in May 2016! (Due to renovations). Sankars and Strand, two of my favorite stores have shut down completely! Sapna, which claims to be the biggest book store hardly has books sells, all sorts of things of which books are just one product. Macmillan in the Shrungar complex  on M.G.Road has downed it's shutters. Prism book store in Jayanagar 4th block seems to have vanished! Premier book shop at Church street and Museum road has also vanished. I remember the several wonderful hours spent browsing in Premier, Strand, Higgins Bothams and Sankars.
It breaks my heart that these stores have vanished. I do know new stores such as Landmark and Crossword have opened in Bangalore, but not enough of them.
People not buying books  and high rents  book stores pay for their space would be two major reasons for these stores to close.  Bangalore  prides itself on it's 'booming economy', 'world class' educational institutions, an emerging middle-class who earn well and spend is such a shame that decent book stores cannot flourish in this city full of empty pride!

Plu-eeze don't tell me that Bangaloreans are into e-books....the number of e-readers does not fully account for the closing of the several bookstores.

Why don't Bangaloreans buy books?  It's not because of the existence of 'fantastic' libraries for sure! The City Central libraries are pathetic! It's not because of Ebooks. Then why? three reasons I can think of is:

(1)Books are still not affordable or the book-loving Bangalorean thinks he cannot afford.

(2)Bangaloreans are cheap when it comes to buying books! They would rather spend their money on clothes, eating out, jewels, accessories and what-nots. Or save money to buy their flat or car or 'foreign' vacation.

(3)They prefer buying pirated editions in the 'other' type of book stores.

(4)Or Bangaloreans are buying online such as on, flipkart, etc.

(5)New distractions and new activities engage the hours which would have been devoted to reading 20 years ago...TV, internet, videogames, gym and physical activities, pubs, mall-crawling,  social media like facebook & twitter. There is also  more money to indulge in hobbies the previous generations could not afford to, such as travelling.
(6)Also many parents these days compel their children to study almost all the time and don't try to get their kids to read storybooks and comics.

If this continues, Bangalore will be nothing but a money-rich culture-poor city. We will have boorish and cock-sure 'software' engineers, et al. strutting around with money in their pockets and air in their skulls.

What I would love for Bangalore is bookstores like Barnes and Noble of USA or Chapters and Indigo of Canada! I would love to have shops with books from all over the world, comfortable corners for booklovers to browse, comfortable furniture for buyers and browsers, artfully arranged books, ambience,  silence, knowledgeable salespeople (unlike the salespersons of Sapna who had no clue about authors, books or anything related to books!).

Bookstores are disappearing all over the world. People are buying online, reading e-books or have ceased reading! I really regret this change which seems to be unstoppable.

Last walk at Sunnybrook park by the stables

Last walk because I can't take the mosquitoes.  I found this tree unusual... I dont know what these red berries are but th...