Monday, August 12, 2013

Books to read in August 2013

Rickshaw Boy by Lao She

The Taliban Cricket club by Timeri N Murari

The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling

Borrowed these from the Toronto Public Library i.e. The Lillian H Smith branch.
 Has anyone noticed that some branches of the TPL seem to have more interesting and a wider range of books than others? Books by authors from other exotic countries, books from countries from which books rarely come out of...The Lillian H Smith, The North York Centre's library and  The Reference library at Yonge and Bloor  are three such branches. If I had not actually visited this library and wandered around, I might not  have discovered these books  and not read them!
 Did the authorities deem these libraries worthy of carrying more interesting books  due to the people and type of organizations  near these locations??? Or the large size of these libraries permits a bigger &  better collection? I dont know. But I am grateful that I can walk from work to the Lillian Smith Library in minutes.

Why did I borrow Rickshaw Boy? Maybe because I loved The Good Earth by Pearl.S.Buck and hope this book will throw more light on China of those days...China as  seen through Chinese eyes

The Taliban Cricket Club---because of the name Murari which is so south Indian! and of course the incongruity of the book's name and  curiosity about this country, which has reached the bottom of the pit, thanks to various factors.

The Casual Vacancy...Curiosity again. I am wondering if J.KR can pull it off with an adult novel.

I will write more when I finish these books.
Once again, I kiss the earth of this beautiful country Canada in gratitude...if I had not come here I would not have had access to these books from all over the of read and enjoy!
 I am sure The Taliban Cricket Club is banned in Afganisthan and other such countries...people do not have freedom to read a book which is neither about sex or violence or religion or anything blasphemous or evil.
 In India, I may have the freedom to read but I cannot afford to buy and the public libraries do not have such books; In rural parts of India and half the world, there are neither books nor libraries nor even people with literacy...anyway in many parts of the world, people would rather have good food, drinking water and shelter than books such as these

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