Thursday, July 30, 2015

Walter Palmer, Lion killer... Psychopath with an insatiable bloodlust

I am full of grief and rage since reading the death of the lion Cecil!
And I broke down completely when I saw the majestic Cecil's photos on the news. The whole of yesterday, I was disturbed and distracted, thinking about this lion and lion-killer .  I could not sleep last night, and dreamt about animals getting killed.
I am so full of anger about this dentist and I really need to this blog 
Since many years I have stopped reading newspapers because the news about animals poaching, killing and torture disturb me. And now to read about this cruel deed, done in the name of sport by a guy, who is supposedly "educated" sickens me.
The more I read about this guy, I am convinced that Walter Palmer  is definitely a psychopath and  I believe he needs to be tested. Below is the list  of symptoms of psychopathy from The Mayo Clinic website: he seems to have the highlighted symptoms in my opinion.  
Antisocial personality disorder symptoms may include:
  1. Disregard for right and wrong (This shit Walter is stating that what he did was legal; he knows damn well what he is doing maybe legal but he also knows that what he does is  immoral, unethical, cruel & inhuman)
  2. Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others (deceit: Asshole Walter Palmer,  cunningly lured Cecil out of his sanctuary with the scent of food)
  3. Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or for sheer personal pleasure ...I am sure this is what he used to abuse his receptionist.
  4. Intense egocentrism, sense of superiority and exhibitionism ...see his poses with the animals he has murdered
  5. Recurring difficulties with the law ...killing the bear; sexually assaulting his receptionist.
  6. Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation (he's violating the rights of animals ..he may have the licence to hunt given by the government. But the ANIMALS HE KILLED DEFINITELY DID NOT  TELL HIM...'Hey kill me Walter. I want to die.' Also what he did to his receptionist, who works under him
  7. Child abuse or neglect
  8. Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, impulsiveness, aggression or violence ...This son of a bitch shot Cecil  who suffered for 40 hours and then again shot him and killed
  9. Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others (harming his receptionist and several animals)
  10. Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behaviors
  11. Poor or abusive relationships (sexual harassment case by his receptionist indicate he's abusive in his relationships)
  12. Irresponsible work behavior (sexual harassment case against him by his receptionist in 2006)
  13. Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior (he has pleaded guilty in 2008 for killing a bear and now he has again done the same)
What I find appalling is that he is a fucking dentist,  one of the healing professions. How paradoxical is it  that a person who  makes a living by relieving people of pain.... in his spare time, and with his enormous amounts of spare money goes about INFLICTING PAIN on innocent animals who have DONE HIM NO HARM

I am trying to figure out what motivates him to kill animals. Speaking for myself, I find such a great joy, watching the antics and behaviours of LIVING animals; watching a pride of lions, going about their business....watching the cubs cared for by their mothers, watching the cubs gamboling in the grass, watching the lions yawn or roar or stretch or is such a pleasure . How can this Palmer pig, find greater pleasure in the death of a lion, than it's life?

Is this son of a bitch suffering from massive sense of inferiority and the only way he can feel superior is by killing animals and posing for photos with their dead bodies?

Are this bastard's parents, wife, children, friends, relatives and neighbours proud of each killing of his and talk about his killings at parties? Did he phone his wife from Africa and say,'Honey. guess what? I killed the most magnificent lion ever!" and his wife say, "Wow! You are an amazing hero!" I wonder if even one of his the friends or family  check him when he gloated ...Did anyone of his folks tell him off or did they all celebrate this cowardly brutal murder
I don't wish to attack the people around him but to me, people who don't stop a killer or disassociate from a killer, are as bad as the killer for condoning the murders. 

If hunting was banned all over the world, would he go around stealthily killing people because of his unsatiable blood lust?  I am sure he would, considering that he never stopped  killing, even after being caught and fined at one time. He has killed animals by stealth more than once such as the bear. Ergo, if hunting was banned, he would still hunt. Considering his past history, he's a fucking killer at heart and cannot change. 

Someone should dig in his closet and I bet that several other skletons would tumble out. HE IS AFTER ALL, A KILLER, WHO'S  PROUD OF HIS KILLINGS. Till now, he has shown off in photos and maybe in his after dinner conversations at parties.

This cowardly turd has ZERO EMPATHY. He kills without remorse or feelings. He has NO SHAME. How can a person with zero empathy be in a healing profession such as dentistry?

I hope he comes by his just desserts.
The police are protecting this inhuman, merciless, asshole at present. I wonder how they feel about protecting this lowlife scum, who ought to be punished for his present and past previous murders. This piece of shit should be watched till he dies;   He should have no chance to  go around murdering again and legalizing or buying off each murder with money.
My anger might be a little less if the Cecil had not suffered for 40 hours. 40 hours of suffering from a wound, trying to save it's life, trying to flee, being pursued by these remorseless killers and not even evenly matched! One wounded lion trying to save it's life from three thugs who are totally devoid of ethics, totally devoid of any sense of decency, and armed with all  modern technology...Cecil did not stand a chance. But his 40 hour long ordeal is making me cry again 
Killing impulsively in anger...killing because the person being killed is harmful to society...killing in something I can forgive.
But how do you even begin to understand Walter Palmer's, coldblooded, methodical planning to hunt and kill Cecil the lion...this asshole travelling across thousands of miles  from  another continent...armed with enormous amounts of money to smoothen his path to the murder....
What were the cold thoughts in this bastard's head as he took aim? Did he think, "This magnificent lion is more glorious than me. I can never be like him. So I will kill him."
Did he ever pause to think, "why should I kill this handsome animal, made by God? Instead of shooting him, I  will film him and show off the photos and videos to my friends."
Did Walter Palmer, dentist by profession and killer and murderer hobbyist, feel any remorse, shame, guilt, grief, regret, when he saw the wounded lion and think of  saving him instead of finishing him off?
I don't think there is any space in that shit-head's head for any decent human emotions such as empathy, remorse, kindness, decency or altruism. 
Is something biologically wrong with his brain? Is it the environment  which made him a murderous bastard?   Has this dentist been killing since childhood and got away with it? Is his family and friends covering up his other murders?
WALTER PALMER, YOU PIECE OF FILTH. Pray that the cubs of Cecil will not be killed by other lions after you deprived them of their father. If the cubs die and it's reported and I read it, I will pray and pray and pray that you are punished to the extent you deserve by both the American and Zimbabwean governments.

Thanks to this walter palmer piece of shit, people in third world countries are already commenting that the rich White men come to poor countries to do things they cannot get away with in their own places...   White criminals can brazenly commit every despicable crime in these poor countries c and  get away because of  their dollars  ...pedophilia, drugs, killing of beautiful and rare animals..
  The Walter Palmers of the rich countries swarm like locusts into third world countries and commit crimes with impunity.

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