Monday, October 2, 2017


Today, October 2nd 2017, I woke at 5.30am. It was too cold to get out of bed and I reached over to the I Pad lying beside me.  I went to emails, deleted all the junk I get daily....for some reason, for the last many years, I hardly ever get emails from friends or people I know...most emails I get are junk or official.
I never go to news when I start the computer like many people do...I don't want  bad news when I wake...shootings, bombings, war...I want to wake up to something good.

Browsing through the various emails, I spotted a favorite email I get twice a month i.e. the Stop you are killing me . This is a newsletter about the latest crime fiction published and I love reading the brief bits about different crime novels published.  When running my eyes over the email, I spotted a book called the knife slipped authored by one of my all time favorite writers, Erle Stanley Gardner. I had never heard of this book and clicking on the link, I discovered that it was the second in my favorite Gardner series i.e. the Bertha Cool and Donald Lam series! This publisher had refused to publish this book in 1939 as it was 'too profane' and it was forgotten until 2016 when it was discovered and printed for the first time!

Can you imagine my delight, at discovering that there's  one more book,  in my favorite series by a favorite author which I have NEVER read! Can you imagine the pleasure of waiting to get my hands on this book and devour it!

I felt so happy to wake up to this wonderful discovery. The sheer joy of  waiting to read this book is so wonderful I cannot describe it. I am so grateful that I have been granted this happy incident or accident...a favorite author whose book was refused publication in 1939. And now it's published nearly 70+ years later and I find it out be sheer accident...

I have booked this book and it's available in my dearest Toronto Public Library. I am sue I will get it in a few days and I look forward to livening up a few  winter evenings with this book.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Random Articulations of a Confused Brain

Random Articulations of a Confused Brain:


Would it save India  if those who have the following MANDATED  criteria are elected as politicians

*Spiritually inclined Brahamacharis

*Minimum graduate level of education

*At least an IQ of 120

*Pass a test of psychopathy (proof that they are not psychopaths or criminally minded)

*Pass a mental status examination proving they do not have any major mental health issues.


The reasons for the criteria:

Spiritual: If the politician is spiritual, he will not be interested in worldly pleasures and acquisitions.

If he or she is unmarried and asexual, he/she will be free from temptations. Moreover I have seen many corrupt Indian politicians amass wealth, more for their children and grandchildren than for their own enjoyment. If they did not have kids (i.e. the politicans were unmarried & childless, Brahmacharis) I am assuming the need and greed for amassing wealth would be nonexistent.

With some education, our politicians will not look or talk or act like fools. For example our health minister recently made such a stupid blunder in his speech and had people wild and furious; He called homosexuality a disease!

In some village Panchayats, at Zilla Parishads, in Bihar (when Rabri Devi was acting CM or was CM when her husband Lallo Prasad Yadav was in jail) shrewd people working behind scenes place gullible or ‘malleable’ people in the forefront as politicians and manipulate them to satisfy their greeds. If it’s mandated that our elected politicians had an IQ of 120(120 is an arbitrary number I chose as it si above average; I do not mean that it should be strictly 120) at least, maybe this sort of manipulation would be seen through and stopped…

As everyone knows, India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world; our politicians have spread the rot of corruption from political life to all areas of life in India. As the world already knows, Indian politicians are, as a majority, anti-social personalities with less than 1% of exceptions to this rule. In order to improve India, we should have honest politicians (would the real Abraham Lincoln clone himself a million times and settle in India please?). To do that, we should test the guys who want to be politicians and allow only those honest guys to enter politics. As far as I know, there is no fool proof test to assess psychopathy; I do not want to go into the details of the assessment but suffice it to say, it is going to be complicated!

Some of our politicians were demented when in office and were controlled by those around them. I know of two but I am not mentioning any names here. There is also one mentally ill (bi-polar) chief minister of a state currently. The mental illness of those in power, affects not one or two but affects millions of people, who are helpless! It is mandatory for mentally ill and dementing to not be in seats of power. Imagine how much less grief & destruction there would be in this world if the mentally ill, did not have power.


What about those who fulfil all this criteria, become politicians and then, deteriorate?

That possibility is there. I have seen so many elected people, who seemed wonderful at first and then either deteriorated or showed their true colours. To avoid this, there should be watchdogs who keep an eye. Reassessing the politicians once elected also would bring to light, any deteriorating type of changes. (Assess their IQs, Psychopathy, mental state, commitment to work, etc).


Of course, these spiritual politicians should also wield power; they should not end up being puppets in the hands of powerful psychopaths who stay behind the scene. By using the word spiritual, I am actually meaning ethical. They should be ethical, be motivated to work for the good of society, not be megalomaniacs (India is full of megalomaniac politicians, politicians children and relatives, megalomaniac film stars, etc….is megalomania a disease you get in India? So many people have this disease here that, one wonders!). Jayalalitha is one such megalomaniac;

They should also be practical; but not compromise ethics to be practical;

They should be humble; most Indian politicians lack humility ( the government bureaucrats too are obnoxious boors who lack humility)

I can go on and on about what they should have in addition to the criteria I mentioned above but I will stop here…except for one last word….continue reading.






What the heck! All these criteria are not needed. The only criteria the Indian politician should have is this: He should have the ‘shame gene’;

100% of Indian politicians are shameless; they seem to lack the gene for feeling ‘shame’


Even if you prove that a politician is guilty of a heinous crime, he will still stick to his political seat and refuse to step down: he will defend himself by saying that others are guiltier than him; he will not even try to defend himself by saying, ‘I am not guilty’!


India would do better if we elected politicians with some sense of shame and decency.

Meandering thoughts which repeat over and over in my head

Meandering thoughts which repeat over and over in my head:


One obsessive thought with me (and probably billions of others is I think), is  “ How to have a world free of crime especially  cruelty and how to have a perfect world. Various ideas run though my head about this theme.


Causes of criminal behaviour: identify, eliminate and remove causes which foster the development of these behaviours or traits.


One way of going about this is to study children’s behaviour and development with close observation from the day they are born and identify at what point in their life, do they start showing undesirable behaviours such as cruelty, especially the type where a child seems to find it funny to see another child cry or enjoy teasing another child, knowing that the child is suffering. Identify when the child first starts lying, first starts being secretive…I know that being secretive is not wrong …what I mean is when traits such as slyness, lying, start showing up and developing. Study the factors which seem to be causing or helping the development of these behaviours or traits and see if these factors can be removed from the child’s environment.

I have observed the development of a few kids in my family and I have seen that initially the child (say from age 1 to 2 or 3years) seems to not realize that the other child is crying because it is hurt. The child is only interested in his/her needs i.e. the toy that the other child has and grabs it, oblivious to the other child’s crying. Later I have seen in some kids, hurting a child in anger such as when the other child snatches its toy away. Hurting the other child, especially a younger sibling out of jealousy especially when adults pay attention to the other child is another behaviour I have observed.

But one inexplicable behaviour I have observed is the child’s behaviour of making another child cry, for no apparent reason ….the only reason for making the child cry seems to be enjoyment i.e.   to laugh at the crying child. This is the behaviour I am talking of. What drives a child or adult to be cruel to another and remain indifferent to other’s sufferings. I am yet to see this child, who seems to show cruelty for no apparent reason, grow up. I am curious to see if he will change. His parents are trying their best to deal with it but have been successful to only a minimal extent. His parents of course are wonderful people, not cruel at all. His teachers, relatives, school are all blameless, at least with regard to the care of this child. So what is driving this child to be so cruel? Is it genetic? Biological ? Need for aggression? I am not sure.


Dealing with society’s ills is another major way of reducing crime in this world. But the task seems overwhelming to me, especially in high population countries with low motivation on parts of their corrupt governments to bring about changes.

I read the times of India daily online and feel deeply saddened and upset by the crimes I read. There seems to be so much cruelty, especially targeting women, children, the lower sections of society, who are the most vulnerable. I keep trying to analyze, what causes these crimes and I do come up with answers but what we need is not answers to the question WHY but solutions about prevention.


Many crimes seem to occur with appalling frequency and it bothers me that the police, the victims, the government do not seem to identify the patterns and take precautions to prevent these crimes.

Some of the crimes I have seen repeatedly and with definite patterns are:


Buildings under construction falling and killing labourers. Why is a study not made of the cause of these under construction building falling and preventive measure taken?


Sexual molestation of school children by the drivers of the vehicles they are travelling in.


Suicides and suicidal attempts by so many groups of persons: 10th standard children, 12th standard children, newly married women( dowry harassment is usually the cause), students in certain courses only , students from certain colleges or universities only, students of certain castes only.


Wives of alcoholics being killed by their husbands as they suspect her of infidelity or these wives commit suicides : It is a well known fact that alcoholics are brain damaged and suffer from alcoholic jealousy, paranoid illness, psychosis; it is also well known that relatives, especially the alcoholic’s relatives believe him and blame the wife for his drinking habits and join hands with the alcoholic in attacking the hapless woman. Yet, these cases are routinely reported in newspapers but no doctor or psychiatrist makes efforts to educate people and support these women. In fact, so many believe that the wife is sleeping around!


Committing suicide due to stomach ache is another repeatedly seen item in the newspapers especially the Deccan Herald! I cannot imagine why people commit suicide for stomach ache, unless ( I am sure it is) it is a cover-up of the real cause of suicide.


Accidents happening at the same spot over and over again and the government does not do anything to find out why accidents happen at that particular place? I remember that the one particular spot i.e. Byatarayanapura on the Hebbal Yelahanka road, which has taken the life of many many people, especially staff and students of the agriculture university, who would be travelling on 2 wheelers between the 2 campus i.e. the Hebbal campus and the GKVK campus.


The recent news is of people being attacked in the nights especially in areas near IT industries for money. Yet, the police and the government do nothing.


Death by gas cylinders bursting, cookers bursting, kerosene stoves bursting, are another set of repeated cause of injury & death. Yet, no one seems to make the efforts to see what caused these accidents to happen. Unless scientific, unbiased and ethical forensic investigations are done, these incidents will continue.





When I talk to people about these, issues, there is such a sense of helplessness. People are no longer even frustrated. They seem to be resigned and accepted these as ‘facts of life’ and simply move on, thanking that it is not of their family or of their loved ones.

The ones who want to fight things like injustice, corruption, crime have to have, endless patience!

 One person I know is a psychiatrist from NIMHANS. He has not given bribes in his life and was able to fight ( I know of one fight only) as he has the most valuable resource, i.e. time! He retired from NIMHANS and had to shift from NIMHANS quarters to his house. He did that and the telephone company had to shift his phone….which they did not do for 6 months as he refused to bribe them !

If one has to wait for 6 months to get a telephone transferred a distance of 3 kilometres, imagine how many fights one has to face to simply live in India…. Life would be one endless nightmare of frustrations, endless waits, not able to do anything as nothing gets done without bribes and other unsavoury machinations.

Birth certificate: Bribe

Visits to government hospitals: bribes ( Victoria hospital is one big nightmare but the poor have no choice)

Getting your driving licence: bribes

Getting into a school even if it is a nursery school for a 3 year old: Donations, running into lakhs of rupees.

Getting into a college: Donations (no receipts for these donations at school or college)

Getting a government job: You need ‘influence’ and give bribes or you need to belong to the reserved category to have a chance of getting the job. I have seen a cousin of mine, work without pay for two years at a school, in my village in order to be made, ‘permanent’. I am not sure he is getting paid or not, now, after many years or if he is working at a low salary.

If you are building a house, then, it is better you keep several lakh rupees for bribing people in the government for various processes such as registrations of the site, transfer of the site, getting electricity connection, water connection, sewage, etc.

It has become impossible for the common man to do anything dealing with the govt without giving a bribe.


My fingers are aching now. I will continue later! I am sure there are a million other places, where you have to give bribes. But these are the only ones I or my family have had experience of giving bribes or not getting the work done for refusing to give. My sister refused to pay for getting her birth certificate and she did not get it even after 2 visits!

I do not  own a site or house in Bangalore as I simply cannot go through the process of bribing and on top of everything, being ‘humble’, ‘polite’, ‘ingratiating’ to the guys I bribe. As you already know, if one is rude or curt, your work is not done, even if you have given the bribe ! You have to act ‘humble’, ‘grateful’, ‘sweet’, and then your work gets done ! I simply cannot go through that torture….especially after bribing! Once I bribe, I want to give the guy a piece of my mind, yell at him, humiliate him……Not humbly thank him with gratitude !

Another problem is that as I am a female, the guys do not ask for bribe but simply refuse to do the job. I think, if I was a male, they would quickly and clearly tell the amount and the work gets done. That is another thing with these guys ! They seem to be ashamed to ask a lady for a bribe, but will still not do it without a bribe ! ( I think they fear that men will start sending their wives to get the work done, if they do it …for women, without a bribe!) I know, that there are many women employees in government, but I have not encountered them. From, what I have heard, they too take bribes. Probably, they have no escape, as they have to pass, a part of the cut to their superiors.


Each time, I heard of someone in my family struggling to get a job (…where they have to interact with a government run office)done and then getting it done, only after bribing, I curse  the person who took the bribe….my curse is so vile, I don’t want to write it here, but then, my frustration is so severe! Even if my family are resigned and accept bribing as inevitable, I suffer with such severe frustration and impotent rage, that it affects my mental health!


Considering that the terrible inflation in India and the peanuts, my family and many other families are getting in pensions and salaries, how can these vile  government servants demand money from these already tightly stretched people?

Saturday, February 4, 2017


TV shows I enjoyed on Canadian netflex
Back off haters: American comedy(Oct 2016) I love this hilarious and over-the-top comedy!

Better call Saul-American show about a lawyer; it is  a prequel to Breaking bad , though it was made after breaking bad. I loved this show as it's different from typical shows about lawyers. I would give the main actor 5 out of 5. His acting's so amazing!
Black books: BBC show. I saw a bit of one episode. It's a comedy.

Black mirror: BBC show(I think it's BBC). Saw the first episode of season one i.e. National Anthem. It's so bloody dystopian, I did not see the rest of the episodes. I felt so uncomfortable seeing this., was torture! I watch TV to enjoy and to see a show which makes me miserable was like a non-refundable waste of two hours of my life!  
I forgot the title 'Black mirror' completely and when  in October 2016, Black mirror came along I thought it was a new show which I had not seen. I saw  Nosedive, one episode  and loved it though this too is dystopian in my opinion. When chatting with my sister about nosedive, she reminded me that I had disliked National anthem, another episode from the same show.

Blackstone:I saw one episode and not sure if I will see the rest..too depressing for me. But worth seeing to understand or get a glimpse of the native /Americans or native Indians on reserves, whom we never get to see or interact tough living in Canada/Toronto. The other shows where native Americans were I saw on netflex was Red road. I saw that fully but the show got cancelled after two seasons.
Bones: I have seen this on TV too.
Brooklyn 99: Comedy. I like this
Campus:BBC show. I loved this comedy especially the main character Andy Nyman! (August 2016). I recommend you see it!
Chewing gum.BBC. Season one-This is the first all-black-star comedy from UK that I have seen. I enjoyed it! What I really appreciate is that the actors are not all 'beautiful-in-the-conventional-sense'; I wish Indian movies and shows will broaden their concept of 'physical beauty' and give roles to great actors.

Conmen Case files: Documentary. I strongly recommend people see this, to learn to identify conmen and be safe.
Crossing lines: European crime fiction The crime happens across many countries.

Cuckoo: BBC show. 4 out of 5.  I laughed so much when I saw this! I loved the first season and saw all episodes in a couple of days. I started but did not complete watching  the second season as I dint find it as funny. The main character is Andy Samberg (Brooklyn 99) an American TV actor whose energy,  energizes me!(March 2016 when I saw this)
Death in paradise: BBC show set in a fictional Caribbean island, Saint Marie. (shot in Guadeloupe)I love this show. It's on in March 2016. I like the sunny island with the laidback holiday  atmosphere,  I love the looks of the Sara Martin, Everyone's acting is great, I enjoy the humor and the fact that it is different(place, culture, clothes, the simplicity of the police station and the low-key presence  of  technology to solve the crime). I enjoy the music in this show, which is different from the typical American crime shows I watch. I wonder if one of the reasons I am loving this show so much is because I am enduring the chills of the Canadian winter and seeing the blue skies, blue waters of the Caribbean sea makes me happy?

Department Q A conspiracy of faith: A crime TV show from Denmark. I did not like it. It's grim, no humour, , I don't believe such villains exist. (The motive for the crime is unbelievable!) 

Doctor Foster-BBC show// very nice// I saw the entire season in one sitting

Dreamland-Australian comedy. it's excellent! I would give this 5.5 out of 5
Father Brown-BBC crime show. I would give this 3 to 4 out of five. I like this because, it is gentle and such a welcome break from the current day crimes ! In the shows set in olden days, the crimes , even murders don't seem to be terrible and even the criminals don't seem to be as ruthless and bad as the ones in modern day crime! I love the old shows and the shows set in olden times for their gentleness and absence of ruthlessness and the presence of low levels of evil in the villains! I loved Barney Miller TV show too for it's gentleness. Gentleness in human behaviour is the one beautiful thing which is gradually vanishing from all recent TV shows and movies! In today's shows, the jokes to be funny are cruel; the villains cruelty and meanness is pushing the envelope beyond bearable limits. The crimes are so horrific and watching TV is not  enjoyable; I am forced to feel  unpleasant emotions too. Watching Barney Miller is such a feel good experience...I don't feel any of the unpleasant emotions while watching this show.
Fried: BBC comedy TV serial. One season. I enjoyed it!  
This is a bit like the Lunch Monkeys show of BBC.
Grounded for life: US. comedy. I enjoyed this show and saw a few episodes at a time, till I finished. I enjoyed the over-the-top acting of the teen of Lily but I wish Sean's character was a bit more toned down.
Homeland: One of my all time favorite shows which had me on the edge of my seat! Waiting and waiting for the next season.
House of cards: 5 out of 5 I was glued to this and finished all episodes in just a week! It's gripping, it's intelligent and makes you hate ALL politicians . Saw the 4th season in March 2016. Waiting and waiting for the next season.
How to get away with murder-2 out of 5
Inspector Morse:BBC crime.Nice but I wish it was shorter!
Jack Taylor-BBC, cop show. No humour. bleakish

Jessica Jones (Marvel comic heroine)-American crime I am seeing this because I saw Luke Cage, another Marvel comic character. (Oct 2016)
Lava field: Icelandic crime show. I saw it. No humour/bleak. not my type of show. I prefer the American shows as they are more dramatic and I like British shows as their screenplays are great. I dislike the intense reality of the European shows which makes them boring.

Life's too short-BBC show/comedy/I enjoyed this. 4 out of 5
Longmire: Set in Montana type state. cowboy-ish sheriff. old fashioned values and so I did not like it as much as I would have 25 years ago maybe. The lady, Vic ruined this show completely with her whiny acting. She dressed unlike what I expect a police officer should dress like, and I hated that. I hated her character so much, I have never felt this negative about a show de to one character!
Lunch monkeys: BBC comedy. I enjoyed it. This is a bit like the Fried BBC comedy.
Luke Cage: American show/crime/Based on marvel comic character. I like this show: A black character is the chief protagonist which is rare; I liked the script.
Marcella: BBC show/I saw the entire season. Not bad.  crime and main proto--t is a female.

Marseille:French show with English subtitles. One season. I saw it as I was at home sick and nothing better on TV available
Master of none: Saw a few episodes and stopped. I found this show annoying especially Ansari. It's amateurish  and I simply don't have the patience to see-the-show-and-appreciate-the good-and-forget-the bad!
Midsomer murders: One of my all time favorites. I have seen this show a few times! British. Great cast, lovely characters, great dialogue, lovely British villages and houses and cottages.
Misfits:BBC show/science fiction, humor, ?crime. I loved this amazingly creative, 'different', imaginative, interesting show. I have seen none of the actors in any other show; they are so talented. I loved the fantastic science-fiction plot, the humor of the dialogue, the unusual setting, the minimalism of the clothes and the bleakness of the setting.  I would rate this 5 of 5. I am sad that they dint make more seasons of this!
Occupied: A Norwegian political thriller. I am still to finish it; it's different from what I  usually see i.e. American shows. The pace is different, the acting is more realistic and the d├ęcor of the rooms is really lean. There is no humour in this; it is so serious and the characters seem a tiny bit 'boring" with nothing to make me thrilled.  I dont think I am going to finish seeing this. I am not blaming the makers of this's just not my cup of tea. My brain is so 'low brow' I prefer the pulp to classics ! This show is good but I am not good enough to enjoy this show!
Psych-comedy and crime-5 out of 5. I have seen this over and over again.
Red road: The first native American story based show. I liked it a lot  but it got cancelled after two seasons.
Santa Clarita Diet: American comedy.but macabre! I started watching because Timothy Olyphant is in it and I loved this guy from Justified, another wonderful show
Scott and Bailey-BBC female cop show. I enjoyed it. It's different from so many cop shows in many ways.

Skins:BBC.Seen the first episode. Not sure if I will see them all. I feel too old for this new age morality...or lack of!
Spotless: BBC crime show//Black comedy/June 2016 on Canadian netflex/I would rate it 4.5 out of 5. I got hooked to it and saw three to four episodes at a time. ( I saw it again and wondering why I got hooked to it first time and I don't find it  funny this time! Have I given this review because I thought it was something else?)
Still game-BBC comedy, not so funny but I saw all the episodes
Stranger things-Really good..weird and excellent acting by a little girl!
Suits: Lawyers. Nice. I mean, not just nice, It's great!
The code: Australian TV show//crime//I really liked it//sophisticated, yet simple. I would recommend people to see it.
The colony: Crime and science fiction set in Los Angles. But it did not hold my attention at all and I have stopped watching it for now. I think it would be more convincing if it was  in a different country for example one of the iron curtain countries instead of in Los Angles , USA!
The divide: Crime//set in Philadelphia//good//
The job -comedy-I would rate it 5 out of 5 I have seen each episode at least 10 times. It's my comfort show!
The fall (Crime set in Belfast) Not seen it fully
The Moodys:Comedy. Australian. Nice. But did not see all the episodes
The Red road about Lenape Indians of New Jersey. Saw 2 seasons and waiting for them to do more 
The 70s show-comedy. I am loving this!(I have seen this on TV ages ago, but seeing it again now)
Trailer Park boys: The first few seasons are nice but it gets worse and worse. It's Canadian comedy
Trapped :Icelandic. crime. no humour, grim and bleak
Twentyfour: One of the best, edge of the seat, thrilling shows I have had the good luck to enjoy in my life!
Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt-4 out of 5
Vexed-comedy-I would rate it 5 out of 5. I have seen each episode at least five times and I absolutely adore the second episode of second season. This too is my comfort show!(Like comfort food if you know what I mean)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

MOVIES IN ENJOYED ON CANADIAN NETFLIX (and maybe a few from movies form movie theatres and other networks)

Movies I enjoyed on Canadian net flex

A bigger splash. This is an unusual movie. I saw it as it was set in some remote part of Italy and it reminded me of  the granite rich rural parts of Tumkur district.  The story is different from the run of the mill commercial movies.

A walk among the tombstones-I saw this as Liam Neeson is there and I like this actor.

About a boy-I had seen this years ago in theatre and I love this so much I have seen it thrice despite my ADD

Alleycats: British movie. Crime. Not great.

Ambushed : Crime. I don't know why I saw it...maybe because I had nothing better to do.



Bad company-comedy/crime it was okay

Bad neighbours: comedy/American. Okay. not great.

Best laid plans: Not great. I saw because Reese Witherspoon was in it.

Blue jasmine-black comedy, I really liked this(realistic)

Blue streak: Comedy. Liked it though it's not the funniest movie I have ever seen. (Feb 2017)

Before I disappear.(saw on Mar 16 2016) I liked this,,,different type of movie , not the usual commerical type

Broken city: Action. Nice. I saw the full movie as I like both the main characters (Whalberg and Crowe)(April 2016)



Calvary: British(?Irish) movie. Not to be missed. As a therapist, I really found this very thought-provoking and questioning myself and the work I do.
Casino: Good movie; violent but excellent acting and you understand how a Las Vegas casino works. Robert De Nero is great and also Sharon Stone. The direction and screenplay is good despite the violence(Scorsese)

 Clean skin- I saw this as I like the main guy. It's not at all fun for me  for me to see endings like this!
Couple retreat: Comedy. I enjoyed this. I like all the actors in this and though not very very funny, it was pleasant.

Crimson tide-  I think I saw this but not sure!



Dead man down-As I am making this list, I am not sure if I saw it fully or not. But I sort of like this Colin Farrell and so I assume I have seen it.

Department Q: A conspiracy of faith: Danish movie. Crime, Not my cup of tea: no humour, bleak, nothing new, Needlessly gory. By needless, I mean, I cant believe people can commit such crimes for such reasons...not convincing reasons for the crime(wasted my time seeing this in Feb 2017)

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy-Indian movie, set in pre-independence Calcutta. I keep using this phrase, 'it's different' but I mean it every time I use it! This movie to me was different from the usual Bollywood movies. I saw it out of's about an Indian Dhoti-clad PI, in pre-independence India!

Django unchained-This movie's review did not sound great but I loved this!

Down periscope: a comedy. Nice

Drive-action thriller. I fell in love with this actor (Ryan Gosling) and so I loved this movie I think!



Eagle eye-Not great but saw it fully

Extraction:British movie



Fool's gold. I have fantasized about finding treasure my entire life and so I saw this comedy, action. Not so great but I saw it fully.

Footloose- I loved this movie, though it seemed a bit slow for today.

Four brothers-action ..okay. I like to see movies with Walberg and so I saw this.

Four Christmases: comedy. Nice. I love both Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.



Gone baby gone-crime. Okay



Hackers-crime. angelina jolie is young in this. Okay. not great.

Hangover-comedy. I saw it as I had liked the show Bored to death and that actor was in this movie. This is okay.

Harold and Maude- I cant explain why, but I loved this movie!

Hit and run-action comedy. it was okay(I dont like the main actor much though he acted well and all that)

Hollywood homicide-action comedy. I liked it.

Homefront:US movie

Horrible bosses-2.  US movie, funny, I enjoyed it.



I give it a year: British comedy. Nice

Identity thief-comedy, I liked this one

Inherent vice: I enjoyed it especially the ambience, the photography, the people in it. But I cannot say I understood it! I had to read the plot on Wikipedia after I saw the movie to make some sense of it! This is like an Indie movie...If Indie is what I think it means!

Irrational man-different from mainstream movies. Nice



John Wick. Saw this movie. Not great at all. Why did I sit through it?

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park 2 i.e. tTe lost world
Jurassic Park 3
Saw all three of the above movies in January 2017 and loved all three of them





Let's be cops-comedy, juvenile



Marauders: Crime. I saw it because Bruce Willis s in it. Not great.

Meet the Patels: I never see Indian movies if I can help it and I saw this! It's not the usual Bollywood movie, I can promise you!

MI-5: British movie/okay/not my cup of tea/no humour.(June 2016 on netflex)

Misconduct: crime. American.not a great movie. I saw it because of Bruce Willis.

Miss India America: Movie made in USA about Indians in USA. comedy. I saw as it's Indians in America. It's just okay. Not great at all.

Matador -action comedy 3 out of 5

Mud: I enjoyed this movie a lot. I was put off by the photo and din’t see it for ages but I am glad I saw it.



Ninetynine homes: Movie about the housing bubble burst in USA. Everyone in USA who were involved in buying houses at the time should see it

Nonstop:American thriller 

Notting Hill-British romance. really nice!

Now you see me





Paperboy: I liked it .

Paranoia: thriller: 2013. Dint like it much but saw it fully

Precious cargo: Okay

Prime-comedy/romantic 3of 5

Prisoner-action, crime. It's sad and torturous for me. I saw it fully but I prefer it were less sad.



Quills-Not to be missed. a movie about Marquis De Sade in prison.



Rage: I saw half and gave up...meaningless violence!

Red: Action & comedy. Nice. I saw it fully which means, it did hold my attention for the full duration!

Red 2: I enjoyed this one too! I love Bruce Willis and his smile and understated sort of acting!
Redirected: British crime movie set in Lithuania. Not great (but something about it kept me watching it till the end) but I saw it. I need to be psychoanalyzed to check out why I see these movies!

Ride along: I would rate this 2 to 3 out of 5; funny. saw it in April 2016

Rock the Kasbah: American comedy set in Afghanistan. Okay

Romancing the stone. Is a sequel to The jewel of the Nile. Both are romantic comedies.
Run all night- Liam Neeson is the reason I saw this crime movie. Not a great movie.



Salt:Angelina Jolie's. Not great.


sex ed-I can’t imagine why I saw this! I am not sure if I saw the whole thing or stopped halfway

Sex and the city-part 2

Shooter-action, crime. I saw it fully as the chief actor (Whalberg) holds one's attention. But the movie itself, is not great for me

Sleeping with the enemy

Smokey and the bandit: I enjoyed this old fashioned comedy of 1977.

Supertroopers-I saw this comedy, which indicates, there is still a part of me which is juvenile, immature and teenagerish!

Supremecy-everyone should see this movie. 



The art of the steal Comedy/crime

The best exotic marigold hotel-saw it. comedy. I saw it as it has India in it

The big short_everyone who was impacted by the US 2008 crash should see this

The equalizer: Action/crime/American. I enjoyed this...I liked the fact that spoiler alert if you read more (he does so much for a stranger and she has no idea how much he's done for her.)

The interview-comedy. the best parts are shown in the trailer. this is not at all a great movie. I can’t imagine, why so much hype was there about this.

The jewel of the Nile :American movie and the sequel Romancing the stone..romantic comedies with Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner

The holiday-I enjoyed this gentle British movie

The hunt for red October.I saw this 1990 movie in 2015. So I found it a bit too slow. If I had seen it in 1990, I am sure it would have been fast-paced and exciting for me! The movies and sows are becoming so amped up that the old ones don’t hold out attention now....though they were great at the time

The Lincoln lawyer: I enjoyed this movie! It has Mathew Mc...y whose acting  I really like. crime and authored by Michael Connelly whose books I have read and enjoyed. (Feb 2017)


The lobster- Am amazing dystopian movie!

The lookout: French movie/thriller

The November man: crime. action. I enjoyed it.

The numbers station-not great. I dont know why I saw this!

The place beyond the pines-This too has Ryan Gosling and lot of similarities to the movie Drive. There is something so understated about this guy, he simply stole my heart!

The sitter--comedy for teenagers. I saw the whole thing. 

The vanishing: Crime. A waste of my time! The reason I saw it is because of Sandra Bullock and Keifer Sutherland. I am discovering that I dislike these psychological thrillers i.e. where a crackpot commits crimes. I am a psychologist and I simply don't see these kind of twisted, clever, killer-type people. I don't believe such cracks pots exist and I hate that these movies are produced!

The wave: Norwegian movie. It has the most boring script ever. Everything my screenplay writing teacher told me not to there in this script! It was so flat, the dialogue was like something written for grade one kids. Yet, I saw the movie fully which means there must have been other good things in this movie.  Nature provides all the drama in this movie. Definitely not  the script or the people.

The wedding ringer: Comedy. I enjoyed it.
This is where I leave you...comedish...offbeat and nice

Too late -this movie is different..artsy...I liked it

Trailer Park boys-dont legalize it (not seen it fully yet)

Turner and Hooch: I loved this movie! comedy/crime and not stupid comedy like we see in recent times. It's about an obsessive compulsive detective and a massive dog.

Twentyone jump street-action, comedy. a part of me is still juvenile I think, else I would not have finished this movie

Two guns-comedy, Not sure if I saw the whole movie or a part of it



Unfinished business: I enjoyed this movie on a flight; it's on netflex too



Wedding crashers: comedy. I enjoyed it. I saw it only as Vince Vaughn was in it.

What just happened -comedy. really unique and different from most commercial movies. I am so glad I saw this! Robert De Niro is the main character in this one







Zoolander-American comedy. I enjoyed this