Saturday, April 30, 2016

My cat's new behaviour

I walk my cat on a leash in my backyard in summer months. A few weeks ago, i.e. April (2016) the sun was bright in the sky and the birds and squirrels could be seen and heard in my backyard.  Seeing & hearing all this, my cat meowed asking me to take it out....but the temperature was actually too low to step out.

For the first time, I put videos-for-cats-on U-tube so that it could watch this instead. My cat jumped up on the TV stand, and watched the show, believing the animals and birds in the TV were real! It followed the birds on the screen, it's head moving this way and that. It scratched the TV screen trying to get the bird. It even stood up and with it's front paws on the top of the TV, searched behind for the birds! And for a few tense moments, m cat, jumped and sat on top of the TV, wobbling till I rushed to lift it off the TV! The TV's just too narrow for it to stand on!

Within a couple of days, it started jumping on top of the TV stand, and meowing (at 6 or 6.30am when I am still in bed). I would then switch on the TV and go to UTube for it's videos of birds, cats, squirrels, dogs and so on. Now my cat's gone a step does not mew...It looks at the TV and then looks at me. So I have to 'obey' and on the U-Tube. Now I have discovered cat games on utube i.e. a video of a rat running and my cat jumps at it; also a thread goes all over the screen and my cat tries to follow it, catch it, and so on.

When I put a video of a set of lion cubs, my cat tried to paw the screen at them; when the daddy lion was on the screen, almost into the camera, my cat stopped pawing and watched from the edge of it's far from the TV without falling off!

Now,  my first job on waking is not checking my computer for FB & emails or making tea.  My first job is going to U-Tube for my cat's entertainment.  I am sort of liking this. Watching happy videos of animals and birds  as soon as I wake beats reading sad news, beats checking for emails which never arrive from friends or seeing the same-old, same-old stuff on FaceBook.

August 2016:My cat's lost interest completely in the cat videos. It has not asked me to switch on the TV for many weeks now. Even if it asks and I put the cat videos on, it barely watches for a few seconds and stops.

Another behaviour of my cat which lasted a few months or years and is now extinct was it's habit of scratching the sofa to get our attention when we come down the stairs or enter the house.

Another observation of my cat's behaviour is that it becomes very frisky after it has pooped. It runs around suddenly and enjoys if I give it chase then. If outside, it runs and tries to escape from me. It did get away from me once and it ran into my neighbour's garden and from there to the next house! The burst of energy lasts only a short while. I wonder why? Does it feel relieved after pooping and expresses relief by running about?
Another behaviour is of stalking things in the garden. I have seen it pounce on mice and bring them to me or somewhere near me and drop it. But the mice are usually alive and escape and my cat gives chase. I have never seen my cat kill or eat a mouse.


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