Thursday, February 3, 2011

Methi Chappati Recipe

Methi Chapati recipe

Wheat flour: 3 cups
Methi(Fenugreek leaves) greens: 1 bunch
Fresh ginger: about 50 grams
Tamarind: (size of a medium lemon) or Aamchur(Dry mango powder): one tablespoon
Salt: one table spoon
Green chilli: 4
Vegetable Oil: to roast the chappatis
Water:To mix the dough

Clean the Methi leaves i.e. take the leaves from the stems and rinse the leaves thoroughly and set aside.
Wash ginger, grate or cut into chunks and set aside.
Put the methi leaves, ginger,green chillis, salt and tamarid/aamchur into mixer and grind until coarsely ground.
Mix this mixture into the wheat dough and knead thoroughly.
The dough is ready to be made into chappatis.

These chapattis can be eaten hot or cold; alone or with curds, chutney powder, ghee, butter, Indian pickles or jam. I like it best with pickle; I  also enjoy it with  chutney powder mixed in curds.

Variations: The methi leaves can be fine-chopped with hands than put into mixer.
Red chilli powder can be used instead of green chilli. (Some complain of acidity using green chilli and prefer red chilli powder). Quantities of methi, ginger, tamarind can be varied depending on preferences.

The dough can be refrigerated and used over a week.

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