Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bata Shoe Museum

I visited the Bata Shoe Museum at the corner of St.George and Bloor in Toronto, today. It is a nice enough museum (though not worth the 14 $ they charge). There were interesting exhibits including shoes worn by Chinese women (tiny,m tiny shoes!), shoes made of reeds and grass form ancient times, jewelled shoes of the rich from India, and many opther shoes and slippers from different ages, continents, people and  ages.

How would I improve this museum?

 Put in stuff about stockings & socks;

stuff about the variety of footwear one person needs today...bedroom slippes, bathroom slippes, summer sandals, beach sandals, winter boots, ski shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, dress shoes, etc.

A little more about the footwear industry in the world today, the various companies, the budget people spend on shoes, the models, the trends, the various professions involved in teh footwear industry, the future trends, etc.

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