Monday, September 24, 2012

DD in Canada and India

I have worked with the DD i.e. developmentally delayed(previously called mentally retarded) in India and Canada. There are a lot of differences between the DD of India and DD of Canada.
When the IQ of the DD from India and Canada the same, the behaviour and skills is not the same. The DD from Canada are superior to teh DD from India in the way they talk, think, behave and the skills they possess.
Here are a few differences i have observed and later I have discussed teh possible reasons for this difference.

A guy with borderline level intelligence from Canada reads various crime fiction such as those by Stephen King, Linwood Barclay and so on. Normal (i.e. no diagnosis of developmental delay) high school and PUC students I have met in India would or could only read the comic Tinkle! They did not read anything apart from Tinkle and thier text books. A young Canadian lady wiht mild DD reads romantic novels usually read by teenaged females and young women. I have hardly seen any  developmentaly delayed in India reading unless it was compulsory.

While the DD in Canada, who have ADHD or are dyslexic, do not read;  the DD of India who are not dyslexic also avoid reading.

I have seen both the Indian and Canadian mildly DD working and earning. There is not much difference in their abilities to do manual, repetitive and simple jobs with a few simple steps such as working in the retail industry (stacking boxes, packing, moving items) or hotel industry such as washing dishes, mopping the floor, sweeping, etc. But there is a difference in the way they do the work. While the Canadian does the work and can articulate clearly why he has to do something, the Indian simply does what he has been taught or told and has no understanding why he is doing something. A Canadian worker will explain that he has to wipe the table with a disinfectent so that the germs on the table will be removed and we will not get diseases. The Indian DD worker, will not be able to articulate why he is using the disinfectent. he will mostly say that he ws told to do so by the owner or that he will be punished if he does not use the disinfectent.

The Canadians with DD have a sense of style and will spend their megere money on going to the beauty parlour to get thier nails done or whatever. I have not seen this among the DD in India except if they are from rich families. The DD who show some interest in dressing well are


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