Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When one looks at the thefts in India and Maslow's hierarchy of needs, one realizes how  most Indians are still  struggling   at the bottom rung of this hierarchy. It is unlikely the majority of Indians  will ever have the time, energy to strive towards the stuff at the top rungs of this hierarchy.

 The air in most cities is pretty polluted and falling sick;
there is a shortage of adequate housing and all the socio-psycho-economic-health-moral/ethical problems associated with crowding;
there is a severe shortage of drinking water in several parts of India and this problem is getting worse with the increase in population, failure of monsoons, depletion of ground water & poor storage of rain water;
Food shortage is severe in those sections of society who are economically deprived i.e. about 30-50% of the population.
Sexual crimes against women and children are horrendeously high in India, though most are  unreported due to the stigma and further victimization of the victims by society.

Sleep seems to be the only basic need which is not a major issue in India!


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