Friday, March 1, 2013


Watching Kiefer Sutherland's 24 since the past one week.
It is the most addictive serial I have ever seen! ( I think I told the same for The Wire...but this is probably more addictive than The Wire.)
I was so tense while watching the show and could not resist going from one episode to the next for several episodes at a stretch. I tried to control myself and ration it i.e. see one episode a day but could not control myself! I saw the entire season one in 2 -3 days!

Then, I promised myself that I will not see the next season as it is so addictive and because watching one season eats up nearly 24 hours of my time! But within a week of finishing the first,  I started watching  the second season !

 I  now understand what drug users go through when they are off drugs!

I am so tense while watching  '24' that I cant say I am "enjoying" this show.
  I look away during some scenes (very few) which disturb me intensly.
There is no joy, laughs, happiness, peace or contentment on any sort of plesant emotion  when I watch this show.
 It is one hour of unberable the end of an episode you are still tense as you are worried and want to know what happens next..which if you do, once again, it reduces the tension by letting you know what happens next and leaves you tense again by....

23rd April
Saw the 8th and last season .  I cannot describe  how much I admire the writer/s of this show.
Watching one of the characters, Logan, I realized that the multi-layerd, complex nuances  in this character  will not be seen in  Indian tv or films in the next hundred years! I could not guess what drove this guy...was he driven by 'good' or driven y' bad' motives?  Dear God! When oh when will Indian filsm become more subtle and nuanced and stop being so crass! so over-acted. when will teh characters stop being either good or evil....without nuances???

I am definitly 'not' enjoying this show.......... But watching it...I am !


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