Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My question to and

I tried to buy toys on and requested that it be mailed to India. But I got the message, "Sorry. Cannot be shipped to this address".

I then tried to buy the same product on But my credit card was declined.

I hope I will be able to shop in and my Canadain credit card is accepted or I hope the will ship to India.

I feel sorry that I am unable to send Indian  children these amazing toys(Meccano sets) not found ANYWHERE in Bangalore.

I can afford them, I have the willingness to buy them, but this unfortunate glitch prevents my dear friends from having these toys. In Toronto, I cannot find people visiting India so that I could send the toys through them.
In USA, it's easy to find, almost all through the year, friends who visit Bangalore, and I could ask them to deliver these toys.
Buying the toys in Toronto and shipping to India is terribly expensive! It's a pity that Canada post is so expensive.
I cannot afford to travel to India as often as I want to...or I could take these toys there myself.

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