Friday, July 1, 2016

Native American Art from the West Coast of Canada and USA

 The above totem poles are in Stanley Park of Vancouver of BC in Canada, These totem poles are tall, beautifully carved and painted and each figure has a meaning. If you ever visit Vancouver, please dont miss the museum of anthropology in the University of British Columbia. They have an amazing collection of Native American art and also tribal art from all over the world. They have the most beautiful masks from all over the world and you should visit this museum.

Below is Native American art work on metal in Vancouver BC

Below are the art work of native americans in the museum of anthropology in University of British Columbia.

Below is a famous Haida artist's huge sculpture detailing the story of the origin of man in the world according to the Haida/native american mythology. I have taken a few photos of one sculpture from different angles to capture as many aspects of the sculpture and story. One cannot see the whole sculpture in a single photo. I had to walk round the sculpture to see the different elements of the story depicted.

 I am not sure if the above is native american or Haida art work!

 above is a man-hole cover with native american art work on a street in Seattle
 I dont think this mural on wall is native american art work...but I am not deleting ...just in case it is native art work!

 Below is art work/Graffiti depicted on wall in west coast of USA (forgot if it's in Seattle or elsewhere)

 Below is Native American art in depicting sports groups? Seen on wall of tunnel while driving

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