Monday, December 19, 2011

The working of a thief's mind... A True Story.

Two weeks ago (November-December 2011) a friend of mine was returning from Mysore and got off the bus at Mysore road to take an auto to go home. He flagged down the only auto around then, which had 2 guys sitting in the driver's seat; he protested this and  then the  driver assured him that the other guy was his friend and that he would be in the auto only for a short distance. As it was late in the  night and  there being  no other autos in sight, my friend got in……. against his better judgement.
After a short distance, the driver's 'friend' came and sat at the back with my friend ; and then the driver drove off the route into  a narrow gully and stopped the auto. What ever you are  anticipating with dread, my dear reader, happened. The driver and his pal, threatened my friend and asked him to hand over his wallet. My friend quietly did what he was told  and then asked  the two blackguards, “How am I to get to my home now? I have nothing”.
Upon hearing  this, the driver  handed over  one hundred rupees and  sped away!
This incident makes me wonder about Bangalore criminals…….

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