Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to bring around reluctant parents to your side:True story

A young lady from a conservative south Indian family is currently going out with a young Indian man from another south Indian conservative family....but unfortunately he is  not of the same sub-caste, caste, language or region. Neither of the two young people have told their parents(yet) about their interest in getting married and are waiting(it's too long a story to write here about what they are waiting for) to break the news to their parents.

I suggested to the young lady that her beau should, at  first, take a Lisbeth Salander look-alike home and introduce her to his parents as his friend.

Then, he should take her home. His parents would  be so relieved  that their son is not marrying the Lisbeth Salander look-alike, that they would welcome her with open arms.

The young lady laughed at this suggestion and then told me that this suggestion had already been tried....by a Vietnamese friend of hers.

 Her Vietnamese pal  was born in Vietnam but grew up in the US. She had a Caucasian boy-friend whom she wanted to marry but knew that her parents wanted her to marry  a Vietnamese boy.  

 She came up with a plan and started hanging out with a burly American youth  whom she invited home often. Her parents were anxious and worried to see her hanging out with this burly guy but din't say much.
After a month of hanging out with the burly guy, she brought her true boy-friend home and introduced him to her parents. They were so pleased (relieved?) to meet this guy that they  did not raise a single  objection when she married him.

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