Friday, March 2, 2012

The wire:Television series

 I was exploring books and television series and anything set in Baltimore simply because  I had a relative living in Baltimore and I wanted to know more about it. It was during this search that I discovered The Wire, a mind-blowing television series, set in Baltimore, Maryland. 

I bought the complete series(5 seasons) and saw it. All I can say is WOW!

Honestly, I cant say I enjoyed the show.....I admired the show's intelligence, depth, subtexts,dialogues,  acting, etc, etc, etc . But the emotions I experienced more than enjoyment were tension, fear, shock, anger, sympathy and sometimes a laugh or two.  The brutality shocked me and I had vivid nightmares during some of  the  nights I saw this show.
Of course, I did read up on The Wire  in Wikipedia and other webpages  and I shall not repeat that here. I am only sad that I do not have anyone to discuss ! My husband refuses to watch it and no one else I know has seen it.
The Wire is so good that it  can be used in universities and colleges to  teach so many subjects...sociology, psychology, political science/politics, economics, anthropology and so much more.

My dream is that  some Indian genius will do a similar television serial in India. There is plenty of material to make a similar show in India...the human trafficing, corruption in the government offices and corruption in politicians and in elections, the caste systems and it's evils, the communal riots, the list goes on.
The main  objection I have to Indian shows (at least the Kannada ones) now  is the clear cut divide between  good and bad characters in the movies or shows! There is no gray; only Black and White! The hero is all good and the villan is all bad.
The current  Indian/Kannada television serials, seem to be suitable for people with IQs of 70 and below.

The Wire  is the best but not the most enjoyable television series I have seen
American  Politicians, Police, Teachers, Policy makers and others who truly care about Americans should see this show and learn. I certainly learnt a lot. The Wire has changed many of the simplisitc notions and solutions I had in mind about the various ills in American society. Sad to say, it also killed what little  hope I had for the human race!

 I hope any of you reading this, see this show. What you learn, is definitely worth, the stress of watching this show. And please see it in sequence, so that it makes sense.

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