Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26th 2012. Morning 7.30am in Toronto.

It's cold.(7 degree celcius). And cloudy. Just had my coffee. It is one of those rare occasions when my husband made the morning coffee instead of me!
I am in bed.  Under a rug. Reading an old Chase (Mission to Venice). And enjoying the moment!
I pause now and then  to look out of the window and see three trees whose branches are  laden with  white flowers: the pear tree, the cherry blossom and the crab apple tree. I can see a few trees in the valley below that are still brown and leafless while many others  are sporting new leaves with the lovely fresh lime-green hue.
Husband has left to work. I too have to leave  in an hour's time. Meanwhile I am enjoying this heaven.....
It's a grey, cold day outside.  I am  warm & cosy, snuggled up in a bed inside.....with a nice book for company. The cat's lying by me, half asleep..half awake. There is silence in the house, except for the low hum of vehicles passing through the valley below.
Blissful Solitude. 

PS:  I have read 'Mission to Venice' long ago. Thanks to my terrible  memory, I have forgotten it almost fully. And now, I am savouring the pleasure of reading my favorite author again.
Rereading favorites, as if for the first time, is the one bright side to having a poor memory!

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