Friday, February 2, 2018

What I love photographing in Toronto.

  • The changing look of the trees in the different the Don Valley,  High Park and so many other places.
  • The waters in several places where the rivers are flowing....Don river, Humber river and so on
  • The Toronto skyline from the island and also from the city
  • The people of Toronto especially those kids in Goth style on Queen ..i.e. near teh stretch of Queen near Spadina. The stylish looking folks on   on Bloor street near Younge; and the homeless with interesting placards, the sex trade workers on the Younge street which runs south of Bloor .
  • I also like photographing the designer shops decor on Bloor(west of Younge) which changes every season
  • The scores of modern sculptures outside many buildings all over Toronto
  • The interesting Graffiti on the downtown walls and the paintings
  • The ads for plays, music gigs, film feastivals, the posters, the photoes, the witty graffiti lampooning the politicians...they are so creative!
  • The interesting rocks and concrete and bricks smoothened by the Lake Ontario...on the shores
  • the fog in fall when it makes the street lights and trees look eerie
  • the icicles at the edge of roofs
  • the historic buildings of brick and red stone in downtown Toronto
  • the museums and whatever's inside
  • the exhibition, the summer feastivals, the

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