Friday, February 2, 2018

Cherry blossoms at High park, Toronto, May 5th 2013

There are about a dozen or so Cherry Blossom Trees by the lake in High Park. They were in full bloom in the first week of May. On Sunday, May 5th, there were several people, photographing and enjoying the Cherry Blossoms.

I enjoyed my time at High Park. But one thing at High Park bugged me:

People plucking the flowers from the trees….some were putting the cherry blossoms in their hair and posing for photos; some were pulling out the smaller branches of the cherry blossom tree and giving it to their kids. Why do people pluck these blossoms? Why can’t they leave them on the trees?

 I am not being racist here but none of the people who plucked the flowers were Caucasians…..the people plucking the flowers were either south east Asians(Indians like me and India’s neighbours) and Oriental looking people…people from far east maybe. Maybe Canadian parks need to post signs such as  “Please do not pluck the flowers”.  Since people do not have common sense enough or civic sense enough to leave the flowers alone, the government needs to invest in these signs.

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