Friday, April 19, 2013

My cat sits on a table in the mudroom and watches the birds and squirrels all through spring, summer & fall.
  And last night, I forgot to check if my cat was still out there in the mud-room. I assumed it had come back into the house  ....ergo, I shut and locked the mudroom door on my poor little kitty-kat ; Alas!  My poor, sweet, unlucky kitty ended up spending the entire night in this unheated mud-room  in dreadful sub-zero temperature!(Night of 18th April 2013  in Toronto)
I let the poor thing in, only when I heard it i.e. when I came down to the kitchen at 7am!   Needless to say, I was full of guilt and remorse when it rushed indoors!

As soon as the kitty came in I chased it and it ran under the table...we began our usual games of chase, hide & seek and ball chase. 

 My cat had, in less than a minute,  forgotten the entire miserable night it spent in the cold
 it had forgiven me completely!

This incident made me wonder  why  life with people cant be this simple..
When  people are wronged, why cant they forget, forgive and move on?
Why do we carry anger & grudges  about the wrongs  done us and continue to suffer loooooong after we were wronged  ? Why can't we simply let the past go? Why cant we forget the past and enjoy the present? Life would be so much nicer for humans  if we could  forget the past sufferings and focus on enjoying the current blessings.
And also, when the person who hurt has has forgotton and is enjoying life, is it not stupid for us to suffer by storing the anger and hurt in us and suffering, over and over again over something from the past...and ruining the present too.....Time which could have been spent happily is ruined by brooding

If humans could get over the wrongs  done to them with miraculous speed my cat.... life would be one big blast !

PS: For a few days after this incident, my cat would keep looking towards me from the mud-room, as if  afraid of being locked out again!

Some more days later,  it has started watching  the garden ...with undivided attention. I suppose it no longer worries about being locked out! 

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