Friday, February 13, 2015


Michael Genelin's Commander Jana Matinova series are the only crime fiction books from Slovekia that I have read. I enjoyed them.

Frankly or should I say, "I-am-ashamed-to-say,  I was not even aware of this country called Slovekia  until recently!

The books I read are:
Dark dreams  2009
Siren of the waters 2009
The magician's accomplice 2011
Requiem for a gypsy 2012
For the dignified dead 2015 (Discovered this existed in 2018 Jan and yet to read it. But also discovered that it's not in the public library of Toronto and so I doubt if I can read it. But who knows...good luck may smile on me! I have just now sent an email requesting them i.e. the library to buy this book)

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