Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Different book for different moods AKA Comfort books

One reason I don't get rid of books I finished is because I re-read them. Some people read a book from start to finish and then start another.  I read many books at the same time... I read one book  at work while having my lunch, one on the ride to work, another at the dining table.

I read  new books and the ones I have already read several times!
It is the ones I have read before that I need for my varying moods. I wish I could describe my moods and thoughts better but trying to define my moods is like trying to pin down an eel. Yet, I have tried to write what books I feel like reading at certain times, places, moods.

Traveling through the green Pennsylvania in summer, I always feel a craving to read some books by James Hadley Chase(I will add the names of the specific books later). I cannot explain why. For some reason, the long quiet roads with hardly any people, remind me of scenes from some of his books.

Traveling through California,  especially the road to Yosemite, with dry hills covered by yellow grass,  makes me want to read my one and only set of westerns i.e. Sudden series by Oliver Strange and Fredrick.H.Christian.

When I am extremely upset by yet another financial disaster created by my close relative, I read the Adrian Mole diaries (the ones where he's an adult). Those novels are the only things which lighten my dark mood!  I feel so good to know there's someone, who's more stupid than my relative! Even if that someone is a fictional one!

Reading the Archy McNally series by Lawrence Sanders lightens my mood and relieves me when I am feeling frustrated. While Archy's shenanigans are quite mood elevating, it is the Binky Watrous's naivet√©  which really makes me feel better...Once again, I feel better knowing there are people as foolish or more foolish than the ones I know and love/related to!

To feel  the adrenalin rush, I need to read certain  books by authors such as Jassy Mackenzie, Deon Myer, Malla Nunn, Tom Rob Smith, Linwood Barclay, Harlan Coben (except Coben's Mickey Boliter series which I dint like), Michael Connelly,etc(this list of adrenalin-books is quite big)

Books with bleak stories, bleak moods, bleak characters seem to be the precise recipe for some days. On other days, when I am feeling merry, I would not touch these books!  I don't know what I mean when I say bleak; let me tell the books and you can decide . For this mood, I read books such as  Child 44 and The secret speech by Tom Rob Smith. I may read some of the Wallender series by Henning Mankell.

In spring and summer, I have a craving to read the books I read in my childhood, even if it's pretty childish to read them now. These could be children's adventures, classics such as To kill a mocking bird, some books by Charles Dickens, the abridged version of The lost horizon by James Hilton.

For a certain other type of mood, I enjoy the Rostinokov series by Stuart M Kaminsky. I really wish I could describe the mood but I suppose some moods can only be felt and not retold or described!

Though I get this intense craving to read these books, once I do start reading, I don't finish. I read in bits and pieces until I lose interest completely. It is only sometimes that I read a book from start to finish. I would like to figure out why I get this intense  craving which disappears after just a few pages of reading.

Switching from books to TV shows, I have similar cravings. After I see a show which I enjoyed but also found to be quite disturbing either because of the violence or the extreme lack of ethics, I NEED to see a show to reduce my sense of disturbance. So, after seeing an episode of a show like 'The house of cards' or 'house of lies', I need to see an episode of a show like Denis Leary's  'The job'. I have seen 'The job" many times but still find it amazingly good and an amazing mood elevator for me!

After I learnt what 'comfort food' means,  I decided to make a list of my own comfort books and comfort TV shows. These are shows I see over and over again, as I feel good when I watch them.
My comfort TV shows are:
The job: This is my current favorite. It is simply so perfect!
The Rockford files
Republic of Doyle
Reno 911..I love this show and laugh a lot. My sister is disturbed that I love this show!
Bob's burgers
Bored to death
Brooklyn 99
Happily divorced This was one show which is so damn pleasant! It may rate as 'average' on many parameters but it is one hell of a comfort show
It's always sunny in Phil...
Just shoot me
Raising Hope

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