Thursday, April 23, 2015


A touch of Frost-British crime/nice
Absolutely fabulous-comedy/BBC/worth buying and seeing repeatedly!
Ambassadors : comedy. Sort of black comedy. I like this. But only 3 episodes on Canada net flex as of April 2015
An idiot abroad-one episode only set in India. I saw a bit of India but not my cup of tea. So I am not going to see all the episodes.
Anger management-comedy. Saw a few episodes and lost interest
American dad-cartoon comedy.nice
Arrested development-nice-comedy
Black mirror:This is a BBC show; I saw one episode and it was so bloody uncomfortable for me to finish it . I hated it (it's brutal, depressing, dark, etc) and it ruined my mood for a long while. I am addicted to the 'feel good', happy ending comedies and I simply don't have what it takes to see this type of stuff! This is NOT a show for enjoyment! It is so Dystopian(at least the first episode I saw) that it stretches and adds more to the word Dystopian! 
Blackish-comedy. One of the few almost all black shows I have seen. I sort of like it but not enough to take care to see all the episodes.
Blue bloods-crime-saw a few episodes but family is too goody goody and not my cuppa
Bob's burgers-comedy/cartoon show/nice. I enjoy this and seen all episodes
Body of proof_crime-dint hold my interest
Bones/crime/comedic...lost interest now. Am I getting old and not enjoying crime? Or is the main character's flatish emoting grating on me?
Bored to death-comedy/quirky and pleasant. I really like this show! Offbeat and quirky and gentle
Brooklyn nine-nine comedy. Took a while to like it but now I do.  At first, I found Perralta annoying, Amy too sugary, Gina irritating, but I got used to them and now I like the show. I find that I am leaning toward comedy and away from crime in my old (if late 40s is old age)
Bosch: Crime. good. I liked this and saw the entire first season
Boss:crime/but dint hold my interest. saw a few episodes
Boston Legal-comedy/lawyers & courts/ intelligent and enjoyable. I can see this again and again!
Boston Public..drama. I saw this in India years and years ago. I liked it a lot then but could not believe that schools in America were like this! In India then, I was terrified at the thought of even teaching in an American school!
Burn notice-crime-saw only a few and lost interest
Castle-crime/comedy. Lost interest lately
Casual ?comedy I loved this show. It's like a show with depth about people, who, superficially, seem superficial(but each one seems to be running away from their problems by having superficial relationships???)This is not on netflix but on Hulu I think
Columbo-crime-I liked it then; not sure if I will like it now! Now I may find Colombo's mannerisms annoying and maybe I may find the show a bit slow.
Community-comedy. Saw a few episodes//dint hold my attention
Corner gas-comedy-Canadian-nice
Coupling-comedy/BBC/enjoyable! I love this show!
Criminal minds-crime(Saw a few episodes and disliked it and stopped; I hated the acting especially the geeky guy. I found the plots sick. Zero entertainment values for me.)  Frankly, I have not seen such perverted people in real life and am wondering if they are making everything sicker to 'push the envelope', so to speak.
CSI-Las Vegas//liked it before. Now I am not interested. I had a huge crush on two characters i.e. Nick and Warrick!
CSI-Miami ...I have gradually lost  interest in all the CSI, law and order, and other crime serials which have little or no humor.
Curb your enthusiasm-comedy/funny but cringy too
Desperate housewives-good in bits-I did not see this fully; it's supposed to be a comedy but I dint find as much comedy as I think a comedy should have . So is it crime but again it doesn't have as much crime as a crime serial should have
Dreamland: I love this Australian comedy(called Utopia) about office of a building company. Some of the characters and the things they do remind me of some of my office colleagues!
Doc Martin: (USA Netflex 2015 Nov but show is of 2004). Though it's not crime or humour which are the types of shows I usually like, I did enjoy this show a lot. It's a bit like a character created by A,J.Cronin but in a less serious vein.
Empire: This is one of the very few all black shows I have seen(Blackish is the other one I think). I really like what I saw (first season, first episode) and plan to see it fully. Hope I dont lose interest!
Entourage-comedy//okay. The only guy who made me sit up was Ari. I love watching Ari but as a female, I cannot imagine tolerating someone like him in real life for a single minute!
Eye Candy-?crime. saw one episode. It's too sick for me
Fawlty towers--ALL TIME FAVORITE. can see this show again and again for years! worth buying
Fraiser-comedy/I would not miss this show
Friends-comedy. I enjoyed this . Maybe I would have liked it more if I was 10 years younger when it first came out
George Lopez: It's average but I really enjoyed it.
Girls-comedy.based in New York. Quirky, different, worth seeing.
Gotham-crime-saw a few episodes and lost interest(two excellent actors i.e.)
Happily divorced-comedy-relaxing to watch.
Harry's law-I loved this show.
Hawaii 5-O-crime. saw a few episodes but it does not hold my attention
Homeland-crime-I would not miss this-fast paced/excellent acting/ great characters/realistic plot/highly intelligent
House of cards-crime-dont miss this highly intelligent show
House of lies-comedy/sick ethics but entertaining. I would not miss this
How I met your mother-comedy, one actor is worth watching(Barney)
In plain sight-crime-okay
Insecure...This is a must watch show(not on netflix...HBO?) It's a show with mostly black actors, set in LA and the main protoganist is an amazing gutsy lady.
It's wonderland-Canadian show/comedy/not easy to find reruns on internet
It's always sunny in Philadelphia-comedy. this too is not like mainstream comedy, I like the characters, but some episodes are cringe-worthy.
Justified-crime-excellent, though violent. would not miss this show
Just shoot me-comedy/nice I loved the wit and humor in this. I would not miss this.
Keeping up appearences-BBC comedy/okay. I have friends who love this and see this again and again but not my cup of tea.
Law and order-criminal intent
Law and order-LA
Law and order-New York
Law and order-Special victims unit. I watched this before. Now I cant stand this. It's so damn depressing, it is not entertainment. It's torture. I am not criticising the show. The acting's good, etc. I watch TV to be happy and this makes me miserable...even if there's justice at the end in some episodes.
Lillyhammer-comedy set in Norway(I saw only one or two episodes. not so funny. Why don't I enjoy European shows or movies? Am I too low-brow in my taste or I simply don't get their humor or what?)
Live another day-crime-fastpaced/I would not miss this show(sequel to 24, another unmissable show)
Lunch monkeys..BBC . comedy. I love the characters. Not much of a plot but a nice way to pass the time.
Major crimes-crime-female protoganist
Malcolm in the middle-I loved this show-comedy about a family. I hope it airs on Canadian netflex as I will be returning soon. I would not miss this.
Master of none:Saw an episode in USA(netflex Nov 2015) and enjoyed the comedy, though I am not really fond of Aziz Ansari
Midsomer murders-crime/BBC.Nice. I really liked the police characters.
Mike and Molly-comedy-annoying to me. saw one or two episodes
Miss Fisher's murder mysteries: saw 2 episodes. I loved the main character , her manners and clothes, hair and makeup and it was interesting to see Melbourne, Australia of the 1920s!
Modern family-comedy-nice
Monk-crime/comedy. Once upon a time, I was hooked to this show, but now I wonder if I have the patience to put up with Monk.
Mr.D-comedy/nice/Canadian show. I really enjoy this show!
Murdoch mysteries-crime-Canadian show. I will watch this if I cant find a single other thing to see
My name is Earl-comedy/I loved two people in this show(Joy and Randy). Very enjoyable.
NCIS-crime/comedic/now I am losing interest. Is the show no longer interesting or is my taste changing?
NCIS-Los Angles-crime/comedic
New tricks-BBC crime.nice.lost interest now
Pam-am-okay. saw a few episodes
Parks and recreations-comedy//My sister loves this but I find it okay.
Perception-crime-saw one or two episodes. did not hold me
Person of interest-crime (watched a few seasons and lost interest)
Primeval -science fiction/great show/saw all episodes/different from all I have seen/I would not miss this...because of the dinosaurs
Psych-comedy/crime-enjoyed this show(shot in Vancouver)
Raising Hope- comedy//nice and the characters are all gentle.
Reckless-crime-saw all the episodes available(south USA?)
Rectify-crime/really slow/lost interest but interesting in a way
Reno -911-comedy/ I LOVE this show though some say it's stupid. It's relaxing and enjoyable. I would not miss this.
Republic of Doyle-Crime/comedy/Canadian. I love this show and seen it fully. should buy this series for my Indian friends(it is pro-women and I like the people, relationships, scenery, etc) I would not miss this.
Royal pains-? comedy. saw a few episodes//it dint hold me plus I don't have cable which puts this show.
Rules of engagement: comedy/witty & enjoyable! I would not miss this.
Seinfield-comedy/I liked this show a lot; I would not miss this
Siberia-fake reality show/the director should give 12 hours of my life back. It's terrible!
Silicon Valley-saw one episode. did not hold my interest
Spin city-comedy/excellent dialogues:Excellent. Worth buying the DVDs...if they ever release it.
Stalker:saw one only.
Still game:British- Scotish comedy show on canadian netflex (Sept2015) nice (not fantastic)
Storage wars-reality show-one episode only//waste of my time to see this show.
Suits:comedy/crime/drama: Fast-paced and enjoyable
Suburgatory-comedy-saw many episodes but I cant really relate to it
That 70s show-comedy/enjoyable
The blacklist :crime. Saw a few episodes only
The Americans:One episode only
The big bang theory-comedy-saw many seasons
The Borgias-excellent/but saw only one season/BBC
The brink-comedy set in Pakistan (like a spoof on homeland, 24 and such shows)I loved this show/unfortunatly it has only one season and was not renewed.Indians and Pakistanis should enjoy this but it may also hurt if one is a thin-skinned, delusional patriotic Indian or Pakistani!
The closer-crime/comedic...LOVED this intelligent show and the protagonist and would not miss this show
The firm-crime-did not see all episodes
The good wife-crime/court/great plot/prowomen/I loved Eli, Kalinda and Cary! There's a lot one can learn from this show, especially those who have not had the opportunity to interact with a lot of people in real life and ergo, lack skills to judge people, interact with a range of people, be assertive and so on.
The job-comedy/EXCELLENT/I see it when I want to relax and laugh/excellent acting, cast, dialogues. When my mood is low, I see any episode of this and feel better immediately! I would not miss this.
The following:It's sick and I hated it's violence and stopped watching
The honorable woman-crime-BBC/Israel/Palestine..I would not miss this show/slow but great
The listener-crime-Canadian show-saw many episodes but not catchy enough for me
The mentalist-interesting protaganist, annoying lady police officer
The playboy club-I loved this but it shut down
The practice-great show
The red road- I think this is the first show I have seen with a lot of Native Indians (or acting as Native Indians)in it and the story is around their life. It is set in New Jersey and is of the Lenape tribe.  
The Rockford files: I loved this show, especially the gentle detective.
The same sky: German serial. sort of crime show set in east Germany. You should see this show to see how life is in east germany
The shield-crime/I stopped when a cop seemed to be  bad/unethical. I cant tolerate bad cops even in shows!
The wire-crime/I would not miss this/the best TV show I have seen/but emotionally draining. I don't have what it takes to see it again(and I spent 300$ buying the entire series!)
The windsors...BBC comedy. It's okay.
This hour has 22 minutes/comedy/Canadian
Thirty Rock-comedy. I really enjoy this show but my sister gets a lot more out of this show than I do...she  knows the people and events it's referring to and it's funnier for her.
Top of the lake-Australian show-okay(not funny and I did not like many characters in it)
True detective-crime-slow pace but unusual and I would not miss it
Twentyfour_I would not miss this show/my heart was pounding while watching this! My husband and I became so hooked to this, we would watch it for 5 hours at a time! Watching this was like a drug addiction !
Twin peaks-weird but interesting show-crime
Two and a half men comedy. I have seen and enjoyed this and seen many episodes a second time. (But my sister is pissed off about me enjoying this. because I am appreciating a womanizer . I know what she means...but still cant help laughing!) 
Two broke girls-comedy/nice
Ugly Betty-did not see it fully
Under the dome-science fiction and crime/saw one season/one guy put me off with his eastern stalker attitude to a girl
Vexed: A BBC TV show about two detectives and it's a crime comedy. I enjoyed it ! One of my all time favorites, especially the second episode of second season, which I watched, in it's entirity at least 4 times!
Web therapy-comedy-saw one episode and lost interest
Welcome to Sweden-comedy-gentle and slow-paced but saw one entire season
White collar-crime-unmissable & fast paced. Saw the entire series

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