Sunday, October 4, 2015

Flea comb for children and people with lice problem

I have had my cat now for 5-6 years and for the first time he got fleas recently. I suppose he got it from the garden where I walk him on a leash(I never let him roam outside alone). The vet (from The cat hospital, at Willowdale and Steels, a lovely lady) said that, the fleas born of eggs  that have fallen off the other cats who roamed in our garden would have jumped on to mine as it walked. I was amazed that the baby fleas can remain alive and wait without food  aka cat-blood until by random chance a cat walks by and they jump on it!
At first, we  combed him with a flea comb loaned to us (by the lady who cuts his nails) and caught & killed many of them but he still continued to scratch. So we took him to the vet. She put a drop called Revolution on the top of it's head(Apparently, top of head is the only place, the cats cannot reach and so the fleas sit there) and said that it would be absorbed through the skin into the blood stream and the fleas would die when they sucked the blood. It worked! We still have to put the drops for two more months and in summer for three months to take care of the eggs which have fallen off the cat all over the house and will hatch over the next few months.

This is the first time I have seen this flea comb and I loved it! It's metal and the teeth are real close. I ran it over my own head and all my dandruff was removed! The fleas on my cat are as small or smaller than the lice on people's hair and so I recommend using this comb if you or your kids have a lice problem.  This flea comb's amazing for removing lice and dandruff!

In India, I have seen three combs for looks like a typical comb, made of plastic but the teeth are so close that it gets the lice out. The other too is plastic, short, has teeth on two sides. As it's the colour of ivory, it's easy to spot the lice. The brown, black and red combs need  sharper eyes to spot the lice. The third is similar to the second one except that it's made of wood! I appreciate the person who  worked on carving the wood but I find the length of the teeth to be less than one cm in length, so one cant reach the scalp if the hair is thick and you dont get the 'feeling of being combed'. The teeth dont touch your scalp at all and I dont like that. The  Canadian flea combs will last for years because they are made of metal; the Indian lice combs made of plastic or wood will not last long in Canada as the dryness in winter makes the wood brittle and the wooden comb's teeth  break off  after a few months or years. The plastic combs teeth break off with use as they are weak or the hair is too thick, etc.

So if you have lice or dandruff , go to your pet shop or walmart and get a flea comb. It works wonders! I got a Whal  company's flea comb and I was amazed that this company which produces hair products for people are making combs for pets too!
Today, October 5th, I saw online on Indian amazon that the metal flea combs sold in pet shops in Canada are sold as lice combs already in India! So I have said nothing new in this write-up but it was a discovery to me!

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