Thursday, October 8, 2015

Uses of my cat

I saw a lovely book for kids called 41 uses of my cat when I visited the Cat hospital.
It inspired me to note down the uses of my cat here. Many of the uses of my cat mirror the uses of the cat in the book!

I love photographing my cat and get hours of joy, photographing it, loading it on FB and getting compliments from those who fall in love with my cat.

 I love the fact that my cat comes running down the stairs to greet me as I unlock and enter my home .

I love the way it follows me around, love the way it sits right in my path and I have to ask it to move or push it out of the way. I love that it rolls on it's back and looks up at me in cute positions!

I can spend hours watching it sleep, sprawled in various positions. I feel like photographing it's every single posture and position. The sound of it's eating, a gentle sound of crunching food pellets on the dish is musical. It's gentle snore is a joy and the sound of lapping up water is something I can listen to without ever getting bored. I like to hear the sound of it's steps on the creaky wood floors. I enjoy it's baby like mews when it's trying to get me to take it outside.

Other people talk to us about their kids and their kids achievements and doings. Since we don't have any,  our cat becomes 'the' topic of conversation, when we talk!

 I talk to it when my husband's out. Talking to it banishes any loneliness I may ever have had. I love shouting(pretend-angry only) at it each time it mews, asking me to take it out.
The conversation with my cat runs something like this
No. I am not taking you out.
No. It's cold outside.
I told you . it's cold outside. I am NOT-TAKING-YOU-OUT.
How many times to tell you? I am not taking you out ma-ma. It's so cold., see. You will freeze.
Let me have my tea first. Then I will take you out.
After 5 minutes I will take you OUT. WAITTTA!
Wait . I have to wear my shoes.
Ok. come let's go.

I love it's mischievous look when I play with it. When it chases after the ball I throw, when it's playing with the small catnip sack it has, when it's running and I am chasing it.

I love it when it comes, sits on my tummy, kneads my neck. I love the fact that it's so 'particular'! By particular, I mean that it mews and does not jump on the bed unless I signal. It does not sit on me until I stroke it. It wants me to signal and stroke. Though it's feeling impatient, it waits until I signal and stroke!

I love the way it sits on the window and gazes at me when I am in the washroom. I love it's sitting outside the shower, waiting for me to come out or just looking in.
I love the way it mews and wakes me to take it out on days I wake late. I love it's persistence. I may not oblige a human, but I will certainly, see that all my cat's wishes come true!

I love when it sits on the table, waiting for me to finish my breakfast. It tries to get into my cereal and sometimes licks the bowl clean when I am done.
I adore it when it thinks it's smarter or faster than me and tries to escape from it's leash and into our neighbour's garden. I am tense but also enjoy the chase until I have found it and brought it back! It has hidden under my neighbour's deck and I have had to ask my neighbour to hose his deck, so that it comes out!

I enjoy watching it try to catch the butterflies and moths in the garden, chase the squirrels and birds. I love the way it lies on the grass and basks in the sunlight with eyes closed. I enjoy seeing it eat the grass.
I do feel a teeny bit tense when it's vomiting the grass it's eaten or the hairballs but I can deal with it.
Though I don't enjoy my cat biting me when I try to bring it back from the garden into the house, I do enjoy relating it to my friends!
I am not happy that it has scratched  my new sofa's upholstery  to get my attention; but I am not angry either.
I am not happy about the 200$ vet bill but I am not 'unhappy' either.
Animals are the only things which can get away by hurting me or costing me ! Animals just don't make me angry, whatever they do. But humans better watch out!

I have fantasized with the idea that I want to bring up someone, without that someone experiencing a single bit of unhappiness; someone's whose every single desire I want to fulfil; someone who will be happy every single moment of their life and someone who will never experience the slightest bit of distress for the smallest moment of life. But this is an impossible the Buddha's parents and all parents discovered. But I have come closest to reaching this fantasy of mine with my cat. It has had the least bits of distress in life; I try to fulfil every wish of it. I don't ever try to train it to do tricks as that means making it learn and learning is a bit painful(if we have to hold back the treats it wants until it does what it's supposed to)
We can never make our kids 100% happy as we need to discipline them and make them learn to accept the unpleasant realities of life. But I think, we can give 100% happiness to our pets, like my cat. By giving in to all their demands and not making any demand on them. I am able to fulfil my fantasy of trying to make one creature have all it's wishes come true in this world and not make any demands on it. I want this creature to not experience a single negative emotion such as fear, anxiety sadness, anger, etc. I want it to be happy and content and trusting of everyone all the time. I want it to experience all the joyful emotions of the, thrill of the chase, excitement, physical pleasures such as being stroked, play, etc. It gives me joy, that it is happy.

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