Sunday, November 20, 2016

A broken front tooth

Yesterday, the husband passed the laptop over to me, in bed. In the fraction of a second it slipped out of his grasp and smashed into my face, breaking my front tooth! I yelled at him, I don't remember all that I screamed into his terrified face... "What the hell? ...Do you want me to feel sorry for you and do you want me to apologize to you for breaking my tooth?..."
I  ran to the mirror and started laughing at how funny I looked. I suppose the husband silently wondered if I had gone crazy...he continued to look terrified for the next few hours.
The next thing I did was phone my dentist;  the receptionist said the dentist is not free till next month and suggested I go to Dental Emergency Services which is open all days and cares for dental emergencies. I immediately called them and told them I was coming. My scared looking husband drove me immediately to this dentist.  
 Despite the fact that it was my tooth that was broken, despite the fact that the tooth marred my appearance... I found the broken tooth so funny that I was giggling hysterically during the drive. I suppose I would have turned into a raging tiger if the husband had been unwise enough to join me in my laughter!
The dentist, saw me immediately. He gave a slightly annoying,  non-stop running commentary about what he was doing. But I am not complaining. 
 He finished restoring my tooth to it's pre-break appearance in less than half hour(@ 228$. I hope my insurance covers the entire amount.
We drove back home. My husband appeared a bit more relaxed but did not dare make any jokes yet.

I am surprised that I was not as upset as I expected to be with the broken tooth. Have I become less neurotic? Has my worry about appearance diminished with age?  I don't know.  If the tooth hadn't been fixed so fast, I doubt I would be this cool.
I have taken the four advil gel tables the dentist insisted I take at 4 hourly intervals.

Today, i.e.  the day after the tooth-break day, the  husband is doing the chores around the home, un-asked! Yesterday, he brought my dinner to bed...usually it's the other way around. He's still a bit  subdued but not terrified!

I wonder how long the broken tooth will get me dinners in bed? Two more days? Or a week? I don't know.

All is well with the world....except that there is nothing great on Netflix... as the first snow of the season, keeps me tucked in my bed.

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