Friday, November 4, 2016


Billable hours-I WANT to see this; I have not yet seen it.
Blackstone-Native Canadian drama-I WANT to see this. It's on but I found it too depressing. Should give it a go again.
The border-a realistic/documentary type about Canadian border security forces. I have seen and liked this.
The bridge-I really enjoyed this show. It's set in Toronto, very realistic, and about Toronto police. I would love to see this again.
Comedy Inc:comedy. I enjoyed this.
Corner gas-comedy..I enjoyed this. It's quirky and not like American humor.
Da Vinci's Inquest-I WANT to see this; I have not yet seen it.
Da Vinci's City Hall-I WANT to see this; I have not yet seen it.
Dan for mayor-comedy
Due south-I WANT to see this; not yet seen it
Flashpoint-crime drama. I sort of liked this but I wish it had more drama and I wish that the  people in it were not as well balanced as they are . I want  more dramatic acting like the many American shows. This is one of the shows where 'good acting and balanced characters  is boring' for people like me.
Hatching, Matching and Dispatching-comedy. I don't think I really enjoyed this much
Intelligence-I WANT to see this show.
Just for gags-one of my favorite comedies. Silent movie type
King-want to see this show(police/crime)
Little mosque on the Prairie-comedy. I din't really like this.
Murdoch mysteries-crime and police detection set in early 19th century in Canada/Toronto.
The newsroom-one of my all time favorite Canadian shows
North of 60-About Native Canadians and I WANT to see this(I am an immigrant to Canada; I am curious about the original inhabitants of Canada and I rarely get a chance to see them or interact with them. The only way for me to get a sense of their life and culture is through these shows)
Northern Exposure-US(NOT Canadian) comedy which inspired North of 60. I would like to see this too.
Primeval-new world-I WANT to see this. it's a spin-off of the UK Primeval.-science fiction. I loved the UK Primeval
The Republic of Doyle-One of my all time favorite Canadian shows-crime/set in NewFoundLand
The Rez-show about Native Canadians -I WANT to see this too.
Rideau Hall-comedy. I WANT to see this.
Rick Mercer Report-I like this but I ...
Restaurant makeover- reality show. I saw a couple of episodes.
Royal Canadian Airfarce-comedy
Street legal-I would like to see this.
Sue Thomas F B Eye_I seen this and liked it for the novelty of it.
Trailer Park Boys-one of my all time favorite Canadian shows...the first few seasons at least.
This hour has 22 minutes-comedy/news
This is wonderland--I loved this unique show and I wish it had more seasons. I work in the mental health field with characters from poor economic backgrounds and I can really empathize with this!
Three chords from the truth-It's a comedy and I would like to see this.
Tiny plastic men-I would like to see this comedy
Tom Stone-crime which is like Rockford files (I love Rockford files). I would like to see this.
The tournament (2005-2006)-comedy . I would like to see this(about juniors sports)
Traders (1996)-most popular at a time. I would like to see this.
Train 48-I am curious to see this.
Tropical heat-hit in Serbia. comedy. I am curious to see this.
Trouble with Tracy-Not sure if I want to see this one. comedy
Twitch city-humour-I would like to see this.
Urban angel-crime drama from Montreal
Wild card-Zoe Buisik Wild card-I saw this. I did not guess it was a Canadian show when I saw it.


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