Monday, July 25, 2011

Among the Believers:V.S.Naipaul(1981 Published)

I am currently reading the book Among the Believers by Naipaul. It is about Naipaul's travels in Iran, Pakistan and Malaysia. He has written about his interactions and meetings with various ordinary people and their thoughts and ideas. His writing is beautiful and to me, his take on the people is dead on!

This book is interesting to read and is  a wonderful way to learn about the lives of common people of these countries around 1980.

If the politicians of the west understood the people of the Muslim countries, like Naipaul does, then maybe they would be a better understanding and communication and better-planned  policies when dealing with these countries. War could be avoided altogether with a better understanding of the psychology of the people of  countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Afganisthan, etc.


schint1 said...

I have read most of Vidiadhar Naipaul's books.
He is thought to be the best English language writer in the world. His 3 books on India are the best books ever written on India. "An Area of Darkness" is my favorite book.

Here is a great article about him by The Guardian newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I will read that next.

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