Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indian Politicians

Random Articulations of a Confused Brain:

Would  India be saved  if the people elected as politicians  fulfil the following MANDATED criteria, before standing for elections?

*Spiritually inclined Brahamacharis : Anyone who wants to stand for elections should be single for life, should be a Brahmachari and should not have any children.(Brahmacharya state  is for eternity i.e.  before, during and after his politician position.In short, he should be a life-long Brahmachari)

*Minimum of graduate level of education: Masters degree in some subject.

* An IQ of  at least 120

*Pass a test of psychopathy (proof that they are not psychopaths or criminally minded)

*Pass a mental status examination proving they do not have any major mental health issues.

The reasons for the criteria:

If the politician is spiritual, he will not be interested in worldly pleasures and acquisitions.

If he or she is unmarried and asexual, he/she will be free from temptations. Moreover I have seen many corrupt Indian politicians amass wealth, more for their children and grandchildren than for their own enjoyment.I am assuming the need and greed for amassing wealth would be nonexistent if they did not have children (i.e. if the politicans were unmarried & childless, Brahmacharis)

With some education, our politicians will not talk or act like fools. For example our health minister (whose IQ must be below 70)recently made such a stupid blunder in his speech and had people wild and furious: He called homosexuality a disease! I can give you thousands of such blunders made by Indian politicians.

In some village Panchayats, at Zilla Parishads, in Bihar (when Rabri Devi was acting CM or was CM when her husband Lallo Prasad Yadav was in jail) shrewd people working behind scenes place gullible or ‘malleable’ people in the forefront as politicians and manipulate them to satisfy their greeds.
 If it’s mandated that our elected politicians had an IQ of 120(120 is an arbitrary number I chose as it is above average; I do not mean that it should be strictly 120) at least, then the politician would see that he is being manipulated and he would stop it.(or at least, that is what I hope for!)

As everyone knows, India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world; our politicians have spread the rot of corruption from political life to all areas of life in India. As the world already knows, Indian politicians are, as a majority, anti-social personalities with less than 1% of exceptions to this rule. In order to improve India, we should have honest politicians (would  Abraham Lincoln clone himself a million times and settle in India please?). To do that, we should test the guys who want to be politicians and allow only those honest guys to enter politics.
 As far as I know, there is no fool proof test to assess psychopathy; I do not want to go into the details of the assessment but suffice it to say, it is going to be complicated to identify a tool!

Some of our politicians had dementia when in office and were controlled by those around them. Some were seriously mentally ill( I am naming no names here) . For example, there is  one mentally ill (bi-polar) chief minister of a state currently. The mental illness of those in power, affects not one or two but affects millions of people, who are helpless! It is mandatory for the mentally ill and dementing to not be in seats of power.
 Imagine how much less grief & destruction there would be in this world if the mentally ill, did not have power to rule!

You dear reader, may ask me, 'What about those who fulfil all this criteria, become politicians and then, deteriorate'?

That possibility is there. I have seen so many elected people, who seemed wonderful at first and then either deteriorated or showed their true colours. To avoid this, there should be watchdogs who keep an eye. Reassessing the politicians once elected also would bring to light, any deteriorating type of changes. (Assess their IQs, Psychopathy, mental state, commitment to work, etc).

Of course, these  politicians should not only be spiritual but they should also wield power; they should not end up being puppets in the hands of powerful psychopaths who stay behind the scene. By using the word spiritual, I am actually meaning ethical. They should be ethical, be motivated to work for the good of society, not be megalomaniacs (India is full of megalomaniac politicians, politicians children and relatives, megalomaniac film stars, etc….is megalomania a disease you get in India? So many people have this disease here that, one wonders!). Jayalalitha is one such megalomaniac;

They should also be practical; but not compromise ethics to be practical;

They should be humble; most Indian politicians lack humility ( the government bureaucrats too are obnoxious boors who lack humility)

I can go on and on about what they should have in addition to the criteria I mentioned above but I will stop here…except for one last word….continue reading.





What the heck! All these criteria are not needed. The only criteria the Indian politician should have is this: He should have the ‘shame gene’;

100% of Indian politicians are shameless; they seem to lack the gene for feeling ‘shame’ and gene for being decent. Indian politicians are so shameless that even if you prove that a politician is guilty of a heinous crime, he will still stick to his political seat and refuse to step down: he will not  try to defend himself by saying, ‘I am not guilty’!; he will defend himself by saying that others are guiltier than him!
(The current CM of Karnataka said recently that  even Gandhi would be corrupt today!)

India would do better if we elected politicians with some sense of shame and decency.
So if there are any decent Indian people, with intelligence, education, integrity & courage, they should be standing for elections!(As I said already, they should be Brahmacharis too........family ties are an impediment to integrity! The minister cant say no if his wife demands that he gets a medical seat for his son or a 'high post' for her brother isnt it!)



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