Thursday, August 4, 2011

A great book on saris and a comprehensive book on Indian handicrafts

Anyone interested in comprehensive information about the various handicrafts of India or Indian saris should read these two books. They are very informative, very comprehensive, have beautiful photos to illustrate and would make wonderful coffee table books….if you space and money.
Or you could simply borrow and read them.

 Handmade in India: A Geographic Encyclopedia of India Handicrafts

(1) Handmade in India : a geographic encyclopedia of Indian handicrafts 1st ed.
Contributors: Ranjan, Aditi. ; Ranjan, M. P. Year/Format: 2009, Book, 579 p.

(2)Saris: Traditions and Beyond by Martand Singh and Rita Kapur Chishti.

Above is a picture of the back and front cover.

PS: I am sorry that my family and friends in India do not have access to these two great books! They are too expensive to buy and as far as I know, hardly any libraries stock their shelves with these sort of  books(Budget constraints? Politics? Lack of imagination by the buyers for libraries?)
I got to read a lot more wonderful books about India in the Toronto Public library than in India! I had the wonderful good fortune to read books about Indian jewellery, palaces, forts, see wonderful and rare photographs of all things Indian. I can safely say, I got in touch with India after coming out than when I was in!

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