Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PhD and philosophy education

This stuff below is somewhat irrelevant but I am hoping to develop this into another article.

....... And I hope people who study subjects like philosophy get well-paid jobs!
The world needs more philosophers today. But what happens?
There are very very limited job opportunities for philosophy grads; consequently no one wants to study philosophy these days(at least in Bangalore university).
Because students with ‘good’ marks choose to study courses with greater job opportunities, the students with the poorest marks end up getting into courses which have no takers, such as philosophy.
And philosophy, which needs the best brains to grow and develop as a field, ends up getting the worst brains, the society has to offer!
Thus the cycle of rot and destruction continues!

feedback is only in the form of markscards.

teaches would not tell which area the student had to work harder in

ganapati pooja and saraswati pooja done at exam time in some schools is okay in that it reduces anxiety in some students but it also sends the wrong message

teachers were teching some difficult things only once and this was definitely not enough for the average student.

i had a biology teacher who giggled helplessly during the chapter on reporduction....though she was a married middleaged lady with kids! If a teacher feels reproduction is a giggling matter, what about the teenage students?

relevence of studying old kannada
grammar was not taught in language classes.
classics were forced down our throats but the teachers never bothered to make it relevent, they never explained the context of the occurence of the events. Lorna doone was really weird and I was wondering why prescribe such a story for Indian students who are clueless about the culture of Lorna Doone's time and place.
A Kannada text was banned after I bought it because one of the chapters had a word i.e. 'bra' in it! Why did not the authorities read it before millions of texts were printed and sold? And, what is wrong with the word bra? Do they think the students in college will be corrupted if they read the word bra in one chapter of a text? Ridiculous!
we learnt theories in school and college but never tested their applications in the field. if we had, I am sure that the theories would be difficult to prove due to their irrelevence in the Indian context. This would have made us think and question and think of developing theories which are relevent and true in teh indian context.
I know of at least two guides (i.e. PhD students supervisors) who suppressed results ! as it did not agree with western findings and as it would prove that the work being done by teh Karnataka government was a failure! No amount of arguing would budge these 'professors' from putting the true results in the thesis!
If professors are fearful of the truth, what kind of an academic atmosphere do we have in India?
teaches in school were more critical of students haircuts than about teaching
teaches have to learn and use more adjectives. they are themsleves so minimal in use of language, who can he kids learn and use richer language.

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