Thursday, August 4, 2011


(1)Is it better to be a person with lots of ideas but who has an inability to communicate/be articulate
(2)is it better to be a person with excellent articulation, and not a single original idea in head?

This question has bothered me no end. I often think that (1) is better than (2) but at times I feel, what is the point of being (1)....the results are as empty as if one were (2).....

Is a literate, sophisticated smooth criminal worse than the illiterate, crude boorish criminal, givne the degree of criminality is the same.

My husband thinks both are equally bad while I think.....

 the first one is worse..... because he can con and hurt more people while the second criminal's crude behaviour will put people on guard and he can hurt less people than the first one.

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