Thursday, November 8, 2012

Books I read in October 2012

I am repeating myself for the umpteenth time  but once again...thanks TPL! You are awesome.

As the temperatures went down in October & the winds shook (Hurricane Sandy's distant effects on Toronto) the leaves from the trees, I sat  in  bed, under a cosy quilt and  watched the grey clouds above and the rain sprinkle (yes. Sprinkle... wind > rain) over the Don Valley.  Usually the cold and rains and grey clouds puts me into a sort of  dull mood filled with worries and anxieties. But this time, I was armed with the best anti-depressents from TPL. I had a set of wonderful crime and other fiction & non-fiction which helped me pass October and now helping me enjoy November too!

Linwood Barclay's latest Trust your eyes

Alex Dryden's Red to Black

Moscow Sting

The blind spy

Lavanya Sankaran's The red carpet : Bangalore stories

Also enjoyed looking at the wonderful creative modern artworks in gold in this non-fiction coffee table book by Marthe Le Van & Ray Hemachandra i.e. Masters: Gold: Major Works by leading artists.

I did borrow a great many books but these were the ones I really really enjoyed and could not put down till I finished!

I have also put on hold(inactive) a great many crime fiction books which came up when I entered the word Noirs at TPL website. Looking forward to an exciting winter with these treasures from TPL! I know I am going to be depressed if I read too many crime noirs continually but what the hell...I will take a break with books on philosophy for dummies maybe.

There is also the James Bond movie to see this week.


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