Monday, November 26, 2012

Snowflakes & White Collar

 My little sister had told me a while ago to watch the TV series ,"White Collar" as she liked it and thought I might too. I had surfed on the net but did not find this series online( I found it but I had to pay almost 2$ to see an episode and I do not want to pay 2bucks per episode for 4 seasons of this show!). Luckily, my husband who seems to be a better net surfer than me found a link for this show online for free!
With the first snowflakes of the season falling outside  and a chilly temperature sending shivers down my spine inside,  I was in no mood to do my weekend chores of cleaning, laundry and cooking.

 So I spent the weekend, watching this was a marathon watching of two seasons, advertisement-free and I had a fantastic time! I still have 2 seasons to watch and I am keeping my fingers crossed, praying that the last two seasons  are available online for free.

White Collar is  a very enjoyable show ! It has all  I want from a show.... crime, humour, likable characters, a fast-pace, good-looking dudes and gals, quick thinking and quick wit, interesting plots and  happy endings. I love the lively and energetic music too...that little bit at the beginning of each episode.

I did feel guilty as I was on  this marathon....but the need to see the next episode, overcame whatever guilt I felt and I postponed the chores. Today, Monday, as I return to work, I am left with a great sense of well-being and after-glow effect of watching  this show......and also a pile of dirty  laundry and dusty floors .  I tell only live enjoy!
The first weekend of December too sped by in idle bliss as I continued to watch the third and fourth seasons of White Collar! How I wish there were an infinite number of these serials for me to wathc till this winter ended! I love this feel good show. I love Massi. I love the two main guys and I love Marsha Thomson.
As usual, when I love a show I search for the characters on teh internet to know a bit more about them. And then I wished I had not.... I felt sad to discover that the guy playing the role of  Neal Caffery is gay in his real life! It is such a loss for the probably hundreds of women who fall for him when they see this show.

The downloading of the last episode of the third season was painfully slow...but I put up with it as I wanted to know what happens !

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