Friday, November 23, 2012

I love Dollarama!

Ever since I discovered Dollaroma in Toronto in 2004, I have loved it!
Until a year ago, everything in this shop was a dollar (+tax... that adds 13 cents tax to one dollar or one product) and the most amazing things werre available here for only a dollar each. Since the last one or two years, the cost of items has gone above a dollar and now they advertise by stating Dollar plus.

The products in this shop covers a wide range of things one uses at home, toys for children, books and craft materials for children, makeup and jewellery, gardening items, kitchen and bathroom items, decorative stuff, greeting cards. Another feature of this shop is that the products change all the time. There are two types of changes. One is the seasonal change. There are items around the Christmas theme in November, items around Halloween theme in October, items around Valentine theme in February, items used in winter such as gloves and woollen hats in winter, gardening items in summer and so on. The other change is that there are items you see one year and then you do not find them again. These are items I am interested in. But one cannot predict, which are the items one will not find again.

People do grumble that the products are sub-standard and cheesy. But I find that if one is really poor, one can cart stuff form this store and have a neatly decorated home without spending a fortune! (Of course, one can also buy stuff from the thrift store) Of the things sold in this store, almost 90% or more  are from China. I like


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