Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bob’s Burgers:

Bob’s Burgers:
I came across Bob’s Burgers while flipping through channels…I  paused to watch a bit and got hooked! I loved this show (
and so does my husband) so much that I went online and saw all episodes of the previous seasons. This show is entertaining, funny and ‘not sick’.

Briefly, it’s a cartoon show about a family of five. Bob run’s a restaurant and his wife Linda works with him; Bob’s kids Tina, Gene & Louise chip in to work at the restaurant before and after school hours.  The family dynamics is great & the personality of each character with their quirks is charming. The best part of this show for me is the voices of the characters! I love the voices….each voice is unique and brings out the personality of the characters perfectly.  I am hard-pressed to choose which character is my favorite. I love/hate the little terror Louise; and I love poor Tina who makes me laugh and tugs at my heart. But then Linda too is funny & quirky and Bob is such a sweetheart! I love them all!

The absence of a laugh-track is another feature of this show I love. I wonder when all shows will do away with these distracting laugh tracks.

Another aspect of this show I like is that it is not ‘sick’ like other cartoon shows such as Family Guy. I am not saying that Family Guy, American Dad and other shows are sick….I find them funny and enjoy them but they have so much stuff in them which turns my stomach(while also making me laugh).

I hope this show goes on forever. I am grateful to the makers of this show……Bob & his family makes me smile not only when I am watching them but also when I remember them.

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