Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things I like:


Cat, husband, family, friends, home, country,

Day dream, **********, Google, pin interest, ebay, amazon, google images, chat, gossip,shop,Fantasize plesant or exciting events in which I am the heroine and I win, save, suffer, etc.

Gustatory:Food and sweets and savories

Visual:TV shows & Movies,

Cerebral:Books(crime fiction, mythology), comics, magazines, coffee table books about art, photos, interior decoration, wild animals, sceneries, faraway lands, etc

Olfactory: Nice perfumes, smell  of rain on mud, flowers,

Auditory: Songs I like, gossiping with friends, etc

Tactile: Massage, something lightly running on my skin, head massage, scratching an itch, cool breeze when feeling hot and vice versa

Travel to nice places

Meet up with friends

Sleep, Take rest.

Play with cat

Take photos.

Nostalgia: look or recall the books, pictures, experiences, sights, sounds, smells of my childhood, the memories of my past, and dwell on them for hours and hours.

Make fantastic  plans in my head


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