Thursday, March 19, 2015


Corner gas: Comedy.
Dan for mayor: comedy. I like this
Da Vinci's inquest: I want to see this. crime
Da Vinci's city hall: Not yet seen this
The border(I have not seen this yet)
Comedy Inc:I like this.
Durham county(should see) crime

Stuff by Finkleman
The newsroom 1996-97, 2003-04,2004-05
Escape from the newsroom:2002
Foreign objects :2001
Married life1995
 More tears 1998
 Good dog/Good God :aired March to May 2011 on HBO 
At the hotel:2006
Foolish heart: 1999 on CBC
Of all the Finkleman projects listed above, I have seen the newsroom series. I would like to see the other shows as he is quirky and different. I loved the Newsroom by Finkleman. It is dark comedy and intelligent!
Hatching, matching, dispatching: comedy. I have seen a few episodes of this.
Hiccups-comedy/I liked this.
JUST FOR GAGS I love this show!
The listener: Okay. not great
Little mosque on the Prairie: I don't like this much. It's annoying.
Murdoch mysteries: Okay.
Mr.D-I love this comedy!
Republic of Doyle: I like this a lot for many reasons. I love the cast, the humor, the respect for women, the place it is set in.
Rick Mercer report:Nice
Royal Canadian Air Farce
Schitt's creek-Nice/comedy
This hour has 22 minutes: Comedy. I enjoy this
This is wonderland: I like this. quirky and unusual
Trailer Park Boys: I like this a lot but it deteriorated over time.

If one looks at the list of British or American TV shows, the list appears INFINITE! Look under the letter a and the shows starting with A made in UK runs into pages and pages. Similarly look under any letter, you will see endless shows.
 But the complete list of Canadian shows seem to be less than 5 pages...including children's TV shows, science fiction TV, reality TV, drama TV, sitcom TV,  news and every type of show!

The Canadian government ought to invest and encourage Canadian TV and movies. Movies and Television are a great source of income to the country where production takes place. It generates jobs, encourages creative talent and yet, there is minimal damage to nature and minimal use of non-renewable resources. 
When I compare the Canadian shows to the American or British ones, the Canadians are a bit different. I am not able to articulate the differences. I would sound as if I am criticising the Canadian shows if I try to articulate the differences and I don't mean to. I hope someone some day,  will articulate  the differences between Canadian and American shows, which all of us sense but cannot express.
 Of the Canadian shows I love, for example, Trailer Park Boys, the acting is good, the plot is good, the music is okay, the casting is apt, the direction is good and so on. But there seems to be less drama and I don't know if I mean  this as a good thing or a bad thing. I am myself not sure if I am accepting  or critical of the lesser drama.

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