Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why do people click "like" in Facebook?

1.Because they truly and  really like the photo, video, quote or whatever
2.People   'like' not because they  'like' but because they feel obligated...
When do people feel obligated... when they feel guilty ...for example when they have forgotten to call a person or when they have had an argument and now feeling messy about it ...and many other such reasons
3.When the 'boss' puts up something, many people feel it's safer to 'like' than remain silent
4.When a person has had a huge fight with another and stopped talking...Then 'liking' something put up by the other person on Facebook is a kind of overture  to reconcile
5.People know that some people simply crave for likes! They oblige these ' like-collectors' by clicking on like, for every thing put up by these people. Sometimes they don't even bother to read or open what they have liked!
6.Sometimes, people are bored and having nothing better to do, scroll through Facebook, clicking like to posts they normally don't.
7. Some click like to things put up by a stranger, to start a dialogue and get to know the person or befriend them
8.Sometimes people like everything put up by a young person such as a child or a teen to be encouraging, like everything put up by a best friend, niece or nephew, a son or a daughter or someone they really care about.
9.Some people 'like' in order to encourage  the person who has put up the post if the person is troubled with self-doubts.  I always click on  like for anything put up by people I perceive as 'underdogs'.
10.Some people compulsively click like.
11.Some believe that they are making a difference by clicking on like. This is one lazy ass way of feeling good because you think you did something to improve the world!
12. I have liked posts and photos put up by people I have not contacted for years and years...I cant explain why. But I feel uncomfortable if I dont click on 'like'. I cant see a clear reason for this discomfort though I am trying to analyze myself.
13. When someone with a mental health issue or a person who lacks confidence, puts up, a post, many people 'like' out of compassion and to help the person feel good.

What about the psychology or the logic behind the 'likes' pressed by  'crazy people' . The reasons why a crazy person likes or not likes something on FB could be really weird and interesting. Delusions, jealousies, anger, ecstasy, love, misunderstandings and misperceptions could influence the clicking on simple 'like' button !

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