Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Every time I visit a museum and enjoy the beautiful paintings, the same thought strikes my mind...I should get hired as a security guard at the museum.

My idea, would never be accepted in the real world. However, my fantasy is this.

I work as a security guard in a museum. I work a day or maybe two to three days in one room. I would stroll around the gallery/room, enjoying the art work and also doing my duty i.e. keeping an eye out for mischief amongst the visitors. Once I have had my fill of the paintings in one room, I should be transferred to another gallery in the museum until I have finished gazing to my heart's content all the art work in one museum.

Then I should get transferred to another museum, until I have finished all the museums in one city(NYC or Washington D.C. or Ottawa or whatever city in the world), one province, one country and then moving on to another museum in another country.

It's possible I will become sick of the paintings by the time I am done with a couple of museums and would be  wanting to resign my job. But right now, that is my fantasy.

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