Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I have read only one series of westerns i.e. novels by Oliver Strange and Fredrick H Christian.
Oliver Strange created this wonderful character Sudden and he wrote 10 books and this series was carried on by Fredrick H Christian who wrote 5 books.
There are millions of westerns out there.  Westerns by authors such as Max Brand and Zane Gray are aplenty in  libraries and bookstores. My friends and folks have not heard of Oliver Strange and Fredrick H Christian. Yet, I prefer the books of these two authors, unknown to many today. The books featuring Sudden are listed below. I have read these books over and over again! They may be romanticized and unrealistic, but I adore them!  I discovered on the internet, that the 2 authors who wrote this series may not have visited America or seen first hand the 'wild west'. But that does not necessarily deter me from enjoying or believing these books!

 10 Sudden books by  Oliver Strange
  • The Range Robbers (1930)
  • The Law o' the Lariat (1931)
  • Sudden (1933)
  • The Marshal of Lawless (1933)
  • Sudden—Outlawed (1934)
  • Sudden—Gold Seeker (1937)
  • Sudden Rides Again (1938)
  • Sudden Takes the Trail (1940)
  • Sudden Makes War (1942)
  • Sudden Plays a Hand (1950)
 5 Sudden books by Fredrick.H.Christian
  • Sudden Strikes Back (1966)
  • SuddenTroubleshooter (1967)
  • Sudden at Bay (1968)
  • Sudden—Apache Fighter (1969)
  • Sudden—Dead or Alive! (1970)
All of these books are out of print. they will not be published again as these books are supposed to be 'racist', etc by today's standards. I don't see them as racist but as a reflection of the attitudes prevalent in  those days. These books are available in amazon and ebay but cost a lot. I am the happy & proud owner of  these 15 books! and some are hardbound too!

I am happy to say that these books are being reprinted!!! I saw a set of ten books of Oliver Strange as recently as May 2016 in the Blossoms book store in Bangalore. They can also be found on amazon.com for 63-00$. These are published by Hachette India.

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