Thursday, December 31, 2015

why are Indian politicians so corrupt? Why the need to amass such wealth?

These are my reasons and explanations  for the Indian politicians' corruption and their greed for wealth

1) They have a strong belief that their children are morons, with zero capacity to make an honest  living . They also don't believe that their children have the capacity to win elections or be successful at politics or ANY  JOB. They therefore have this anxious need to amass wealth so that they have enough for the next 100 generations.

They believe that their grandchildren too will be turn out to be morons incapable of making an independent living. So they amass wealth to last many generations.

2)They also need the money to win the next election by bribing the voters. They have to make money when they win, to ensure that they can win the next time too by buying votes.

3)They, at least the Karnataka politicians, don't believe in investing in industries as they don't believe their offspring have the capacity to run an industry and continue generating wealth. They want to make money 'passively' such as owning property.
 I don't know if they invest in stocks and shares. My guess is that they dont invest in stocks and shares for several reasons: their thinking is still 'old'; they want to be able to see their wealth; they may not believe in these investments due to their limited education and so on.
Lots of Karnataka politicians own educational institutions such as medical and engineering colleges. These colleges demand huge sums of money from non-merit students which goes to the pockets of these politicians. They think this is a good and steady source of income when they are no longer in politics. These colleges invest minimum money in labs, libraries and pay the staff peanuts. I believe they own these colleges for the money and neither the politician who owns it or any member of his family has any skills in running it in an efficient manner. They hire people to run the college by paying them peanuts!

4)Indian politicians know that they don't have any capacity to do anything productive or useful; they lack education and skills. All they have is criminal tendencies with which they gain power, which they use to win elections through crooked methods. I doubt if even one single Karnataka politician has any skills to earn an honest living.  Even their kids who grew in the lap of luxury, don't try to learn skills during their education. There is of course nothing to motivate them to exert themselves to make something of themselves. Why should they even try to learn anything ro achieve something, when they have everything they want?

Sometimes I wonder if the Indian politicians would have been a bit less corrupt if there were some criteria to stand for elections.
If there were rules like:
minimum education to stand for election should be a Bachelors degree
 minimum IQ of 100 or something like that;
 absence of criminal tendencies (difficult to measure them but at least of jailbirds accused of rape, murder, robbery, etc could be prevented from standing for elections, it would be a relief!)
no history of bigamy, wife-beating & alcoholism; the reason I am listing these is because may politicians are guilty of this but these are often excused or ignored by Indians especially if  big shots such as actors and cricketeers and politicians are guilty of these.
I have a belief that if bachelors became politicians, then they would be less corrupt than those with families. I have this strong belief that, the Indian politicians are amassing wealth for their future generations. I am sure many will disagree with me but this is my opinion.
Of course, we already have rules such as declaring income, etc. But the Indian politicians dont care a damn about rules. They  believe they are above the rules!
If there was accountability for politicians, then politics would become less attractive to majority of the corrupt politicians.

I often wonder about the children of these corrupt politicians. I know for a fact that many of the adult children of Karnataka politicians have studied at reputable schools and colleges. I know that they want for nothing(except moral values and other such non-tangible things!) I wonder what is their self-image? What do they think of  their parents, their friends and other people. If I was the son/daughter of a corrupt politician, these would be my thoughts in my head. I would wonder if my friends are 'my friends' because they like me or if they like my wealthy lifestyle . I would have real difficulty trusting people, especially the sycophants. I would be embarassed to attend school or college when my corrupt dad is in the news for some corrupt deed of his.  I might give school a miss until he's no longer in the news or change schools maybe! I am a shrining violet and I wonder how the hell I would deal with the large number of people coming home daily. I don't know how I would deal with my corrupt dad arranging my marriage with a girl/boy who is the offspring in a 'powerful' family and the two families seek this alliance for 'political' or 'economic' reasons. I would be a pawn in my corrupt dad's hands without knowing how to stand up for myself!
I suppose I would be different from what I am now, if I was born to a corrupt politician. Mu upbringing may have made me have a different value system and I may not think like this.

The more I think of being the offspring of a wealthy, corrupt Indian politician, the less appealing the life seems to be! I know I will have a lot of wealth and comfort. But there is a lot of things I enjoy in my present existence as an ordinary person which I will not have as a politician's child. The freedom. Genuine friends. self-esteem, the belief that I am doing something useful to society and people like me for what I am . I now have a few friends and family whom I trust completely to have my back, without expecting anything in return except do the same for them. As a politician's family member, my relationships would be with literally thousands of people but shallow, superficial, unemotional and with wariness than trust! I would always wonder if someone is genuine or faking it to get something out of me! I would have to develop a really thick skin, knowing that people are cursing me and my family, especially the corrupt politician, my parent! I will have great temptations thrown my way and to enjoy them or refrain from them, would be a daily dilemma! I know for sure that my wife/husband is a pawn like me and marrying me not for 'my personality' but for my family's power and that is sure to depress me! Unless my spouse can convince me that it's me, not my family's wealth and power which is the main attraction!

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