Friday, October 21, 2016

October 21st 2016

I woke up today to a cloudy, rainy, coldish morning in Toronto. Today was one of the rare mornings when things went well and I was good tempered for more than 6 hours at a stretch! I hope I don't  to jinx it by saying that things are going well!

I woke up and read a few pages of pleasant, funny crime fiction book Inspector Singh investigates The Singapore School of Villany. Then, my husband, got me a cup of  Cothas 'filter' coffee in bed...something he rarely does. It's me who goes down to the kitchen, 360 mornings a year to   brew coffee and bring it up to him and my ma-in-law.
 Still in bed, I saw an episode of 'Haters back off' which I loved!

Then got ready to go to work...breakfast, packing lunches, bath, etc.  
Three whole hours, awake and  'with' my husband , yet not one single argument, comment or sarcasm from either of us! That is rare and an amazing happening though neither of us made any effort to 'not argue'!

On way to work, traffic was not bad. Work was not bad. I also got my family in India on the phone and enjoyed a pleasant chat.

I hope I have more such in bed, good shows on Netflix, good books from the library, a husband who 'zips' it and not comment or argue, interesting clients and friendly colleagues at work.

Thank you God for making today a nice day for me!

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