Sunday, October 23, 2016

The lobster...Movie ...Dystopian...weird....different....

Saw the movie The lobster just now (Sunday morning, 23 Oct 2016)

I have never seen anything like this...It's definitely not a movie for those who enjoy mainstream Bollywood and Hollywood  movies or comedies.

It's for people who enjoy Dystopian, weird, movies.

I don't want to give away the plotline.

The acting and screenplay is great. The script is good. For some reason, it strongly suggested me of life under  communist regimes...I think the extreme lack of freedom and the artificiality of the poor souls who are too afraid to be true to their feelings put communism in my mind when I saw this.

As usual, I am stymied by the reviews which describe this movie as a comedy. I simply cannot find it funny though it did hold my attention and I saw it till the end! A friend of mine had recommended another movie describing it as a comedy i.e. Fargo and that's another movie which did not strike me as a comedy at all. Maybe be my Indian upbringing or my inability to appreciate satire and dark comedies is the root of my inability to see these movies as comedies. It's impossible for me to see comedy in  Dystopia.

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