Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beat the heat with Bangla bedsheets!

I was using the' Egyptian cotton' bedsheets (high thread count and reported to be 100% cotton) to cover my mattress  and found the sheets to be unbearably hot in spring and summer.

I have now switched to the cotton bedsheets made in one of these countries i.e.  Bangladesh or Pakistan or India. These sheets are a lot cheaper, have a slightly rougher texture, have low thread count, are 100% cotton and a lot cooler than the Egyptian cotton.

My guess is that the cotton from these countries is either a different variety of cotton or is not 'processed' like Egyptian cotton . The sheets may be hand woven and so the lower thread count...maybe. I am not an expert and I am only guessing! The chief reason I like these cheaper sheets is that they feel cool and do not start feeling hot within a few minutes of laying on them like the Egyptian cotton.
 I got these pleasant floral printed sheets made in Bangladesh from Ikea.  But I am sure they are available in other shops too such as walmart.

After a few washes, they lose the rough texture and become really soft. The colors may fade and they may not look great after a few washes, but I am more interested in comfort than looks and these sheets work for me.

Next trip to India, I have to buy sheets from Khadi bhandar and Gurjari and all the other govt run handloom and handicraft shops from various states. I may not get 'King' and 'queen' size but what the heck, I want 'cool' and not 'perfect-looking'!

Night dresses and pyjamas for summer: Clothes made from the thin, loosely woven cotton fabric (handloom/khadi)from India, Bangaldesh and Pakistan (and maybe from other countries too which I do not know about) are cooler than the synthetic fabrics.

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