Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marrying Anitha

I just finished this cute book,' Marrying Anita' which I borrowed from TPL. I had a great time reading it.
It was  readable, funny, true, and she hits the nail on the head, when describing today's urban youth in India(Delhi).
 Marrying Anita, is in a nutshell, a first person account of the quest for a husband by a young lady of Indian origin and living in US of A. She is looking for a husband in India after she had done searching in New York.
 I can relate to everything in the book. Every one of Anitha's experiences is experienced by  millions of Indian women! Which is why I think every Indian woman, should read it.
 My only regret is that I did not write this book! But then, I do not have the balls to write a candid novel like this and risk offending my relatives and friends!
I will be buying copies of this book to gift to my folks......I know my friends and relatives will soon be pushing or at least trying to push their kids into arranged marriages and I want them to read this book to understand their daughters (& sons too) and what they want..... I am only 45, yet, I have difficulty 'getting' today's youth....... and I can imagine the huge generation gap when the parents are much older or are more conservative.

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