Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer in Toronto

It is already May 18th and summer is yet to arrive in Toronto! The skies have been grey, it's been raining on and off the last 5 days, and though it is not freezing, I dont have the 'summer feeling' yet!

Yet I have managed to cheer myself up and think of summer with the summer fruit I get at Iqbal's and Sunny's; The books from the library; discussing the summer vacation plans of my friends in India.

I got the 'rarely seen in Toronto' Totapuri mangoes from Iqbal stores. Made a mix of salt, chilli powder and jeer powder, cut the mouth-watering totapuris and ate them!While savouring them, I remembered the summer holidays I enjoyed in India as a school-kid.

I am also eating daily, the lovely ripe yellow mangoes from ?Mexico which I am getting from the new Sunny store opposite the Ontario Science Centre .

I am tempted to buy the gauvas and sapotas and jackfruit at this time,but I dont want to shell out 4$ a pound for them!

I am waiting for the pomogranates to arrive at Sunny's and Iqbal and also reduce to 99cents per pomogranate. (Right now it is about 2-4 $ each!)

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