Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There was a time when I was naive enough to believe that anything printed must be right but now I have come a long way from that belief!
I started realizing that a lot of printed stuff must be nonsense after reaching my teen years. Even then, I was a bit hesitant to completely disregard the printed word but now I can easily scoff at lots of printed stuff!

Here is list of places where I found ridiculous  materials.

First off is the internet where anyone can write and post anything. And the, I saw on the internet  is what made me write this piece. I discovered the existence of this weblink while reading a fiction novel(City of veils by Zoe Farraris). One has to only read the various ridiculous rules for various things given in this link.

Similarly I am sure there is a lot of stuff out there by Hindu, Christian, Jewish, and writers and beleivers from allother  religious backgrounds.

Another set of funny beliefs masquerading as facts or wisdom was the advise given by columnists in various magazines. The advise they dispensed in print, reflected the  ignorance of the advisors . The most ridiculous advise I had read as a teen was the advice for women in the Women's Era magazine, publised in India. The advise given by the columnist in a rival magzine i.e. Femina was wiser and more sensible.

Several magazines sold in India publish rubbish which many readers wholeheartedly believe in! Crime and detective

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